PaySpark is pretty much the same as most other online wallets, where you fund your online account and then make deposits at online casinos or purchase products from other merchants that offer it as a payment method.

The one thing that does stand out about them though, is that they offer you a 2% interest if your balance is over $500. This you will not find very often where you can actually earn a bit of interest at an online payment method.

When you register at PaySpark, you basically open two acounts with them. The online account, which you use to purchase products or services on the internet and the ATM card, which you use to withdraw your money from PaySpark.

You can fund your online PaySpark account with your Credit Card, Western Union, Wire transfer or from your ATM Card.

One thing to take note of though, is that everything is free, except for dormant accounts. Dormant accounts are those that have no activity in 90 days and will then be charged a $10 fee per month. If the account has a zero balance after 90 days of no activity, it will be closed. There is no minimum balance however, as long as there is activity on the account.

This is a pretty cool payment method which basically gives you a second banking account where you can draw cash at terminals all over the globe and if you leave your money lying there for a bit, you even get a bit more for it.