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888 Casino Player Reviews and comments

Vonne... wrote on 08/03/2014

" don't play on 888. costume service is really bad. Players change nick names all the time. Bad security. Today I just quit playing there because off how they treat people over telephone. And if u deposit over telephone and ask for bonus they always try to get you to deposit more for a bonus. And they say this is the only bonus available on your account. If I call up and talk with another they say something complete different. But today I was finish with their lies and unfair treatment. I have played there for 3 years. But enough is enough. Today I was really pissed off. I know im right but they pretend they always have right. And it seam so rigged. Allways when u have almost all your money in a hand and youre in front and then boom another player hit lucky on last card, or you have house and another get bigger house. That's how u always lose money in the end on this site. And they don't car about if they lose costumers, but you know what, one costumer here, and one there, gets a full sea. And ppl will talk bad about this site and not recommend it to others, but seams like they don't care about losing one costumer here and there. Don't play on this site! "

Pete Gmeinweser wrote on 04/09/2014

" Made a deposit to the site and the money has totally disappeared. Never credited to my account. No one there seems to know what happened or to seem to really care. I'll stick to Pokerstars ! "

DAVO21 wrote on 03/29/2014

" Biggest scam in the world - 88 free spins, but you can't win more than 20 pounds and have to wager 1200 pounds to withdraw it - what sort of insane sucker falls for this crap. "

Danny wrote on 02/21/2014

" 888 is a reputable company. in fact i have used them countless times and i never had a problem with them. Always got my payment on time without any hustles. "

geoff magee wrote on 02/21/2014

" Hi, I won £93,000 on this site. I had to load up some proofs of id and it took about a week but I got the full amount paid out and it was no trouble at all. So I can assure anybody that the site is fine and they pay out no problem ( as long as you send them proof of id which is fairly reasonable ) "

GR wrote on 01/27/2014

" I have been playing on here for a few years, never really won anything.. But I won 4000 usd about a week ago. Then they asked me to verify myself, by uploading my drivers licence. I found this really odd. Because you don't need any I'd to verify when making a deposit, So I uploaded my I'd, and I was told 5 days later that this wasn't clear enough. I asked the, is there any other way of getting my money, they said not until I verify who I am.. A few days of emails and phone calls, I got annoyed and reversed the withdrawal. Now I have lost it all... DO NOT play here at all. They are theifs. "

Jacky wrote on 01/27/2014

" 888online casino is rubbish.i have so many time I won the money but they did not pay me .they say that I bet was not accepted ,that was rubbish. Because they system did not show me my bet was reject. I make complaints ,but not working. I want tell anyone do not play with that rubbish game. "

Happigolucki wrote on 01/27/2014

" They just close my account without giving me any reason. I sign up a while ago, I try to recover my password and username it says it hasn't been use and theres no email registered in that account. Then I resign up and I deposit 100 dollars. I log out in 10 min I cant get back in saying I have multiple accounts. Trust me don't play in 888 they have a lot of issues and theyre know to not paying out players, ive read and heard about it online. To avoid troubles and issues which you will guarantee have don't play in 888 worst online gaming site ever "

desirock wrote on 12/15/2013

" After losing some money, I finally won a little and proceeded withdraw; however, it's been more than a week and they still haven't paid me. Don't even respond to my e-mails! "

Theresa Cooke wrote on 11/27/2013

" I have been a member of 888 for 9 years,and worked up to a VIP Member. And i can honestly say i have found their staff at all levels of player as excellent. I have found them genuine and very helpful, I have had questions and queries in the past and they have been very helpful,friendly and quick to respond..Of all the casinos i have played at the 888 staff have been the best.I have won a few jackpots there,One big one on millionaire Genie before i was a VIP Member, they just asked me to fax my ID And payed out immediately.They always process my cash outs very quickly, it gets to my account in 3days,and without quibble which is why i still play there.I played one casino that took 12 DAYS to process my withdrawals.Their promotions are great, ive had plenty of free chips on the casino while playing there. Also the comp points system is great i can earn free cash just for playing.I also like the bi monthly bonus scheme where you can earn some of your deposits back. which i think is fair gaming.Their website and software are great and i trust them with my information.Some other sites software has actually corrupted my computer. I always get the red carpet treatment from 888 and would highly recommend them. "

steven wrote on 11/27/2013

" dont play there !there is something wrong here they find way outta everything there reps make promises they dont keep ! i deposited and didnt get the welcome bonus and thats just where it started a true nightmare dealing with them save yourself the trouble and pass this one !!!!! "

