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Chantal on March 1, 2023. Reply

I have been playing at their sister casino Allslots for years and I’m sad to say now I have to play at Ruby fortune casino! I am listing the reasons why:
A) their games are all malfunctioning to the point of having to stop every other spin to refresh yet another system error and every one of the games do this
B) every time I deposit it brings me back to where I can only play old games, nowhere are to be found the new games until I’m just about out of money then they miraculously appear
C) when I’m playing and start to win all of a sudden I’m being blocked by pop ups saying I can’t play due to gaming regulations, how convenient
D) I won $10 000 and put it back in during that time I was not given one restriction because the money was staying with them and I did not receive one bonus from them they are beyond cheap
E) their customer support is a monumental joke if they are supposed to be helping their customers not too mention their messaging platform freezes and you have to start all over explaining your issue
F) they continue to put out new games while all the games continue to freeze and not work properly then of course the new games do the same lots of fun!

I play here because I like the games and cannot find them all at a different casino or I would be gone! Ontario licensing casino is no different then when they licensed escorts they should leave things alone this will not work out in the end it’s a quick money grab nothing more nothing less!

The part that annoys me the most is that they have the nerve to think they can question me about my playing habits, even went as far as to ask me if I had a gambling problem! Honestly mind your business I play because I like it and I am an adult and do not owe anyone an explanation!

DONALD K DEMERS on December 30, 2022. Reply

I won 2000 early December and still haven’t been paid out. I’ve won in the past and have cashed out before with no problems. Now all of a sudden they wanted documents and I’ve sent them over and over and all I get are excuses and delays. We are now December 30 , 2022 and I give up. They can keep the money. I will not play at Ruby Fortune, All Slots or Jackpot City again. They just lost a great customer who played daily.

Riha on November 30, 2022. Reply

I really enjoyed this casino, I been with casino over a year, and I won large amount of cash, I made a withdrawal n got told submit documents all done, n now 6 weeks still waiting, I get told over n over weeks later still in review, very sad for a licence casino, read the fine lines it says fast pay out casino,

Patrick on November 29, 2022. Reply

Just did a 37k withdrawal and they have held it in ‘pending’ status over a week until i provide proof that i made the interac etransfer deposit. I found this request to be very weird considering there are a number of ways you can make a deposit, let alone that they do not require it in their document support. I have had successful withdrawals from other Palace Casino sites but never this much of a delay, and never this type of request. I provided them with my bank statement and highlighted the interac deposits, plus all the other ID, so there should be no reason why its not processed……….trouble is getting any response or update.

Time will tell and i will update on here if and when i get my funds. Its only been a week so not overly concerned yet but if it starts getting longer without any response or progress i will be back on here to update for everyone elses sake. For now i am optimistic these guys will process and I will continue to support their platform.

Amanda on September 21, 2022. Reply

Deposited money in twice. First time I got it right away, second was on Sept 20th and still nothing. I traced my bank account twice proving the e transfer went through and sent it to them twice but still nothing and I waited over an hour to chat with someone on their site to just be told its processing that it would be there by 6 hours. We are now almost 24 hours and nothing and no reply for anybody

Jay on July 24, 2022. Reply

Ive played on this site for years. Over 100k CAD. Recently deposited money and they refused to credit my account because I cant prove since my bank statement just says Interac etransfer fulfilled. So they took my money and banned me. Support literally told me tough luck and when I said I would call my bank to reverse charge, the Yazeed support guy literally told me my account was shut down. took my money and no respect for a loyal customer.

John on July 18, 2022. Reply

I have been waiting months to get my winnings. Did not even use bonus, used my own money. Keep getting the run around with documents meanwhile they received 2 of the 3 with no issues. Clearly they want me to forget or just bet it all.

