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Two new games from Topgame

“Ducks ‘n Eggs” and “New Tales of Egypt” are the latest releases from Topgame Technology.

Both 20-payline games, the cartoon-styled Ducks ‘n Eggs features zombie ducks, alien free spins, froggy bonuses and a red or black gamble option while an Egyptian princess leads players through New Tales of Egypt which is set in a sumptuous palace featuring winged cats, dogs, the eye of Ra and the princess herself.

New Tales of Egypt offers offers multiple wilds and free spins.  Matching symbols on one its 20 pay-lines across 5 reels can lead to prizes of up to 500x the line bet.

A pyramid symbol is also wild, substituting for any other symbol, but it is also the trigger symbol for the game’s Rosetta Stone feature. 3 or more pyramid symbols will unlock up to 10 free spins, with the chance to win unlimited free spins with 3 or more of the feature’s randomly selected scatter symbols.  Players also get the option to roll a pyramid shaped dice to guess red or blue in the game’s gamble feature.

Playtika consolidates studio brands

Internet social games developer Playtika, a member of the Caesars Interactive Entertainment group since 2011, has announced that it is to consolidate the group’s various games development studios under one Playtika brand.

The rebranding will see studios at Pacific Interactive, Buffalo Studios and WSOP all come under a new Playtika brand, which will be debuted at the Casual Connect trade show, July 22-24 at the Hilton San Francisco.

Following its acquisition by Caesars Interactive Entertainment in May 2011, Playtika has grown its game portfolio by acquiring Buffalo Studios, developers of Bingo Blitz and Bingo Rush; Pacific Interactive, the creators of House of Fun; and the World Series of Poker social application from Electronic Arts.

Playtika’s games have more than 29 million Facebook fans combined and entertain more than 5 million daily active players and 20 million monthly active players.

Slotomania, Playtika’s original game, remains one of the highest grossing apps on Facebook, iOS, and the Android platforms.

Playtika’s games are played by more than 5 million people every day in 190 countries, 12 languages on more than 10 platforms.  The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, with offices in the USA, Canada, Ukraine, Belarus, Argentina, and Romania.

Robert Antokol, CEO and founder, Playtika said this week: “This corporate rebranding integrates all of those studios under one Playtika name and aligns us under a combined goal of captivating audiences with beautifully produced, highly immersive social games.”

Europe The New Mecca Of Online Gaming?

Ever since the US lawmakers banned the Internet casinos in the country with a view to ban games that relied more on ‘chance’ than ‘skills’ and encouraged random gambling among the people, rumor has it that Europe will soon emerge as the new destination for online gaming. Read on »

Poker Variations You Must Know About

by Peralis

Poker is by far one of the most popular online casino game. It is also one that has the most variations, not only as table games played in poker rooms but also as the many avatars of video poker. However these many variations spring from two essential formats of the game – draw poker and stud poker. Read on »

The History of Online Gambling

Over the past two to three years, the online gambling industry has grown in leaps and bounds. However, online gambling began in 1994 with the Free Trade and Processing Zone Act passed by the government of Antigua Barbuda. Read on »

Video Poker – an Introduction

Video poker represents the attractive middle ground between the slot machine and the table game but unlike the slot, video poker requires knowledge and skill: Unlike the table game, video poker does not require a steel nerve or gambling with a high payroll. Read on »

Why Texas Hold´em is my favorite casino game

With all the bright lights and excitement in a casino, it´s hard to get a chance to play everything. It´s even harder to choose a favorite. A lot of people like craps, because they feel that they can control the dice. Lots of people enjoy blackjack, because you can play with a good strategy, and if you count cards, you can really pull in some dough. As for me, I like Texas Hold´em best of all the games at the casino. Read on »

The Random Number Generator in Slot Machines

The most popular form of gambling today is the slot machine and it generates up to 70% of the casino’s income. The slot machine has now been around for more than 100 years and has seen many changes. While the basics of the machine and the objective of the game remains the same, the technology that drives a slot machine has advanced hugely thanks to the microchip. Read on »

The Status of the Card Counter

To be a true professional Blackjack player one must master a certain degree of card counting. As is evident by the players that have become famous for their skilled gaming, a good head for math makes a good card player. Read on »

What to watch for when playing Craps online

Some of the online casino games that people play are more easily adapted from their traditional table top venues to the online world than others.  In these cases players have to be extra careful when choosing to play a game that they might love playing in a real casino, but that might not be necessarily as good in an online environment. Read on »

The social aspect of online poker rooms

Many online poker rooms are endorsed as online gambling havens, forgetting the fact that poker, in itself is a social game. It requires a player to involve himself not only mentally, but psychologically and socially as well. Read on »

So you want to win at roulette

The first thing to do is to remember the cruel facts of life. No casino is set up to let you win. I mean lets face it, they are a business like any other business. They have over- heads and are there to make a profit. Read on »

Trend of Women in Online Poker

Since time immemorial, gambling has largely been a game of men. Either women have not had the fascination for Poker or have been offered limited opportunities to try their hand at the game. However, the trend of women in poker has changed over the last few years. Read on »

Online Gambling: Thou Shalt or Thou Shalt Not?