T wrote on 11/12/2013

" ive played on 888 for a few years now , i played poker on the site at least 4 days a week for a while , losing and losing month after month in tournaments when i play live with exactly the same strategies and win , i stopped playing them imdeiately after i was in a hand holding 99 i shoved and was called by KJo an AA , the flop came 9 9 K K K , so i tried the casino slots , and lose lose lose 95% of the time when i have far better winning patterns in other casinos , ive been a gambler for a while now and this site is the hardest to win money on , its terrible ive experienced nothing like it , i could almost guarantee i have 100's maybe 100's of deposits and a handful of withdrawels which yes is less than the exchange rate , theres something not right with this site and its yet to be exposed "

wizwoz1 wrote on 11/12/2013

" I won at poker $109 on 27 sept 13 and have been trying to withdraw it ever since! they have asked for verification by driving licence I have sent it three times i received what they call verification again they have just sent me an email saying i cannot withdraw until i verify! i said i have they sent mea further email requesting i photocopy both side to my deposit credit card!! as they cant determine my age!! I rang the help line and they were totally useless. I have asked who is there regulators she would not tell me, I asked to speak to someone else she said you need to eamail, I stated that i have sent over 10 and she said wel thats what I have to do. Has anyone ever heard of photocopying and uploading both side of your credit card. DO NOT PLAY ON 888 they require nothing to deposit but wont pay out. "

Anders wrote on 10/15/2013

" I only play slot games, and can't really fault them on this. What I don't like is the slow payout times. 3 days sitting in their account before a refund is made to my account isn't great. They make enough profit without having to do this sort of thing. Also, weekends are normally not included in the 3 days... PaddyPower, Unibet, Ladbrokes to name a few will process the payment right away. Have been waiting for my cash for over a week now and will close my account when I get the money. "

CdnNinja88 wrote on 10/15/2013

" I just got back a totally useless response about a complaint I made to 888poker about not receiving a payout for the final pot I played on Sunday night (10.6.2013). The pot was only about $15, but I clearly won it (flush over straight) and saw the money credited to my stack. I then exited the site and went to bed. When I checked my account total the next day, the amount hadn't been added. I then checked my hand history and it wasn't even listed! I make over $100K a year at my job, so I don't care about the $15, but it's the principle. The only thing I'm happy about is that I was playing small stakes and didn't get ripped for a lot more! "

bcwodyfc wrote on 10/15/2013

" live chat is never available for me i find the support awful. i have an issue with a free spins bonus on bejeweled 2 that has frozen. when i log out and log back in it asks me to pick up where i left off and just freezes again in the exact same spot this has happened around ten times now which is very frustrating as the bonus win is sizable with more free spins still to go. can i get to talk to anybody can i hell. I get the feeling i am not going to get the issue resolved and i will never use this site again if thats the case. I have recorded footage of this malfunction and will take legal action if neccessary. "

Rainy wrote on 10/15/2013

" So I have had one of their 'customer service' team (they wouldn't know customer service if it bit them on the bum) contact me questioning the documents I had sent it verifying my identity. I have nicknames and used one on my account but this didn't match with my drivers license. (My first name was abbreviated on the account.) So I am asked to explain the 'discrepancy'. I explained and no movement on the withdrawl so I mail again and asked that I have my money refunded to my paypal account immediately. Still nothing (it was only a small amount.) So I spent it and closed my account down, 888 used to be a good site and the withdrawl process was straight forward and fair but it has gone down hill. BIG thumbs down "

Joel wrote on 08/22/2013

" Avoid 888 casino at all costs. Deposited £450 to then withdraw £500 (50) profit. After trying to make withdrawal I needed to upload documents which were extremely clear. 85 hours later and only through chasing over 5 times I get an email saying my documents were not clear so my £500 still hasnt been withdrawn. I then send larger documents and have been told this will take another 72 hours. While chasing again out of the blue the under trained customer service agent tells me we have withdrawn £450 and not £500. I mean wtf! They are a fraudulent company for sure once your money is in you have to fight extremely hard to get your winnings out! The live roulette video crashes all the time through mid spin so also who knows if it is rigged! How they are authorised to operate is unbelievable! Shane Warne to have your face on there website is a bad move! "