Rammund Joseph Dizon on June 6, 2022. Reply

I had the worst experience with Ruby Fortune.. I have been playing for 5 years at different Online Casinos & I had a very bad experience with Ruby Fortune… I deposited $50 twice last May 19,2022.. It was a Interac auto deposit & I was only able to play on my second $50 deposit.. I have been asking them to return my first deposit $50 .. and they told me to submit my documents & I submitted it already twice… they want me to submit again..
I spoke with my banks agent and she told me that it is impossible for my $50 deposit no to be succesful because it was Interac auto deposit. I submitted my bank documents showing the transaction was successful… I even checked with my Deposit History with Ruby Fortune and it also showed that my deposit was successful… They are still not returning my $50 deposit to my bank account… The agent ADI whom I just spoke now was very rude and unprofessional.. just like Nathan

Richard on June 3, 2022. Reply

I am very sad to say that after 1 month of my withdrawal of $400 I won by wagering $100 x75 which took me a while but I got there. I am still having problems with this withdrawal. After multiple chats with customer live. All I get is it’s in the final process it’s been 1 month now. Not even a email about any thing just messages from them saying I understand your frustration.

Pamela on May 11, 2022. Reply

I won a large amount and from the time of withdrawal to the time I received my funds it was the 3rd day. Great experience

Omar on May 3, 2022. Reply

I won $1000 over week ago my account was verified and the next day my account was closed. I have talked to customer service 5 times and every time i got a different story about my withdraw. I was told someone will contact u in 24hrs and the next day it was shortly and the day after i was told in 7 days.
I played on another online casino that im not going mention the name where i won 1800 and i was verified and paid in 48hrs no problem.

KayM on April 24, 2022. Reply

Been playing my account for a few days, I go back on to reload 40$, go through the etransfer process, get the successfully deposited page, as well as confirmation email… 1 hour later money still wasn’t in my account.. I contacted support, who said they have no record and if it left my account I should get it back… so I tried again, 60$… same thing… so 100$ I have confirmation emails that was successfully deposited to them, and they tell me no, we have no record of that… now today April 24 I go to log into my account, to find I have been blocked access… when I messaged the support team to ask why, he said he asked the team to email me with the reason… he wasn’t able to tell me, I never did anything to break any rules, bit now banned??? Absolutely ridiculous…
Not to mention, the hassle trying to confirm your account when messaging support… had 1 operator who kept telling me I was wrong for my own security questions…
Not happy.

Daniel Dewar on December 15, 2021. Reply

Offers never worked did not enjoy my experience on this site. Jackpot city has a far better experience this site is basically a rip off of it.

Dan on October 5, 2021. Reply

On September 30th, I made a bank e-transfer of $1000.00 to Ruby Fortune. Unfortunately, as the transfer hit my casino account, they blocked my access and any ability to sign in to my casino account. The next five days have passed, Ruby Fortune Online Casino has yet to send me the $1000.00 money back; they told me hat I would have it within 72 h through their online chat.

They also say that Ruby Fortune has indicated they rejected the deposit on September 30th, but PayDirect, their payment aggregator, says the money was deposited successfully into my Casino account.
It is a shit show. Never again Ruby Fortune or Jackpot City as they are related.

Barb Anne Taylor on September 28, 2021. Reply

I have been playing at this casino for a couple years. I have always had nothing but awesome experiences with this casino . When I do a withdrawal I get my money within 3 to 5 days . To me its one of the best online casinos out there .

Megan Simpson on September 27, 2021. Reply

I have been trying to make a withdrawal for weeks now. The same one. Just tried again for a 3rd time. They keep putting it back on my ruby acct to play with and lose instead of giving me my money back. I keep clicking on the chat for customer service and not once in the hundreds of times I tried has it redirected me to speak to someone or has anyone signed on to help me. I’m about done this ruby fortune site all together.

Sharona A Chan on August 20, 2021. Reply

Ruby fortune, all slots casino I have withdrawal pending between august 16-22,2021. I deposited via e-transfer using my husband account. Then they closed all my fortune lounge account including where I have pending withdrawal for $1600.00 between two accounts. I was told by the chat agent who’s very nice by the way and very informative. Told me to send in all documents my and my husband and written agreement that my husband authorizing me to use his e-transfer across fortune lounge casino. Dated and signed both of us. Proof of ownership for the account and statement where also handed in.

