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Cool Cat Casino Player Reviews and comments

Dan wrote on 09/11/2014

" Don't play at this casino ! I was "manager approved" for a $250 check, but when I called to find out the status of my check, I was given the runaround about "bonus play" and playing "non approved" games. They essentially pulled this $250 from my account. Then they'll tell you to read the casino rules and you'll understand why you'll never get paid. I dropped major money at this casino, and never saw a dime. I've never experienced this before at an online casino. Don't download this casino. Save your money. They are SCAMMERS ! "

John E Millet wrote on 08/03/2014

" If you enjoy gambling online, I strongly suggest that you try any on line casino other than CoolCat Casino, There are three reasons why I make this recommendation. 1. They take for ever paying when you win. I won a small jackpot last year. I made a $2500 with draw request on March 1 and they finally paid me $1250 on June12th. I requested the last of my jack pot on April10th and I still have not seen the second half of my March 1st request or any of my May request. It is a week from July and there is no indication that any of the money that is owed to me has even been approved. 2. You are not allowed to talk to anyone in the financial department. And they completely control all with draws. 3. Many of the people you talk to when you call in are very rude.They will often tell you That they will have someone in the withdraw department call you when in fact they are not allowed to talk to you. If you can talk to a supervisor or manager they will usually be honest with you. John Miller "

Nina wrote on 08/03/2014

" After reading most of these comments, I am regretting setting up and depositing. 6/20/14 I won a little bit 500.00 (deposited well over that in the last few months), and am now waiting on approval and "the check" which customer service says will take about 5 wks total not including mailing time. To me this is a ridiculous wait time. And with other players claiming the checks bounced, I'm shuddering. It is a fun casino, the games do pay out, but if I don't get my winnings I'll never play there again and will be reporting them for unfair gaming practices. I'll update "

JOhn Millet wrote on 06/05/2014

" I won small Jack Pot late last year. Cool cT was paying me my with dewar request in 30 day by over night express mail very regularly. But in the last three months they have stopped paying. I requested a withdraw of $2500 on March 1st, 2014 and here it is June 4th and it had still not been paid. I have called several times with out any action. I talked to the VIP person and he told me he saw no reason to help me since I was not using the money they have been paying me to gabble with. In April I requested a total of $4200 which is the balance I am still owed. I talked to the casino manager three weeks ago and informed me that up to that date none of my with draw request had been approved. And further once they were approved it would be another 10 to 14 business days before I could be paid. They will I instantly take your money, but if you get it back it will take months. John Miller "

valerie soto wrote on 06/05/2014

" I really enjoy. cool cat casino. they are the most. honest. casino. and they are very. generous "

angela dickinson wrote on 05/24/2014

" im leaving negative feedback because I received a check from coolcat casino that was no good!!!! bounced at my bank and now im 2330 dollars in the hole!!!!!! all these casinos r nothing but conartist. my bank told me if I get another check from them then tear it up because its a scam!!!!! should have known that when the check wasn't made out from the casino. but as they say its a third party!!!!! 3rd party my butt!!!!!!!!!!! its a scam!!!!!!!! don't give these people your money cause they will just run with it!!!!!!!!BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't make the mistake I made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

2o2LL wrote on 04/24/2014

" I deposited money and was up like $300 then today i try to log on and they suspended my account. spoke with livechat then they say my account is closed due to Todd: The processor information shows that your account has been blocked because your account is linked to some kind of financial fraud with others casino accounts, or provided misleading any information towards your card. Which is absolutely ABSURD! Todd: We really didn't want to have to close your account and invite you to play at another Casino but the casino feels that the relationship may be counterproductive. Todd: We appreciate you doing business with us however, upon further review of your account; management has permanent the decision to close your account permanently. Todd: When the Casino Manager makes this decision there is not much I can do for you. so pretty much they ROBBED me of my earnings and my deposit with some made up "fraud". anyone know of any legal actions i can take? I definitely needed the $300 i won but this is about the principal that they can just steal what was rightfully earned by me. I want to ensure no one else gets scammed by these crooks as I did. "

