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Spin Palace Casino Player Reviews and comments

Steve wrote on 05/24/2014

" I saw this site as six days and no winnings coming then email I gave wrong number on bank account. Within 24hours money in the bank, after I supplied right bank number. "

Steve wrote on 05/24/2014

" Customer service has always been easy to deal with and everything resolved (deposits) Finally decided to take some back withdrew on april 26th. With the weekend and the 48 hr period processed on April 29th. May 6th and nothing yet--hmmmmm. BCLC site money in easy and back in the bank in 24-48 hours no problems. I will give it a few more days. "

Sven2188 wrote on 05/24/2014

" I had kept track of all the bets and winning first ( for 10 minutes) , the numbers the roulette had selected have changed randomly, but then , it stopped and always would go against me ..I had 9 EVENS against my ODDS, and 7 blacks against my reds ( which wasn't happening in the first 10 minutes of the game) ..obviously a rigged program, for 10 first minutes lets you play on equals, and then makes choices against you. "

ISSAM FAWAZ wrote on 03/29/2014

" I lost like 500 dollars and that was just hard luck, then I deposited 20 dollars and won 100 , so I decided to withdraw it, I did and it was successful, It has been a month now and I didn't receive anything! !! "

nexera wrote on 02/21/2014

" deposited, asked them to remove the bonus $. they did. Deposited again played a game, in mid spin received another bonus, asked to have removed, said could not and would not. asked for a $91.00 refund (remainder of deposit) would not...... Do Not Play Here!! "

Tina wrote on 02/21/2014

" Have to agree with the majority, very slow to process ID verification etc, very very slow to receive payments into your account "

Sweetie wrote on 02/21/2014

" A scam Only allowed to withdraw 6 times your initial deposit!!! I won 5.5k they paid out 300 and confiscated the rest STAY AWAY!!!!!!! "

Tina wrote on 02/21/2014

" Easy to deposit money, difficult to withdraw it! "

Brendan wrote on 11/27/2013

" I am In AUSTRALIA! I just received my $3000 witch I withdrew last Friday, Thats a total of 5 business days and everything cleared into my account. I was asked to send a copy of my ID and a utility bill which was fine. They emailed twice saying they needed these copies and one stating they received them. Great communication from a busy online casino if you ask me! I have nothing but great things to say about Spin Palace. I deposited about $250 played roulette won $3000 and was in my account in 5 business days. Can't complain. If your questioning if the casino is legit, from a happy customer I'm saying go for it! "

Kelly wrote on 11/12/2013

" Can only withdraw $50 or more. Plus, they call your phone number 2X every week! Other than that, it's a good site. They need to go back to careing about customer service. "

Callum wrote on 10/15/2013

" I've put a deposit of £10 and a bonus of £10 has been received, but the matter of I have to first gamble 50x£10 which is £500 before I can collect a penny even the money I have just deposited has confused me, how can they get away with it hahaha, "

Michael Dack wrote on 07/30/2013

" I have nothing but praise for Spin Palace and its services. I must admit to having been a bit worried after reading some reviews of the site, but my experience with roulette has been very enjoyable and I have had no problems withdrawing money from my account. The four-day turnaround for withdrawals is a bit of a turn-off. However, by planning ahead, I've now got into a routine that works for me. All in all, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED as a secure, user-friendly site. "

Stephen wrote on 07/30/2013

" Alas I have seen these comments to late lol ... Usual luck .. Similar story I joined and won and lost and won again ... Have $1000 withdrawal waiting for last 4 days .. Just sent second mail to support and will have to wait and see what they say .. After seeing comments below I don't hold much hope !! I'm in Australia ... Anyone know of a good online casino that does pay out ?? "

Karl wrote on 07/30/2013

" SCAM KEEP AWAY! They provide a bonus which you are required to multiply tenfold prior to collecting your winnings. I was advised by a customer service rep that I would not be able to withdraw any funds until a total wager of $1893 was placed. Now once this amount had been reached, I would collect every cent onwards... So in quick summary, I'm intended to turn $50 into $1893...Even once I magically make this occur, I only collect every cent from that point. WTF!! "

Brad wrote on 06/05/2013

" I have a 1000 dollar withdrawl pending so I was quiet excited until I seen these comments I can't say anything good or bad ill guess ill have to wait and see "

