Terms for posting player comments

  1. The casinos do not receive any personal information from us. If you would like the casino to act on your comment, please give us your permission to forward your email address (if requested by the casino) when you fill out the form. In this case, please also provide your real name and the email address on file with the casino, otherwise the casino may not be able to identify you.
  2. Our comment pages are not meant to be used as a forum where long conversations take place or questions are asked and answered by the “community”. Please limit yourself to describing your experience and ask yourself if questions would be better directed to the casino’s customer service team.
  3. We only accept elaborated player comments. Short statements such as “this casino is good” or “this casino is bad” are simply not enough to serve as advice to other players. Instead, please tell us about your personal customer experience with this casino and why you liked or disliked the casino in the end.

    Possible aspects that could be covered, IF APPLICABLE:
    1. Have you contacted the casino about this issue? if not, then you should do so first. Give the casino a chance to solve your problem before you post a complaint.
    2. Did you you get any feedback from the casino and what seems to be the issue?
    3. Did you provide the casino with all necessary information and documents?
    4. Did you meet the bonus wagering requirements set out in the T&Cs?
    5. How long has it been since you requested a payout?

  4. Comments containing defamatory statements, insults or text in CAPITAL LETTERS will not be accepted. Remain factual, but polite.
  5. Please do not copy and paste entire chat conversations or emails. These are only between you and the casino. Just tell us about them.
  6. We reserve the right to edit comments. However, this only refers to changes for better understanding and readability. The actual statement will not be changed!
  7. Please understand that we won´t publish comments that basically tell us that you haven´t been lucky. It´s gambling after all and you should be aware of that before risking any money.
  8. And lastly: YOU-SHALL-NOT-SPAM!

If you´re ok with all that, then go ahead and tell us about your last casino experience.