My frustrations is that with my casino account across fortune lounge and else where my deposit method has always been the same. Through withdrawal process it’s always indicated explanations and authorizations approval from a 3rd party is always presented. I get my withdrawal at same time frame as it says. After it’s all been confirmed. All jackpot casino is party of fortune lounge casino but it never gave me reasons to delay my withdrawals or hold any of it for any reasons when I verified my account at that casino I’m have already given explanations for my 3rd party method of deposits it was accepted. Made several withdrawal it was always process and payed out good. But then suddenly with my all slots casino and ruby fortune withdrawals they did not just close my account across their casino group they also held my withdrawals.

I have given all documents they asked me for including all the required documents to verify. Some support are very rude some gives falls informations some just don’t know how to answer but says it’s in the management department still for review. Now they saying 3rd party method of deposit is not permitted. But then why they told me to have a written agreement signed and dated by my and the person involved with identifications account statement and proof of deposit and must indicate the relationship with the 3rd party. Most importantly why is it no problem for them to take the deposit but never stops me then. They had to address the issues after I have withdrawals, also why did one or two of the other casino group they have, jackpot is once is paying out any of my withdrawals using same method of deposits. With out hesitations or questions. As part of the same casino group they should have the same rules. I just don’t see how it’s fair and what’s the differences are. If one of their casino pays out my withdrawals why the other two keep my withdrawals pending

starman21 on August 3, 2021. Reply

You may be kicked out without any warnings and have your money stuck in there. My money has been stuck about a month now. I keep going to the chat section daily and I still haven’t got an answer. I need my money back. The service is terrible. They’ll answer your chats all the time but without any good results. so slow.

starman21 on August 11, 2021.

Finally got all my money back. Although issues are slow to resolve, after one month I was surprised they were pretty honest. Hope there response time improves in the future.

Tina on April 20, 2021. Reply

I deposited money using promotions.. won several times and finally on March 10, after having fun ( yet spending a lot) Playing.. I requested a bank transfer for the max of 2500$ withdrawal.. I provided all the information requested, even going through and verifying my identity using their third party huuyu.. I was contacted a week later by a VIP CASINO HOST.. asking .. again for the exact same documentation I already turned in saying it’ll be much faster if she does it… so again.. I provide EVERYTHING asked if me usually within 24-48hrs… then she fell off the face of the planet some guy emails me saying he’s emailing for her and ( conveniently) they are not wiring funds to BBVA .. no reason why.. would a check be ok he asks.. I said whatever sure.. I ask if there is any tracking number on the check being mailed he said yes it’s sent via fed ex.. all fine abd dandy but for real when am I getting my money? Am I getting my for sure ? Or am I being screwed over hoping I’ll forget about it so they don t have to pay.. thinking I’m never gonna get my winnings.. it’s been almost 6 weeks.. she updated all my docs on all the sister casinos I have an account with.. so I deposited at capt jacks casino- won again and requested a check withdrawal for 2500$… and again host is outta sight or lost… and I’m being asked to provide the same documents again..the hoops I’m jumping through hoops again.. oh and I was promoted to VIO2- no bonus- no free chip as advertised.. no special perks just higher cost promotions .. rubyslots used to give me weekly and monthly money back- that stopped with requesting a withdrawal .. I’m starting to get really upset-

Mario on March 23, 2021. Reply

I recieved an email from them stating $50 sign up bonus. It said that it will automatically be deposited into my account. 3 days later i haven’t received anything so i reach out to them and 2 weeks later, still no reply. If they wouldnt honor they’re advertisement, why would they honor a payout

Kelly on March 20, 2021. Reply

I opted in for their bonus offer and made a 100 deposit then the bonus never got credited. I went into the chat to find out what the issue was I was told they were having issues with crediting bonuses but that it would be credited and that I was free to play my deposit. A few hours later I went back to the chat because I still hadn’t received the bonus and I was told that the bonus couldn’t be credited because my deposit was no longer there. I explained that I was told there was an issue and that I was free to play my deposit and that the bonus would still be credited after a lot of back and forth the chat guy Glenn said there was no way for him to credit my bonus. I lost out on 90.00.