Robert Wise wrote on 04/09/2014

" this eis a total scam it is fun to play there but they will never pay out a dime to you always will have a reason why they took my players club card and I won 1000.00 and they said i used more than one free chip so not only did they not pay out they took the entire record of it off my account this is a shady site and needs to be shut down. stay away hope they starve out "

Jim wrote on 02/21/2014

" Forget about their guaraneed deposits. I had 2 fail and talked to 4 different people all of whcih told me to deposit by moneygram. They were not going to pay the $25 thouh. They are crooks. "

kdd wrote on 12/15/2013

" I won a few hundred, tried to cash out and was told I only deposited 370.00 and need 1250.00 to cash out. Ok kept playing and won the jackpot over 4,000. Hit the spin buttom two times and it disaapeared. Support says. Now any money I win all can be withdrawn and the fact that I hit the jackpot just means Im able now to withdraw. This casino should be reported to the Gaming commission, I am doing just so As they are now able to run in NJ. "

Joe Giorlando wrote on 10/15/2013

" My Experience at Cool Cat: I requested my winnings on 6/21/2013; I needed to email in all kinds of paperwork, and had to call back several times to make sure it was received. My request was finally approved on 7/10, with HALF of my money deposited into my checking account on 8/8/2013. They said they needed to do that so they could take out the Bonus they gave me, and so I could get half of my money faster. (No clue on that reasoning). Then, the other half was requested by them for withdrawal, BUT, they told me, that they reached their monthly approval limit, and I needed to wait a few days for the beginning of August. I received my second half on 8/30/2013. All through this process, I kept on them, calling every week, making sure I was updated, and checking on their process and progress. They tell you 7 to 10 business days for approval, but my first half was on day 12. They said there Approvers were busy. I was just glad I did receive my winnings NOW THE BAD NEWS: I deposited money to play, and they said, I do NOT qualify for NO-PLAY-THROUGH anymore, because as per them, I don’t need HELP to win money. So I was singled out just because I won, which in my opinion, is not fair. I needed to get to $27,000.00 on a $180.00 deposit and a code for 400%, for a total of $900.00, and a MAX withdrawal of $1800.00. Now come on people, who can get to 27K, you would need to be so lucky to just get to one quarter of that. Since I don’t qualify, and being treated different than all the rest of the people who play, I will no longer play at this site. "

kimberly Black wrote on 10/15/2013

" I have made several deposits to Cool Cat casino. I used a bonus code with no play through and no max payout. I tried to withdraw 450.00 and they declined it. I was so mad I played it out and told them to cancel my account. I cant even tell you how many hundreds of dollars I have put in that account in the last few months. RIP OFF "

Judy Bobick wrote on 08/02/2013

" Still waiting for my withdrawal which is only $1240 (you know they take the bonus back) from May 13th, 2013! Every time I call it gets delayed another 10 days. First they said they couldn't read my license so I enlarged it and it took until the 20th of may to get "approved". Then they said it takes another 10 days to process it. I decided to have it deposited back into my bank account as I thought I would have a problem with a "check" . Now they say they only count business days, and no holidays, so now say it has only been "6 real days, and I have to wait 4 more and then another week for deposit!!!!!!!!! What a bunch of crap. So I decided to play for fun since you never get your money, and everytime I do, they bump me off and encourage me to play for real money- Never again! I should of read the reviews before I played on Cool Cat. Very disappointed and hope I get my money they owe me. I even won $750 in chips on Facebook but couldnt use them for 20 days because I had a pending withdrawal. I finally got to use them but almost lost them. "

MrsGG wrote on 08/02/2013

" I love the Slot Tournaments offered by CCCasino. Although I rarely win a top $$ prize, I find it personally more fun than regular "slot" betting and playing. I am baffled, however, about one thing. Although the Slot Tournaments are fun, they are not an exact science. And although it appears to be luck and timing for most of us, there is one player who consistantly wins. And wins the big $$ prizes. I have watched over and over as this person suddenly appears and then systematically trounces everyone. Rarely have I seen this person place lower than 3rd or 4 place. In fact, this person usually wins. Please someone explain to me how this is possible? Thank you "

