Online Gambling 101: Creating an email address

Once you´ve found the perfect online casino that has the games you´re looking for, offers Welcome Bonuses for which you can meet the criteria, and offers a warm inviting play environment, you will need to complete the registration process. Anytime you register an account with an online casino, you will be required to provide an email address. The best thing to do is to create a special email address that you will use strictly to sign up for virtual casino accounts. While of course it is possible to provide an existing email address, it’s important to have an email address specifically for online casino play for a number of reasons:

You will receive a high level of correspondence from the casino – casinos send out email promotions and offers you won’t want to miss. By having a special email account for casino emails, you can ensure that you don’t miss any special bonuses or promotions that come via email.

Spam filters might send casino email to your junk box – with any email address that you use regularly, you’ll probably have a spam blocker installed to block junk mail, scam emails, and other email marketing materials that clutter your inbox. Quite likely, if you have high spam settings on your email account, casino promotional emails will also be filtered out, and this could result in missing important information, free bonuses and other promotions that could help you win big at the casino!

Casino emails shouldn’t go to a work email addresses – often, when people only have one email address it’s one that they use for business purposes. It’s never appropriate to engage in any online casino activities when in the workplace, so promotional casino emails shouldn’t be received at that email address either. Using a separate email address from the one you use for work will ensure that you’re only reading casino emails at appropriate times and not becoming distracted or tempted by gambling during your workday.

Privacy – If you use your main email address, you’re likely to access your email account from multiple computers and locations. This increases the potential that other people may inadvertently have access to your personal and financial data via the online casino emails. If you create a separate account, you can ensure it’s only accessed when you’re using a computer you’re confident is safe and secure, and can take extra precautions by clearing the private data from your web browser’s cache.

In order to create an email address that you will use for sign up at online casinos, choose from a free email provider like Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo! These email interfaces are easy to use and simple to register, and can be accessed directly from any internet browser. They also offer safe and secure software to allow you to manage your email. For your casino email account, it is recommended that you choose a username that does not reveal your complete identity; don’t enter your first and last name as your username, instead choose just your first name, or make up a nickname related to your favorite casino games! Because of the nature of the emails that will be sent to your casino related account, make sure you choose a password that differs from those that you use for other email and internet accounts. In order to further protect your personal and financial data, you can change the email account password at regular intervals and you should ensure that you do so at least once per month.

If you fail to receive emails from an online casino after you’ve signed up and registered using the email address, you may need to verify your ability to receive emails from an online gambling website. If this occurs, contact the casino’s support department in order to verify the steps that you can take in order to make sure that you receive any future emails.

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