For the most part, monotheistic religion frowns on gambling; the Judeo-Christian morality on which most English speaking countries have founded their laws, all be it via various degrees of separation, considers gambling, online or otherwise to be a big no-no; a Thou Shalt Not, in other words. But why? Read on »

Should NBA referees be allowed to gamble?

NBA Commissioner David Stern recently ran into an interesting conundrum. Apparently, NBA league rules do not allow any gambling by referees. Read on »

Gambling online: A historic overview

The history of online gaming is short but sweet; the story really begins in 1994 when the governing body of Antigua Barbuda passed the “Free Trade and Processing Zone” act. This act essentially allowed for the issuing of gaming licenses to any persons or companies who wished to open an internet casino. Read on »

Ways to spice up the Sunday game

There are hundreds of thousands of people worldwide that watch various sporting events simply for the excitement of watching a favorite team score points, however, what many of these people are missing out on is the opportunity to cash in when their team is victorious.  Online sports betting is another way for people that enjoy online gambling to capitalize on the quickly growing industry of sports betting.  Read on »

Caribbean Stud – Introduction

Caribbean Stud is the new rage in online gaming. It came into vogue only a few years ago but is showing no signs of diminishing in popularity. Read on »

Caribbean Stud Introduction

Caribbean Stud is the new rage in online gaming. It came into vogue only a few years ago but is showing no signs of diminishing in popularity. Read on »

Development of Slot Machines

Slot machines are easily the most popular form of gaming today. Today, slot machines are big in casinos, both online as well as brick and mortar ones. They rake in almost 60% of the profits a casino generates. However, this was not the case when slot machines first came into the picture. Casinos first introduced slot machines to provide gamers with a diversion from the regular gambling games. Read on »

So you think you know poker

If you play poker online, you probably think you know all about poker. Certainly, you´ve played five-card draw, either as a game with other players or as video poker. You´ve also probably played seven-card stud. If you´ve spent time in regular casinos, then you´ve probably played the table games the ones that aren´t really poker. Read on »

Is it safer to gamble in an online casino?

People who played a lot in land based casinos know that they can be quite the safety hazard. As much as the casino owners try to make it a secure place everyone knows that big gatherings of people in small spaces equal a certain amount of risks. While many might think that online gambling is far more risky there are actually many things that cease to be an issue once you move your gambling to the Internet. Read on »

Simulation Games Not Strictly Geeks Only

If you are new to the world of online gaming it won´t be long before you begin to wonder if someone re-invented the English language while you were asleep. This is because many of the terms in the gaming world will seem like Greek to you. Read on »

Roulette Online

A casino without roulette can not be considered a real casino. Roulette is such an integral part of the casino experience that it would be considered a flaw if a casino decided to drop it from its repertoire. This being the case, it still seems as if roulette is less played than other casino games online. Is roulette merely a wall paper or do people actually play this game? Read on »

“Let it ride”: A new kid on the block

Roulette, blackjack, poker and craps are the backbone of any casino, whether land based or online. But players need fringe games in order to break the monotony and refresh themselves. At one time slots were the only option. But now with the proliferation of the gaming industry new games are being created for this purpose. One such game is “Let it ride”. Read on »

How to play Texas Hold´em

Texas Hold´em is the most popular poker game out there. It´s the main event at the World Series of Poker. You´ve certainly heard of Texas Hold´em, but do you know how to play? Read on »

Playing poker without money online

Can poker really be enjoyed if there is no money involved? The Internet is full of websites offering poker for free and people play in these websites. Many don’t even consider starting to play for real money even if they are doing great in the free version. So what is it that attracts the player to keep on playing without a single dollar or a prize in sight? Read on »

Online Gaming: Roulette

Roulette is a casino game where all the bets are placed against the house or the casino bank. This game that was once only in real time has now been transformed into online casino games which has made the game of Roulette even more popular. The game comes from the city of Paris, after the French word meaning “small wheel” As its name denotes, the roulette is a small wheel game where the wheel spins around a tilted table of numbered and colored columns. Read on »

What makes an Online Casino Safe?

A casino that wishes to attract new and keep the old players must invest in safety. There are many factors that help to build a safe casino and it is important to know what to look for especially for the beginner entering the great sea of online casinos for the first time. Read on »

Random Number Generation

Random Number Generation, or its abbreviation RNG is a common term used at the majority of online gaming institution with reference to the safety and trustworthiness of the games available on that site. Despite its frequency of use it is often misunderstood, and regularly ignored. RNG is however relevant, and understanding it is important for anyone who wishes to understand the workings of online casino´s as the online gaming industry would not exist without it. Read on »