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Who could be more entitled to give an opinion about an online casino than the online casino customer himself? Here you´ll find comments and reviews that were written by some of their customers. Replies from online casinos are highlighted.

Please note: It´s in the nature of this type of message boards to contain more complaints than positive comments since the usage of such a tool becomes more necessary when something has gone wrong. In this case we can give you the valuable advice to simply watch out for casino replies. How does the casino reply to complaints? Does the casino care about such comments at all? This might a good indicator for good customer service.

A aaa about JackpotCity Casino:

I have no problems cashing out , cashed out over 43,000 , it's the first one that's hard but the…

Brendahelm about Mr Green Casino:

I second that. Have been playing in countless online casinos. THere are only a bunch I regularly return to, Mr…

Brendahelm about 888Casino:

Sunil about 888Casino:

What withdrawl methods are available? I see only BANK Draft as an option.

judy gagan about Ruby Fortune Casino:

how did you get your money back?? I am having the same issue

Brad about 888Casino:

So I checked this post before playing at 888 so feel it's only right to leave some honest feed back.…

Jen about JackpotCity Casino:

Did i receive your winnings?

Jen about JackpotCity Casino:

Did u receive your payout?

Jen about JackpotCity Casino:

How do u get paid?

Jen about JackpotCity Casino:

Did u get your winning?