Michal Andrzejczak on February 25, 2021. Reply

That’s the best casino I ever play in my entire life. They have massive random winnings if you know how to play of course. won 20000£ just after registration Great customer service and quick pay out

Alanna on February 18, 2021. Reply

Pretty good I’ve won quite a few times and haven’t had any issues won 100p and had it transferred within 48 hours. I have 500 pending currently and it’s been about 24 hours so far. Withdrawals have always went smoothly.

Peter F on December 30, 2020. Reply

People saying that ruby fortune casino doesn’t pay are simply liars or sore losers I got an e-transfer within 24 hours of submitting my documents no hassle no bs everything went 100% smooth.

Courtney on December 1, 2020. Reply

I won $800- it’s taken almost 4 weeks to get money. Customer service is pointless- they have no phone so only email. Give you the run around. I’ve used spin palace before got my money in 3 days- so waiting this long is annoying. Not to mention they hardly ever have bonuses.

Georgina on September 25, 2020. Reply

Their regulations say your withdrawal will take 24 hours. I have been waiting three weeks. Every time l contact them, they have a different reason. They have promised me twice it would be released. Live chat is no help as they are just reading how to reply and they don’t respond to your emails.

Betcha on August 6, 2020. Reply

Ruby fortune didn’t pay my money. It’s okay for them for you to deposit and lost your money but withdrawing it they give u such a hard time. Also even when u deposit you’re own money and never use it to play it will take few weeks to verify your acct. They said 24/7 on live chat that’s BS cause they don’t really know what their doing every time you go on chat different people you talk and still you have to explain again and again what is your problem . So many people waiting for their money to withdraw they let them wait so when your playing and run out of money they will reverse your money that is pending till you lose it cause they don’t want to pay and lots of reason they will tell you. First step to review your case a week next step 2nd step takes 2 weeks or more than that the 3rd step they said it will go to the highest to investigate the last thing you know they won’t respond anymore for they tell you they can’t pay you for they didn’t receive the deposit while I gave them my bank statement nothing wrong with my bank account till now no responds.

Rhonda Pirie on July 20, 2020. Reply

Tried to do a withdrawal was very difficult they never did pay me my Money. They said it was credited back to account? Live chat was very hard to communicate with. Can’t call to talk to anyone.

Siobhan Hutchinson on July 12, 2020. Reply

Extremely hard to get your withdrawal. I have been waiting over a month. Their live chat is useless as nobody gives you an answer and ignores constant requests for resolutions.

steven on June 15, 2020. Reply

Awesome casino been playing here for a year or so. Site is easy to use and live chat is responsive. Withdrawals are quick with minimal fuss.

AnneC on June 4, 2020. Reply

From personal experience Ruby Fortune casino online games is a trusted and legitimate casino. Great staff, love the games. I played I won and they did an excellent job assisting me with my withdrawal. Thanks again, what a great team.

Ross Fallis on May 25, 2020. Reply

I love this site. Very fast pay outs usually 3 days. I just put in $50 and won $700 and my cousin won $15,000.00 last month playing a $1 slot machine bonus, he was paid out everything within a week. Also people talking smack about the bonus…. the bonus works great. If you put in $50 and they match it 100% it gives you obviously $100 if you get up to $150 you can withdraw the $100 and they take there $50 back and everyone is happy. I’ve used it many of times and thats how it worked for me. I used the bonus on the $700 win I told you guys about. Anyways great games, great site, great job ruby fortune!!!

Jared on May 22, 2020. Reply

When i just won $900.00 i withdrew and its been over a week they keep saying i need to submit a bunch of documents and answer a bunch of questions, meanwhile they have all my bank info to take my money out of my account aswell as deposit any winnings. Yet still no money deposited into my account nor pending withdrawl nor in my casino account

Tonya lafontaine on August 29, 2020.

The casino just wants to make sure you’re of age to play. And when you do the withdrawal you just submit a new bill with your address along with photo picture ID

Tods on October 9, 2019. Reply

I love this place by far fastest paying site yet I won 18700 and got my 17700 in 2days and my 1000 was a 5 days only because I withdrew it out of my winnings and it took a bit longer because I had the 17700 in withdrawal 2 dats before and I just won another 2500 and its bin sent in 3 days so the hell with all you complaining people this place is fir real don’t judge this place because you won’t find one faster pay out thank you ruby fortune

Roger warbrick on April 2, 2019. Reply

I am still waiting for my withdraw it has been 9 days and they are saying still another 24 to 48 hours before released and then 3 to 7 days for it to be in my bank account.. they’re quick to take our money but take so long to pay the withdraw

Marianne on March 14, 2018. Reply

I won 4,000 after a 1500 deposit. They paid after I corrected my banking information. Took about 9 days, played over 2000 since, and won nothing big ?

