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Like many others, you´re probably attracted to the world of online casino gaming for entertainment, excitement and the opportunity to hit the jackpot as you enjoy yourself playing your favorite Slots, Card Games or Table Games. Right? Perhaps your first exposure came from visiting a live casino environment, and you want to give online casino gaming a try from the comfort of your own home; or maybe you have a friend that is constantly gloating about their big winnings from playing at online casinos and you want to see what all the fuss is about.

Whatever your reason for wanting to try out online casinos – there are two things that you want to ensure you take from your experience; fun and safety. So, as a new casino player what things do you need to consider when finding the casino that’s right for you, and what steps do you need to take in order to ensure you have a great time while ensuring that your privacy is a top priority?

  1. Find your casino
    with hundreds of casinos online, the first step is to find the one that’s right for you. If you have an interest in specific casino games, look for casinos that feature them and offer a wide selection. Many casinos also offer Welcome Bonuses for new members; ensure that the casinos you look at it allow you to play your favorite casino games to earn your bonus. If you’re completely new to the casino environment, and aren’t sure which casino games might be of interest; try instead to find an online casino with a wide selection of all of the most popular categories of casino games so you can try them out and see what sparks your interest. Click here to read more on how to find your casino.
  2. Have a credit card ready
    in order to gamble at online casinos, you must be 18 years of age and have a valid credit card that will allow you to make deposits to your casino accounts. Use only a credit card that is in your own name, and ensure you are aware of the maximum balances as well as the credit card company’s policy about transactions at online casinos. Click here to go on reading.
  3. Research alternative methods of payment
    while most casinos do allow players to make transactions directly from credit cards, they do recommend you sign up for an alternative payment method in order to process your credit card payments. Each casino will have a list of the alternative payment methods that they take, but your final choice will depend on what’s available in your country of residence. Click here to read more about alternative payment methods
  4. Create a special email address
    since any online casino you sign up with will send out various communications and bonus offers to their players, you should setup a special account that you’ll use strictly for gambling. Create a free account through email providers like Gmail, Hotmail or Yahoo! and use it every time you sign up for a new casino. Never use an address that you use for business, and ensure that the email service chosen is safe and secure. Click here to read more.
  5. Set a budget
    while online gambling can be a great form of entertainment, it’s no secret that it’s also a pastime that can lead to addiction. Set a daily, weekly, or monthly limit, and whether you win or lose at the online casinos, stop adding more money to the account once you’ve wagered up to your maximum budget. Click here to  read more about gambling budgeting.
  6. Keep records
    keep a log of the games you’ve played, which casinos have had games you’ve particularly enjoyed, and your gambling experience playing each of them. Having these records will help you form opinions about the casinos, and also help you know when it might be time to stop playing a specific casino game! Click here and learn how to keep a record
  7. Read the terms & conditions
    every casino requires that you read the terms and conditions before you complete the download and registration process. Don’t just click that you agree without reading and ensuring you are okay with their terms; make sure you understand what you’re getting into! Read more about casino terms & conditions
  8. Create a casino folder
    don’t keep your casino software downloads and information right on your desktop where anyone could access it. Create a special folder on your hard drive and keep all casino related downloads and information together. Read here why
  9. Recognizing Addiction
    Maybe one of the most important ways that online gamblers can keep their experiences positive and safe, is to ensure that they recognize when they are developing a gambling problem. Read more
  10. Choose your playing time wisely
    choose times to play at online casinos when you will have privacy and comfort. Remember, that it’s not always an appropriate time or place to visit an online casino, even if you have access from a laptop or PDA! Read here why