Laurie wrote on 08/02/2013

" I have played at cool cat for quite awhile, and as noted by other players, the casino instantly withdraws deposited funds from your bank or credit card. When it comes to a withdrawal, however, they find every excuse in the world to not pay you. I have made some modest withdrawals, $400 or less, and every time I have to chase the VIP manager to get paid. It often takes over two months. I am currently waiting for an $800 payout, which they are now saying is only $309. I know that i used a no limitation bonus, so I will have to fight to get this one, also. I have moved to Jackpot Capital and find that any withdrawal is received very promptly, usually a week after being approved. "

Cathy wrote on 08/02/2013

" I have been trying to get just a portion of my winnings since the early part of June. It is now July 30, and haven't seen a thing. I won a pretty large Progressive Jackpot, and was pretty excited. Now..emails back and forth have given me nothing but more frustration. I currently doubt that I will even see the first penny of my winnings. I would NOT recommend that anyone begin to play here. "

Cathy wrote on 08/02/2013

" Dont believe it when you hear the weekly max payout is 2750.00 They can't even give me that much, and I'm owed alot more than that. I'm being told that the only amount that they can approve right now is $1250.00. If you think you will get your max payout... you're mistaken!!!! "

MaryJo wrote on 06/05/2013

" I have played at CoolCat Casino and their sister casinos over two years. I made a mistake thinking that they withdrew the same amount out of my checking account twice early in 2012. I apologized for the error. I continued to play for months until a couple of months ago. Then I received this message when I tried to deposit money: Cannot use this type of payment (Visa or Master Card). Please contact Customer Service. So that is what I did. I was told that on my account that there is a note that I committed fraud--WHAT? I never did any such thing. So the only way I could play is depositing through Western Union or Money G. So I did that four times .They continued to let me use bonus codes (no max cash out, etc) that I always was able to use. Today, I was told after sending $50 to Ruby Casino I am not able to use these bonuses anymore. I would have to use the ones that I would have to win over $6,000 before I could cash out anything. I said, No thank you. They wouldn't refund my $55; so I just played it through. I feel what the real reason is: I deposit $35-$50 at a time. I cashout once I know I have won anything over $400. The last few years, I have won at least $4,000 if not more. They knew they were losing money on me; so they came out with all these excuses. They refused to help me lift the restriction regarding my charge cards. I was told by one of the managers that the processors made the decision that I committed fraud and there is nothing they can do. Well, I better receive the rest of my winnings that total a little over $1,000. If I don't, I am going to report them to their country's government. I received an e-mail from the country because I was using Western Union that said that the casinos are operating illegally. Once I receive the rest of my winnings, I am going to report them to the proper authorities. I did nothing wrong. I have been waiting over a month for a $650 w/d to be approved. I have had two checks that they have sent me that bounced; they did make good on them. I don't appreciate being accused of something I never did just because they are losing money on me. I have no desire to play at any of there casinos again. "

Tara wrote on 06/05/2013

" I have had my withdrawals approved because they are all legimate, however, I still have not seen a penny and I am very very worried that I never will. It's been weeks and I keep getting the same answers over and over. I absolutely loved coolcat casino until all of this. I am disheartened and feel like I am just getting a run around. I have all chats on file and its quite ridiculous to read through them. It's a shame really. I have literally contacted them like 35 times to no avail. Deposits go in without a problem but withdrawals don't come out. I wish I could just get my withdrawals all at once and be done with it. Hopefully I see the money some day. And the full amount owed is approx. $9,500.00 after bonuses were subtracted. :(( "

anthony carnahan wrote on 05/09/2013

" i won $1,300.33 ten minutes of play cashed out that night was app[roved on the 4yh of this month and got a check for $1,120.33 they took back the 200% bonus the problem is that the only way you are able to cash this check is if you have a bank account in your name because i cant take it to any bank to cash it and i cant take it to the bank from which it banks with which is in miami florida and that bank wont let you verify funds or give you any info on these checks the bottom line is i dealt with this lady and out of her mouth is we are over seas but yet they have a USA bank account and i cant cash it because i have tried every spot to cash it from banks to check cashing places no they wont touch that check i will not be dealing with any casino that has ties to this casino and or have ties with real gaming some people might get paid but the bottom line is that most people i think are getting ripped off thank you ... "