Hanna28 on February 26, 2018. Reply

I put $10 in my account and after a couple of hours i won $300!! i didnt use match bonus offer either, as i had a feeling not to. I am still yet to withdraw the money, but As i dont have verification of id i have to wait till i have money on my card and put another $10 on my account so i can withdraw my winnings. I will update this comment once i have done so :-)

Glenda Jamison on February 15, 2018. Reply

I’ve won over $3000 on this site and never had any issues getting paid. Just don’t ever play the bonus offered to you. Then you might have trouble withdrawing. You need to use your bonus up first and some of it then belongs to the casino. When you first sign up you need to play a certain amount of money to withdraw any winnings. Once you have met the obligation then your home free.

Conrad Modeste on April 7, 2017. Reply

I’ve been waiting for a month to Get my money cause I didn’t use my real name but I showed my I. D and birth certificate and they said they couldnt see it so scanned it and they said not approved and had to get it notarized and when I did they said approved The pending For 1000 was coming then I find out the next day it’s back In pending period it’s been a month and I want my money!

Joseph on January 20, 2017. Reply

Have been with Ruby Casino for a few years. Initially in 2015 they were quite good and processed payments promptly. Now though, i’ve had problems anytime i try to withdraw funds. I’ve waited two weeks to be told they now need to re-submit the payment and i have to allow for another 5-7 days.

Victoria on September 23, 2017.

Did you receive though?

terrance on April 24, 2018.

I recently withdrew $2011 and only got $1845.50. they have done this in the past using echeck and paying the remainder to my credit card . this time however they are saying that I owe the difference to echeck for returns. Who deposits 50 cents in a deposit and if the money is not in my account the transaction won’t go through.

Lesley Morgan on October 8, 2016. Reply

Wit in 4 days of playing. Used $200 of my own money and won $500 that was deposited to my bank in 2 days. Then played $250 of my money and bam!!!! Won $3,000 Should have it in my account in 5-7 days, Great casino!!!!!

Dan Fife on November 25, 2016.

Did you get your money?

Renae Finnerty on September 30, 2016. Reply

This is hands down the best casino to play at. Cashouts are honoured quickly with no fuss. Great games.
Bonuses could be a little better. But still my number 1 casino

Marina Graham on August 18, 2016. Reply

I wanted to say I thoroughly enjoy the games. I have had no problems with my winnings though small. The bonuses are great little kickers just be aware that if you win big during your bonus funds it’s actually the casino’s funds you are playing with and not your own and so you can’t withdraw until the bonus funds have been used.

Marina Graham on August 18, 2016. Reply

I have an iPhone 6 I downloaded the ruby fortune app a week and a half ago and have managed to open and use the app once it is so frustrating can’t contact them outside of the app .

grantox on July 5, 2016. Reply

It took some time to get my winnings, but when your waiting on $500 you get a bit nervous and check reviews.. this made me think I had a 50/50 chance of getting my money.
with in 7 days i had the money no drama.
I did not do any bonus promotions and when back to play again, I’m now waiting on $240 which I’m pretty confident will be coming to me.
I work as a bar manager, and have no connection to the site … just wanted to share a good story.
not to say i”ve never lost but when i withdrew money it got to me.

Josie on June 6, 2016. Reply

Ive won $2000 on this site.I recieved my winnings within 5-7 days.Its not a spam.Its real.I learnt not accept bonuses.If u recieve a bonus unexpectedly just message them live or ring them & have the bonus removed immediately.Its as easy as that.
Accepting bonuses can end miserably. You risk loosing what urv just won.

