After Neteller's withdrawal from the major online casino markets, EcoCard has recently emerged as one of the leading payment options, and with a growing network of Internet gaming merchants it is fast becoming a popular method for players at online casinos, and what's more this card also available to all markets including the US.

Although EcoCard might seem a relatively new name in the payments arena, it has in fact been providing a secure and convenient method of paying for goods and services on-line since the year 2000 and is a rapidly growing alternative payment system that is widely accepted by internet merchants.

The great thing about EcoCard is that it's easy to register and use. The way it works is that EcoCard is quite simply a virtual debit card that utilizes State of the art security and internet technology as well as a fully developed network of major banks across Europe which includes most of the internationally recognized brands. Online transactions are authorized according to the actual funds available within the card holder’s account, which makes it one of the most convenient pre-paid options around.

As an EcoCard holder you will be able to deposit cash conveniently in your home country using methods like Western Union Wire, MoneyGram, Private Money and Bank account Wire transfers. You can then use the EcoCard anywhere on the net in the most convenient and safe way from the privacy of your own home, work or any other Internet access point. It is also very convenient for international users as it allows for multiple currencies like Pounds, Sterling, Euros and Dollars and even includes a currency conversion component that allows users to make payments at merchants in alternative currencies to that of their Eco account.

Another great thing about using EcoCard is that it affords you free payment transactions and relatively low costs on withdrawals, with no payment rejections (provided you have funds in your account). Because EcoCard caters to online gamblers it allows withdrawals from online casino accounts into the card. However, only winnings are permitted to be transferred, and these transfers come with a $10 fee for bank wire transfers or a $25 fee for checks, which are only available to residents within the UK and Italy.

The organization also offers its customer’s Multi-language customer support with languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian and more, so if need be, you'll be able to communicate with the staff at EcoCard in the language of your choice.

And when it comes to security, EcoCard uses top-notch security systems and affords you privacy and anonymity at all times as they pledge never to reveal your personal details to third parties. EcoCard also features account history tracking and real-time balance information so you can keep track of every single transaction that takes place.