amanda mul wrote on 06/05/2013

" having lost over £3000 hours before, spin palace sent me 30 free credits so I played them off and won £610, I played them like the rules state by playing them x30 which took a while to do. I then pressed withdraw, this was on a wed night and I knew they had a pending process of 48 hours until they release the money so I waited until the 48 hours was up and checked my account, the money was still sat in the pending process so I went on live chat and asked them why and they told me that because it's a weekend (fri 6pm a weekend?)_they told me my money would remain there until sunday night 6pm so I checked again at midnight on sunday and again the money had not been released so again I went on live chat and asked the situation to which I was told the money would be released in the morning, I checked the following morning(Monday) at 10am and the money had been released but it said it was a work in progress so again I contacted live chat to ask what the situation was and I was told I had to send in a copy of my ID and my bank card details I asked when they were going to tell me this as I only found this out when I contacted them and they said they had sent an e mail which may I add was never received and I checked my junk etc. I explained that sending my ID would be fine and I would send in an up to date bank statement but I had cancelled my bank card 3 days earlier as it had been lost and explained to them that I wanted the withdrawal paid into my registered paypal account which is linked to my bank anyway and that I had other withdrawals paid out into my bank in the past without problem without them needing any documentation but I understood rules are rules so like I said agreed to send the ID and bank statement in . They said I would also need a copy of my debit card from the bank so I rang the bank and they laughed saying no they don't, nobody should ask for a copy of your debit card they don't need it a bank statement showing your name and transactions from them is more than enough and that the bank don't issue copies of cancelled or lost cards for fraud reasons. I rang spin palace to explain this and the guy with a south African accent on the line was rude and abrupt and snapped at me when I explained this to him he basically accused me of lying, he spoke over me and wouldn't let me finish a sentence, I explained he had no right to speak to a customer like that and he said your just a customer and when I asked to speak to a manager about his attitude he told me no and put the phone down on me , I was shocked and disgusted and rang back to speak to a manager whom explained he was sorry for what had happened and would ring me back within the hour, may I say no phone call had ever arrived , I emailed in my details which included credit card statement, driving licence and bank statement and so went on live chat to see if they had been received, after waiting 15min they said yes they had been received and they would be forwarded to the operations dept and I would hear back in 2-3 days so that would make 7 days then another 3-7 for the money to go into my paypal account. needless to say I will never use this casino again , I have never had problems like this with other online casinos when I have had winnings to withdraw and I have never been spoken to in such a manor by anyone, I feel like I am playing cat and mouse with them chasing them for my small amount of winnings. They don't act like this when your feeding them with deposits. "

liam wrote on 04/13/2013

" spin palace are a scam artist casino they fix the slots and table games so that they choice when you win or lose they are not working on % system like they should be i have been given proof by a employe of there shocking casino a few weeks back i had spent nearly 2k in a month and not had a penny winnings fair enough i thought win some lose some so the next month i put in £300 and played tomb raider where i won just over £1000 which i carried on to play in till it got low then i withdrew £690 so next day checked to see if it had cleared in to my account nothing so 2 days later checked again nothing so signed in to spin palace to check if it had gone from there and indeed there was not reversible money in there so i contacted them via live chat and asked them when it would be cleared to my bank they said with 3 working days as it had cleared there systems so waited till the next day which was 4 working days where i found no money once again so contacted spin palace via live chat again where they told me the money had been reversed back to the casino account so i checked the casino account no money so asked them where it was and they told me it had been played at 11am the day before on multiple games which i knew for a fact that i had not reversed or played the money so they told me to contact via email where i got a email telling me they couldn't find any withdrawal for £690 and that if it wasn't on the system it wasn't won so i have a screenshot history so i have the proof that it was taken out so they then replied it was reversed and played on tomb raider so first it was multiple games now its just one so i said that and i was told in the next email that it was played on poker and blackjack when i don't even play poker never have im with 4 other casinos that can clearly tell you that Ive never played it so anyway i write a massive complain to them and i got back a email saying not our problem you spent the money good day we will not be looking into this any further so shows i have the proof and the truth about the fact of the money they are a lying cheating company and police and other company's will be looking in to this matter as i said i know have a employe who is willing to tell the police things that he has been told to do at his job which inc stealing money from the bonus and fixing the system so it will only pay half or a quarter of what it should so will have to wait and see what the police will say i am give you this info so that i am the only one that gets stung and by this review you should see that they are a bad casino but want more prove play them your self and see yourself get burnt i have played with this casino for 1 year now and i have had nothing but problems getting money out odds are incorrect pay line not paying what they should you name it ive had it but when my money is stolen and they try to blame me this whats gonna happen spin palace you know who i am feel free to contact me giving me back my £700 as i promised i will be posting this on every review site i can find also will be starting a Facebook page for other people to show they bad experience as you call it "

brendan wrote on 02/15/2013

" wow how i was dreading receiving my $1660 (30 deposit) after reading some of this forums testimonials. my withdrawal took 4 days (i am in australia) to reach bank account.the 24/7 online support was fantastic,allaying some fears i had after reading some of your codswallop. fantastic site.stay away from bonuses .nothing is for free.i play mainly table games but had a small crack at the slots and won 600 after 4 spins.go down to your local slot shop and it is the same-luck,luck.luck. i give this site 10/10 "

dave wrote on 02/15/2013

" I played at spin palace and won.after reading reviews I got really worried about not getting paid out.I judged them to early,I got my money after 3 days.I can only go by my experience with spin palace which has been good. Dave "