Rebecca Peters on May 13, 2016. Reply

I never accept the bonus.
I won 2000 nz dollar’s and I can’t seem to contact them, technical issues they need to sort out immediately!
It says I can’t withdraw the money as I have bonus, I don’t understand because I don’t even know how it got there, I didn’t agree to any. How do I get my money that I won boo

Shawn Michaels on March 21, 2016. Reply

I agree with John and Judy. Couldn’t get my money back and they were being so shady about the whole thing.

Naomi on March 20, 2016. Reply

I loaded $40 onto Ruby Fortune, was given $40 100% match bonus and as a result I am only entitled to receive 6x my initial deposit as my first withdrawal, despite the fact that i have $21k in winnings. On top of this my ID verification documents which i had previously been told were received have now conveniently gone missing and i’ve been requested to resend them twice now.

Dan Fife on November 25, 2016.

Naomi did you end up getting your money?

Sherman Thomas on December 21, 2015. Reply

I’ve had the same issues as everyone else here about getting money back. Deposited 100 bucks, tried to withdraw after I won some money, and it took over a month. After I finally got the money back I never came back!

judy gagan on February 6, 2016.

how did you get your money back?? I am having the same issue

John on March 6, 2016.

They didn’t. That’s a fake review like 99% of the other good reviews.

Ruby Fortune will not let a person take their funds out once they decide to stop playing, plain and simple.
To anyone considering signing up to any on line casino, i highly suggest to read the conditions carefully. I thought the ‘wager’ was only subject to the bonus money with Ruby Fortune. If i had have known that it included my deposit, i would never have signed up.

John Rose on December 12, 2015. Reply

Most on line casinos are similar I find that Ruby Fortune is much easier to play and there banking is also faster than most others. The games don’t fluctuate as much its really good. There are times when the games keep going on and on but its also easy to just shut down and resume the game. and when they restart your bet is given back right away. Keep up the good work also the people on your Chat line are very professional and thoughtful I will keep playing at Ruby Fortune Casino. I know a good thing when I see it. JOHN R…

Kristy on December 9, 2015. Reply

Won $2000 au dollars payed into my account within two days! Excellent casino :))

Alex on August 2, 2017.

I have been waiting over 2 weeks for $2500. They said the funds left the casino 2 weeks ago, yet they cannot email me the transfer confirmation.

Chris on November 4, 2015. Reply

I’ve played Ruby Fortune for about 2 years….It used to be good and Fair, however, over the past 3 months it has just become a scam, Usually, I put $60 in and this would last me 2 hours or more…over the last 3 months everytime I’ve played, and that’s probably once a week I have lost the total amount bet within 45 minutes (and I don’t expect to win money just enjoy myself for a few hours). There used to be reasonable chance of getting free spins with a reasonable win on the free spins, not the case now, free spins are few and far in between, and if you get them don’t expect to win anything at all, it seems to me that on free spins wilds are stopped, scatters are non-existent and don’t expect to win anything after free spins are finished because you won’t. I almost guarantee that for at least 10 spins after free spins you will win nothing greater than you initial bet. I regularly count the number of spins between winning more than the amount bet and this can reach as high as 67 spins before a win bigger than the initial bet, and most often the amount won is at most double the amount bet, this is out of 67 spins remember. Further, changing games doesn’t really appear to matter, you can swap and change games trying to find one that pays enough to keep you in the game but it won’t matter, it appears to me that whether you win or lose is determined by your account and not by the game. ie. your win/lose is account based not game based it appears to me.

Here’s my advice if your considering playing this site, DON’T…it’s clear to me that there is NO CHANCE..of even playing for a reasonable amount of time, let’s face it it generally takes me about half an hour to go through $60 playing at 2 credits a line, it;s not like I’m playing max bet every time I’m playing 1 credit a line more than minimum amount.

Renae Finnerty on September 30, 2016.

Lol u dont always win…its called gambling lol…ruby is honest and fair and better then the rest

Denise on October 17, 2015. Reply

Deposited $100 in spin palace, hardly won a thing, no free games , useless site! I play in and win alot, never had a problem with withdrawing my money but does take a few days , I try not to accept any bonuses. But did win $800 the first time I played with bonuses and withdrew it with no problems but took ages to wager so i cud withdraw my money , but def stay away from spin palace

Alex on August 2, 2017.

