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Online Backgammon

Here are a few slected Online Backgammon sites for you to have fun at. This is still a very new field, so there will not be all that much I can tell you as I am also testing everything myself. The only thing that I can tell you is that only sites that I feel comfortable at will be listed.

Gammon Empire

I played at Play65 already and when I tried to sign up here, I found that they are obvioulsy linked very closely and use the same database, because I could not use my usual user name, saying that it was already taken. Also, because I tried on the same computer, I used a different name, but found that my skill points were carried over to my new account. Read on »

Play65 review

Backgammon is something that you really need to know well if you are going to play for money. Seriously – I thought I knew how to play the game and win almost everytime I play against friends, but when I played here, I felt slightly stupid. Read on »