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Lucky Red Casino Player Reviews and comments

Linda wrote on 02/28/2014

" Lucky Red is a wonderful online casino, which is part of the Club World Group. All of my experiences with them have been positive. I have had a few cash outs with no problems. I can say they are one of the fastest paying online casinos. The customer support is excellent. They are all very kind and helpful. I highly recommend playing at this casino. In fact, all the casinos owned by the Club World Group are honest and fair. "

Brenda wrote on 11/24/2012

" I have been trying to deposit for almost a week. They, the casino, say that their processor is down. I am also waiting on a 400.00 withdrawal. I usually have no problems with Lucky Red. They are slow on the withdrawals though. I am wondering if something else is wrong since the deposits are not working. "

KENNY wrote on 01/27/2012

" i AM a PLAYER AT lUCKY RED AND ALL THE OTHER CASINOS THEY OWN clUB WORLD Manhatten ETC I notice when I PLay there they will let you hit lets say $ 60.00 and then you may get $20.00 but after that They take it back and the other money you had before you git the $ 60.00.The free spins on any of the slots rarely come up. I have spent 2,0000 Dollars in there Casinos in one month And Never Never Never Won Enough to cashout cause they Have it set up that thet give you a Littl and Bam They get ya "

jane wrote on 11/17/2010

" I feel like I am being scammed by them. I requested a $3,000 withdrawl yesterday after I was informed that my account was fully verified with the required documents, and I made the required verbal verification call yesterday afternoon and was told to go ahead and request my withdrawl-which was rejected this morning because they "have no record that I called" (even though I got an email saying I was fully verified). I was told yesterday by the cashier that it would be processed this morning, but I logged in and saw that it was rejected. I'm very upset. I was already mad because the website terms & conditions/cashier page say ACH withdrawl takes 2 days and the reps I spoke to now say it takes up to 5 days. I feel like I'm being given the run around. I wouldn't be so upset but I was counting on this money to clear quickly according to their posted guidelines. Since my withdrawl was rejected I had to call today to verify my account all over again (the person I "verified" with yesterday did not enter the verification in the system according to the person I spoke to today, she had no record that I had called in) and now my money is being held up another day because they said they can't process my withdrawl until tomorrow now. I guess we will see if I ever get paid-maybe it was a one time glitch. If anyone else has any payout experience with them, please share. "

Peralis wrote on 05/12/2009

" Hi Teesh, yes.. this is starting to become a trend, which we welcome, as it saves the stress of this happening when a withdrawal is actually made. Most people get frustrated at this point and this way, it saves time for the withdrawal to be effected. "

Teesh wrote on 05/11/2009

" Is it normal for casinos to request you fax them photo id and utility bill information before you even make a withdrawl as lucky red has with me? he casino seems normal but I was a bit thrown off by the request within 1 min of making my 1st deposit! "

Lucky Red Casino replied:

Hi Teesh, I represent Lucky Red and this is normal proceedure.

Obviously online security is of the up most importance to us and the step we take help protect you as a player/consumer and us as business. Please consider this a method of looking after your best interests rather than an unneccessary step.

This is a one time request and these docs will cover all casinos in our group.

Happy playing.

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