Ruby and Spin use same software and are run by the same company. They only have different names for marketing purposes.

Morgan on October 10, 2015. Reply

Not sure why people are having problems with this casino. I’ve won over $8000 to date and they contacted me to make sure my withdraw would go through smoothly. They called with promotions and also gave me casino tips which ended up working. 5 stars*****

sam on March 13, 2016.

well i played ruby casino the other night won 1200$ and then another 800$ i was so exited until i tried to withdraw the money, 1300$ was mine and the rest was from 50$ bonus jumped up to 700$ i contacted live chat and they told me i cant withdraw the funds ,its in the terms and conditions ,well who reads terms and conditions. its a casino i assumed i won and could withdraw my funds well thats not the case .

N Cowles on April 28, 2016.

smart people read the terms and conditions

Simone on September 29, 2015. Reply

3 weeks and I’m still waiting for my withdraw. They tell me it was released 2 weeks ago and I still don’t have it. Called them and they blamed it on my bank?

Alex on August 2, 2017.

Same for me.

And when i asked for a copy of the confirmation it “cant be found”

Candace on July 16, 2015. Reply

I won $2400.00 at this online Casino and I used echeck and had my money in my account in Two days! I LOVE this casino and would recommend to anyone!!!!!

Sabrina Bille on June 13, 2015. Reply

So stoked!!! Just won $300. In free spins playing Megah moolah I only bet $1.25 per spin!!! Wooooooot!!!
Waiting for them to deposit the money sucks but atleast they will and always have takes Anywhere up to a week to get back the funds but they have always withdrawaled for me :) love this casino so much I’ll keep depositing more!!!

JK1212 on January 14, 2015. Reply

I haven’t won a lot here at Ruby Fortune but I’ve won enough to keep my account active for the last 3 years. It won’t blow you away but the payouts are pretty steady and every so often they offer limited time bonuses up to $500.

I’ve read a few bad reviews about this place but I don’t think it’s as bas as everyone makes it out to be. I def don’t think it’s the best casino on the internet but I’ve def had to deal with much much worse. That being said, most issues I’ve read have to do with payouts so I guess I’m just lucky I haven’t had to deal with any of those issues.

I play the progressive slots here usually and the payouts have been alright. It might be a roll of the dice in terms of your payouts as I haven’t had any issues with it but others have. Depending on the bonus they offer you when you start I’d give this place a try.

Shane Getto on January 12, 2015. Reply

I played black jack about 10 deposits worth , you would think they would at least make it a bit more realistic . Everyone has bad luck but not this much . Every time I was using the last of my credits it would give me 11 so naturally you double down , but what do you know , last credits so make another deposit . And nearly every time I drop my bet it will give me blackjack . I could keep going but I wont .

Clint on December 3, 2014. Reply

I’m with ruby fortune and can say this there fantastic and service is professional I’ve won over 20000 to date so there must be winners out there I can’t fault them transactions smooth no complaints to any one trying to make money just don’t use the bonuses as I got stuck there also lost 2000 to to collect it’s the way the casino makes money makes sence nothing free so call them and stop the bonuses and gamble smart

boybugaw on April 29, 2014. Reply

i think i have more than 30 casino account all over the web. i had good and bad
experience. but this particular site "ruby fortune" was one of
the worse! im not trying to ruin the site but i had bad experience
with them. i probably made a deposit there 20 times and when i finally
won something they made it so hard for me to withdraw. i waited two weeks
and when i contact them they said theyre having problems on withdrawal dept.
and i cant beleived when this guy im talking to ask me to just reverse the withdraw!
i ask him when will i get the money and the only thing he said is "we will contact you when it will be ready"….so i waited again… then i contact support again and same bs again so what i did was reverse withdraw the money and just play til i lose and never play there again!
they dont have fundings maybe. guys leaving good comment probably work there. this comment most likely wont make it to the review post!… lol

Alex on March 16, 2015.

Had the same problem…
I made 2-3 deposites and when I finaly won and try to withdraw… surprise !!! I could not !!! Beware !!!