mrlarrivee wrote on 05/09/2013

" If you just want to deposit money and never see your winnings this is fun place to play. It appears I am not the only person that has a problem with withdrawals. I have sent my documents in several times by fax and email. I will continue to request my money but Cool Cat is just part of a group of online casinos Palace of Chance is another casino that I have been trying to get my winnings for over 2 months. My experience to date is they make it simple to pay but don't worry about winning because even if you do you will never see a payout "

lucipete wrote on 04/22/2013

" My withdrawal was finally approved on April 5th. I then received an email indicating that it will take another 10-14 business days to send the funds by courier. Today, April 19th is10 business days, I called to follow up and the support host is of no assistance, he kept ignoring my inquiry by giving me scripted answers and not paying attention to my question “Can you confirm whether the funds have been sent out and do you have a courier tracking #?” All he said was the department would be in at 12 pm EST and I should call then. He also added that he cannot guarantee that my call will be answered by that department since they are not in a habit of taking calls. So I asked whether any support host can check with them on my behalf when I call and he refuse to answer, instead he kept on saying that I should call the time he specified and try. This is the worst casino experience I have ever had in the history of playing and trying to withdraw. The Casino needs to improve this process soon or it will lose valuable players. "

Kristal wrote on 04/22/2013

" I was going to play at Cool Cat Casino and went to live chat to see what deposit bonuses were available because none were listed (very different from my past experience with this casino). Well, the following conversation followed: Alexis: I have this one: Alexis: 320% Match Bonus Alexis: Slots and Keno Only Alexis: No Playthrough Alexis: No Max Cash-Out Alexis: Redeem: APRIL320 Alexis: $30 minimum deposit Alexis: (Redeem Unlimited Times) pokrgal: k thanks Alexis: No I am sorry your account is excluded for non restrictions pokrgal: why Alexis: I have to inform, your account is excluded from using bonuses with no wagering rules. Alexis: The casino no longer feels you need this kind of bonus to win. Alexis: As a consistent winner you will not be able to use the combination of both no playthru and no max cashout Alexis: "based on your overall casino performance you have been excluded from using bonuses in this casino. You are more than welcome to play, but you need to do it with your own money ONLY" pokrgal: that is a joke too many casinos online to do business like this I will not be investing with this company or others affliated with this company as well as listing this information with online casino blogs Wow: I have made several deposits with them with NO CASHOUTS. "

Lucipete wrote on 04/13/2013

" I am a loyal player at the casino. I deposited on the weekend of March 8th and player for 2 days. Won $1780. I requested a withdrawal on March 10th. I received a confirmation email congratulating me on my winnings and providing details of time it will take to process the request. The next day March 11th, I sent an email with all my required documentation to their processing department. I received an email 10 business days later March 21st, stating that my withdrawal request was denied and provided a list of possible reasons. I reached out to find out what the exact reason was. The support agent said that my documents were not in before my actual request therefore it was denied and ask that I place another request and it would take the same amount of time. I find this to be totally unacceptable. I was furious, I sent an email to the cool cat manager about the experience and he immediately responded saying that he would look into it and it should not have to wait this long. I gave him 3 business days then I followed up, he replied that the team was working on it and should be approved soon. I sent a few messages in the last 3 days to follow up and no one has responded including the manager. It's now 11 business days since my 2nd request and 20 business days in total. It's now April 5th 2013, I wil let you know how long it took to actual get approved and eventually receive funds if approved. "

COOLCAT player wrote on 04/13/2013

" Did not have a single withdrawal paid-out - since January 2013 now 3 months later. have 5 withdrawals pending - and emailed 7 different people on 3 differend e-mail links and suggestions. YOU CAN DEPOSIT IN 5 SECONDS BUT YOU WITHDRAWALS NONE !!! this and all of it's sister casino's are flagged as DEEP-RED All positive remarks here are in NO COMPARISON to what most will undergo. so, i assume the remarks are ALL from the casino insiders trying to save sentiment and keep luring you with 200% to 900% bonusses, worth nothing. "

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