Gillian wrote on 02/07/2013

" Will not be usig this site again and I recommend anyone to stay away from it - after submitting proof of identitiy 3 months ago i am still waiting for my winnings. Will be taking the matter further. "

william byrne wrote on 02/07/2013

" i deposited £1.400.00 wich was successful i then played the slots i won £4.000.00 of wich i played a further £1.500 leaving £2.500 wich i have tried to withdraw that was 4 weeks ago sent all relevant documentation still no luck i do not think i have a cat in hells chance of ever seeing these winnings or even my original deposit. be warned. "

Kman krautzman wrote on 02/01/2013

" Ok I hear alot of people whining that Spin Palace is a scam , a waste of money , too slow to pay out etc etc. And then other people who are 'extremely' happy with their experience. Number one rule of gambling is what? If you can't afford to lose your money , then don't gamble it in the first place. Second rule is? The house always wins! So to a degree it is rigged. Whom after some digging I found this at the very bottom of their website in almost illegible print colour and font size . A member of The Palace Group that is managed by Bayton Ltd (C41970) a Maltese Registered company with registered address at Villa Seminia, 8, Sir Temi Zammit Avenue, Ta Xbiex XBX1011. Bayton Limited is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta LGA/CL1/376/2007 and LGACL3/376/2007. A simple search of the Maltese Company Register verifies these details and nothing else. Now please let me regale you as to my personal experience with Spin Palace Online Casino. I'm located in Australia and received from Spin Palace an email advising me of my account details with Spin Palace , using my full legal name. Now here's the thing. I have never used , browsed or signed up for an account with Spin Palace or any of its affiliate companies. After attempting to contact via phone and email Spin Palace to have my details deleted and to discover how they obtained my data in the first place , all calls were never connected and all email correspondence was bounced back as undeliverable by the server due to it not existing. In other words the usual scam site practices. Now being the industrious person that I am , I then called my friend at the Australian Federal Police and discussed issues with him. I also spoke to a friend that consults to the U.S Department of State and the FBI for online security and espionage prevention. (Handy people to know eh?) They both responded to me with very similar reports as the company behind this site and the gist was that they are currently under investigation for in several countries for aiding in money laundering schemes amongst other things. So yeah they are probably acting as a front for organised crime and dabbling in online scams. Because most reputable companies are based and registered solely in Malta right? You have been warned. You have been warned "

Lesley wrote on 02/01/2013

" I won at Spin Palace Casino 15 days ago and have not yet received my winnings. They told me they were waiting for my deposits to clear. My last deposit was 16 days ago, and it hasn't yet cleared?? that is total bull. I have sent emails and made phone calls and chatted to on line agents, who I might say were quite rude. My last email, they didn't even bother to answer. I will never put a dime in this site again, as of now I do not trust them and feel I will never see my winnings. "

Yvonne Brooks wrote on 02/01/2013

" I made three deposits today for a total of 134.00, when i tried to make one more, it wasn't working and i knew that was not right and was odd. I logged into my cc account number to see they took unauthorized funds from me, In fact there were 8 charges on my visa card by these people, now they have me waiting and i am shocked and feel like i have totally been robbed! "

taz wrote on 02/01/2013

" a regular user of online casion slots I saw an advert for spin palace and signed up. I deposited £100 and got £100 bonus. No where during that process was I asked if i actually wanted the bonus. Why wouldnt I want the bonus I hear you ask? Well...somewhere in the small print (and certainly not visible on registration) the £100 bonus money means I have to spin 30x that amount BEFORE I can make ANY withdrawl - that incoudes my own original stake of £100. That means just on the bonus money and at £1 a spin id have to sit on the damn thing and spin 3,000 times! It took nights and hours. In summary 1) i didnt want it but didnt have an option to say no. 2) The fact I couldnt withdraw my own money is a joke and maybe illegal? Now...lets talk about withdrawl. I won some...eventually..and id spun enough to be able to withdraw. So...I withdrew. It said it should be in my paypal account within 4 working days. on the 4th day...nothing. I emailed them and spookily got an email asking for documents to verify myself. (this is on the day the money was due to me). I complained and asked why they hadnt asked for these immediatly I had made the withdrawl and i got a standard email stating the reasons why they ask for documents. they missed the point completely. anyway - i sent the documents within minutes. That was 4 days ago and ive now just got an email saying: Your withdrawal has been successfully processed and is on its way to your account. As part of our security procedures our financial service provider must approve this transaction and it may take between 3-7 working days to reflect in your financial account. We thank you for your patience. Should you have any questions you can contact our support team using the details at the bottom of this e-mail. Enjoy your play at Spin Palace So.....4 days plus 4 days plus maybe 7 days = 15 WORKING DAYS (3 weeks worth) before I can get MY money. OUTRAGEOUS. THey are the worst online casion ive used and ive used a few like Sky and William Hill. ALL of these without exception pay immediately and money is in my account within a MAX of 3 days but usually next day. PEOPLE - trust me...AVOID AVOID AVOID! "

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