Sean wrote on 07/30/2013

" They are scammers imo. I received an offer, deposit £10 get £100 credit. Deposited £ 10, played credits and won £50. Tried to withdraw balance, informed I have to play credit 50 times. Said I want my original deposit back, told MINIMUM withdrawal is £20 PLUS £1.75 withdrawal fee. Told them no chance I am depositing more funds. Account was suspended, I have been SCAMMED !! "

Kris Reynolds wrote on 07/30/2013

" To the people below complaining the casino is fixed, you are complete morons and very likely just sore losers. Its properly regulated and you can even see the published stats for each month for the past 4 odd years if you go and do a google. Perfectly within the percentages of a normal casino. The only gripe i have with them is the shocking withdrawal system they have where it sits for 3 days without even being touched. This is criminal. My winnings are sitting in there and i will take them, and deposit them in a casino with a better customer service "

SEAN wrote on 07/30/2013

" I deposit £10 to receive £100 of credits. I played the games and won £50. When I tried to withdraw the money I was told the £50 bonus had to be wagered 50 times !! I told them to cancel the bonus and give me my money back. They did, but... The MINIMUM withdrawal is £20 PLUS a £1.75 withdrawal fee. So I have to play the games or deposit another £311.75 to get my money back. It is a scam !! "

Geff wrote on 07/30/2013

" $3000 to zero, with the dealer never busting "

Robert Leijendekker wrote on 07/30/2013

" I suggest do not play., at least avoid bonussus, they are ment to put money in,. but you can't get money out anymore! T&C read carefully!! Second of all, when you play, constant chat windows pop up in your game view, (very annoying)to offer bonussus... duh, see comment 1 Last, had a dispute about a slot payout, pictures clearly show 4 top symbols (wilds) and it payed-out like 2 topsymbols with an 10. clearly a mistake, first email, was that it was correct. I Told the woman in reply she never played a slot machine in her life or else she would not say that. Then they said it would be send to technical support and would get a reply after 5 days. 3 weeks later i did send an additional email about any progress. guesss what no technical support, but another "support" woman said again that the payout was correct. Just go to somewhere else , this site is a setup, played at at least 25 other casino's this one is so bad, i wanted to put my comments somewhere on the internet, that says enough. "

Kemp wrote on 05/21/2013

" I find 888 Casino to be very bad. I worked my way upto a VIP and I am just overwelmed with emails from them to enter this and enter that as if I do not have a life and if you don;t then you are out of winning anything at all. When you read some of the prizes it amounts to nothing because the way they word things that you have to do this and that and so you can never win. I found all the staff there to be rude and when they want to just stop talking to you they cut you off and I have never been treated like that before by people from a casino taking money from me to pay thier wages and just treated you like dirt. I totally disagree with thier withdrawl system as they are dictators telling you what to do with your winnings and you are not given a chance to delegate where you want your winnings to go as they have made a huge error in thier terms and conditions that even the brainiest will not be able to work it out. Since they upgraded a while ago I can no longer go full screen and when I ask about it no one ever knows. I find that if I have a little win it is very very soon taken back and you do not get to enjoy it anymore and leave. My opinion is to anyone who wants to go here DON"T as you will be very dissapointed with the staff and the games. Also please watch your bank account as I have seen them taking money from my account when I have not deposited a few times and they will hold onto your request and place it at your bank days later when you think you have money then all of a sudden they will take money from your account. "

Walter Zobernig wrote on 05/09/2013

" I won big time on Black Jack. If you know the game the cards fall very fair compared to other Casinos such as Sure there are winnings streaks for the Casino, but also for the player. Problem however is you can only cash out 30.000 a month. I wired 5.000 EUR and made it to 20.000 EUR, then cashed out 15.000. Next time I had a real bad session and lost the remaing 5.000 EUR and kept loosing additional money that I have out into the account (5.000 and 5.000 and 5.000 and 5.000). Luckily the cards turned in my favour at some point and I managed to recover to 30.000 EUR and cashed out. Since then I made another 60.000 EUR in 2 weeks and now have 80.000 EUR in the account. I am quite afraid as it is a huge sum and I need to wait almost 30 days before I can cash out the next 30.000 EUR. Hopefully they will wire me the funds!! "

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