Laurie on March 29, 2014. Reply

I played the Ruby Fortune for the first time last night. I deposited $40 and did not realize they would also give me a bonus of $40, I have played in enough casinos to know I would have to play this bonus many, many times over. I called at one point and asked how much more I needed to play (a lot), BUT…..I did do it and I called back to see how to withdraw, I had some trouble doing that so called back that same person helped me do it while he was on the phone with me. Yaaaayyyyy……$1700.70 Thank you Ruby Fortune and Mark who so kindly walked me through it!! Laurie

Vaughn on December 3, 2014.

How Long Did It Take You To Get That Money Into Ur Account? Been Taking Ages 4 Me But Withdraw Was Succesful

ANGUS on November 12, 2013. Reply

Great games and great fun, i would avoid the bonus's as any casino but its up to you, you never know! Very good customer service on phone and chat. Thanks.

CAZ on November 12, 2013. Reply

This casino is a joke. Be warned, do not go near them. They are refusing to pay my proceeds. I have sent them my documents time and time again and every time they come back with some stupid comment. Either, they can't find my account, the documents I sent are not clear enough, then they are clear enough, then they are not, then they can't find the documents. Utter disgrace they are.

joe calabrese on January 7, 2013. Reply

i hate ruby fortunr. on the multi gold, you can not get over 200 dollars up. in addition, i have never ever seen a dealer pull off so many 21s and open up with as many 10s…NEVER!!!
i can tell you ruby is garbage, fixed and dont waste your money.

Michael on January 7, 2013. Reply

Be wary of the matching bonus promotions and read the terms and conditions first. I signed up for the 'Santa's Bonus' Promotion in which my initial small deposit of $20 was matched 100%. I ended up winning over $120 without touching any of money in the bonus account, but sadly cannot withdraw any money from my cash account until I spend 30 x the matching bonus amount. Therefore the bonus amount now acts as a penalty. So in other words the bonus promotions are just traps to keep their money and yours as it's very unlikely that I can spend 30 times the matching bonus amount without losing all or most of my account money. Not really a xmas gift as they claim.

Had I just deposited my $20 without the bonus and won $120, I could have withdrawn all $120 then and there.

Carole Pickett on December 14, 2012. Reply

Played a lot at this casino over a year, seems to be fine. Ive had some good wins and some losses just like any casino. Always available live chat helpful and solve any problems. Plenty of bonuses. Can recommend.

frank b on November 19, 2012. Reply

ruby fortune im pretty sure i should have shares in that casino ,over experience there pretty good and can say this much if you win there and if and all wagering is completed to t@c you will get your money guarenteed

D graham on November 16, 2012. Reply

Ruby fortune fair what a joke more like thieves I made a deposit and got a bonus which you have to play so many times 4 hours ltr still not able to withdraw any winnings after at least 75 spins I was over a grand at one point no way would I touch this site again if anyone does remember this comment

carmelita on February 12, 2012. Reply

i have played at this casino awhile now but i will not be back there again playing for 2 days with a fair bit of money just to watch the game get stuck and stop when it feels like i asked if this was normal and the reply i got was it the machine not us. So then maybe they should check the machine

LeeRoy on April 12, 2011. Reply

Big time scam since they do not pay out. I won 1000 dollars using my own real money I deposited. Then when I tried to withdraw a part of my money and they would not pay. They said I bet more than 10 $ wich voids any winnings. Then I found they stole all my money when I logged in the next day.

robert simon on January 18, 2011. Reply

Love this casino..i remember them a few years ago they sent me a birthday bonus,and i won a few dollars.I asked them about a cashout and they said no problem,and were very nice about it.Because it was a free bonus i though well just as well to play it out.But the fact that they were so good about it stands out in my mind still.I would recommend this casino to anyone.Be fair read the rules,and good luck.thumbs up to this place.


Templeton on January 2, 2007. Reply

Low variance slot strategies (34 spins, up your bet, 34 spins, up your bet, 50 spins) don’t work on this site like they do elsewhere. But I didn’t bust out playing totally hammered for four straight hours so their odds must be decent. Either that or I got lucky.

Gerard on May 17, 2006. Reply

I can´t say I won a lot here (like 10 dollars after half an hour) but still had a good time. I had no complications or problems.


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