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Tyler on May 2, 2021. Reply

Won $300 so I made a withdrawal, next day go to check the status of it and I can’t get on my account. The chat people tell me my accounts been closed by management but my withdrawal was still going through. Never got the withdrawal so I kept asking the chat people and finally one tells me the withdrawal went to an outstanding balance on an account that was in my name. I never made any other account or any withdrawal that was outstanding. But they won’t even let me talk to management or anyone who can help me or let me explain my situation. It’s been over a month and I keep trying but I cannot get in any contact with anyone who can help me, just the useless people on the live chat.

VP at terminal on April 25, 2021. Reply

I like this site I like the games I’ve won really big a few times once 8000 once 3500 other smaller wins 500, 300, 600.
I have to use etransfer its my only option
What a let down it is at least once a week it will disappear then they want a CA code. Well the bank only gives you half the code so you have to call the bank get the full code. I’ve yet to receive one missing transfer back because then they claimed they had the wrong email yet they sent the message to my email
So I’ve been taking it because I love the site so much but now it’s been 3 days and every transfer has disappeared

O on April 17, 2021. Reply

I won 2500 and I cashed out. They sent me a message 3 days later said I owed them a cashback money of 1450. With no proof or explanation. They sent me a deposit of 1050 a few days later but they closed my account. I messaged and asked them why they closed my account. Plus I asked for proof why I had 1450 of chargebacks when I used was email transfers. They said they would send me proof and escalated my request but didn’t send nothing. Fricken scammers. So I lost out on 1450, plus all the money I put in all year. All the donations, I put in towards this casino to pass time during this pendemic. Why are casinos like this still allowed to be in business in canada.

Elizabeth Anne Rous on April 8, 2021. Reply

Very disappointing. Games jerk, speeds up, slows down, jumps in & out of games in the middle of playing them, this is a regular occurrence the moment you sign up & through out playing the games.
Customer support have no answers wants me to take a picture when it happens. Told them not willing to deposit more money just to take a picture. If they don’t know why it is happening why would seeing a picture help. ( “error occurred, hit ok button) hit ok button then it goes back to game, then it happens again, this can pop up 4 to 5 times in one game. I finally gave up and cancelled my account with them when I got absolutely nowhere with these problems.

Robert Ivey on April 4, 2021. Reply

After taking several thousand dollars from me, I finally won some, and the tried to withdrawal my funds (over 1600$). And I have hit a brick wall, I cannot get my money back, have given them documents to verify my account, and still nothing. Very disappointed in this online casino. Do not waste your money, as if you do happen to win, good luck claiming your prize

Lachae Brass on April 4, 2021. Reply

I’ve had Jackpot City for 2 years now I’ve put in just over 26000.00 since then and have only cashed out just over 6000.00 need I say more? They have loyalty points you can earn but reset you to the last level you were at every month which is unfair because it says every 60 days. They give you the option to reverse withdrawal for so long you just end up reversing it and then I have never won doing this ever, so don’t fall for it. All in all I’m pretty fed up with this site and will likely switch to something else.

Damelza Burnard on March 30, 2021. Reply

I’ve been playing a few months now. Had a few wins.. Allways recieve money I withdraw.. Never had an issue.. Also chat team veey friendly and helpful.. I rate 5 stars

Shannyn on March 25, 2021. Reply

Every time I have tried to deposit via Interac e-transfer it does not go thru. Then I have to Trace my deposit, upload proof that they took my money!?! I always get my $$ back…
3-5 days later! so, the option is load MORE $$ via another method, or wait to get $ credited back to bank, and re-deposit it. It’s a huge piss off because otherwise it’s a decent casino. I have won a decent amount (deposit $10.. withdraw $300) I have never won big … but I have also never wagered big. All in all, I do like Jackpotcity, however be warned… unless you want to “save some $for a few days” while its tied up in confirmation and reimbursement.. do not at all ever use the etransfer deposit option!

Erin on March 26, 2021.

I’m having the same issue and it’s so frustrating! Had no problems for weeks then all of a sudden every deposit is a problem. Can’t get any real answers from support as to why either. I have had a few bigger wins and no issues with payouts so no idea why all the issues now. Ugh!

Jennifer on March 17, 2021. Reply

My first time playing any online casino was with Jackpot city last week. I deposited $1,000 and after playing, I ended up winning $11,168. I was very excited but a bit apprehensive, as I wasn’t sure if this was legit. I decided to read reviews and my stomach was in knots as I then came to the realization that I may never get my winnings and I have possible just lost $1,000 of my own money because all of the reviews I have read are sooo bad! Well, I won on a Thursday evening and 3 business days later (the following Wednesday morning) there was $9999 deposited into my bank account via etransfer. They said I have an etransfer limit so I will see if I get the remainder of my winnings but I am very pleased! The support chat was very kind and helpful. Due to this smooth transaction I will continue to play with them.

Robert Ledgerwood on March 14, 2021. Reply

Have been using site for a long time. Deposited monies via Interact on Mar 12/21. Still not credited to account. Live chatted several times and keep getting different excuses and time delays. Finally told Banking Dept does not work weekends so can not resolve until at least 15th. Took my money yet I can not play. They confirmed money was received. Will I ever get the money? Will I be compensated? There is a chance I would have won the last 2 days but now I will never know. Recommend not to deposit money on weekends if they do not work.


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