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Derek Niganobe on January 26, 2022. Reply

i submitted for a withdrawal of 800 early december, my account indicated in review. as of today, it states withdrawal successful. it wasnt successful for me, i havent recieved this money.

Perry Duquette on January 22, 2022. Reply

I am a fairly new player (less than a six months) for Jackpot City online casino. No issues with the choice of games or quality…All good. However, I requested a couple of withdrawals in late December and never received it till this day. I have contacted them several times and they keep on telling me…”It’s under review” followed by a long list of reasons why withdrawals are being delayed. After a few times of complaining about my funds not being received, I gave them notice that, if by Friday Jan 22th (yesterday) my issue is not resolved, i would follow up with further actions. I hope that this method will help resolve my issue for the benefit of both parties, because my next step will be directly to The Malta Online Gaming Board. I have been more than patient and fair with J.City, I truly hope this method will solve my issue. I know that J.City has received and confirmed all my proper documents needed for withdrawals, because I have been paid for winnings, but I never received my two missing withdrawals (250 and 100) from late Dec 21. It is with the hope that this complaint will resolve the issue.

Roxanne on January 5, 2022. Reply

I have been playing for many years and usually used the same bank account as i have more than one bank account, in the last few years they have been taking half or more than half of my winnings, their explanation was that i owed and its called chargebacks, never heard of that but the other day i withdrew 600 got a text saying i was getting 300 so now jackpot city has lost a player!!!

Jasmine Te hau on December 28, 2021. Reply

I’ve been playing for a year now it was good at the beginning.. haven’t won big amounts all under $1000 I have a had 2 problems with withdrawals taking to long to get my winnings it is ridiculous always the same answer it’s with the review management team bad service have to spend my money elsewhere

Alan Dunbar on December 16, 2021. Reply

When I first visited this site it was great. Good selection of games. Easy to deposit and when you did win easy and fast withdrawal. But lately site has become way to greedy. Almost impossible to win anything. 50-75 spins and not even break even on a spin. They have taken all the fun out of it. Too bad was a good site

Dorothy Ramey on December 5, 2021. Reply

I have been playing at Jackpot City for a while now. I have not won huge amounts but understand it is gambling. I have withdrawn funds a couple of times, again not huge. I use interact to deposit and withdraw. All of a sudden on December 3 2021 the interact withdrawal option has disappeared from my options to withdraw. In contacting the customer service I was advised there is a problem with this and they are working on it and to use another payment option. There is no option that is suitable for my banking. Two days later, still the same information being provided by csr, with no resolution timeline being offered. So here I sit with 3k I want to withdraw and no solution. In visiting sister sites the option of interact withdrawal is available on my account…… this is not sitting well with me.

Tammy on December 8, 2021.

Going through the same thing. Extra long pending withdrawal too. Try the Much Better app. It may take a couple days to verify with them and then of course the withdrawal periods for both but you’ll have a way to get your money.

Warren on November 25, 2021. Reply

I’ve been playing off and on for year now. At first I couldn’t win a damn thing. Then I did my homework and studied the slots played free and read the reviews of the actual slots. I started to really understand how they work. In the last few months I’ve won about 72 000. The money I’ve deposited to get that money is 4000. As long as you play smart the bonus will work for you. The slots I’ve won most of the money is the penny slots and place bets. From 2$ up 25$. Then you start winning bigger and then your bonus will disappear pretty quickly. My truck is paid off and now I’m working on paying the house off and I’ll do it. Pay smart do your homework and don’t get greedy and quit when your ahead. They will always get their money back if you don’t know when to stop. One slot on this site I played and won big. and I tried the exact one on another site and my winning s were almost identical. I recognized a few big spins I missed out on winning then and used that knowledge to almost foresee what was coming up and hit it big with a 13000 win. Put your time in and get to know the rtp s. Study up and you’ll figure out which ones you’ll win a lot but small amounts and then there are some slots which I like playing. You win fewer times but the amounts are big.

Madrinkemp on October 25, 2021. Reply

If your documents are provided and every detail correct you should have nothing to worry about getting withdrawals or even winning it’s up to the game you choose to play which determines the payout.

April Humphries on October 19, 2021. Reply

For years I have enjoyed JPC. I have won and lost a lot of money. However, for some reason (I’m guessing because I have been putting in smaller amounts of $ at a time) I seem to be getting blocked from Tournaments and bonus wheel spins where I have won free spins on a game. There was no notice and no explanation. Support was of no help, quoting me a tag number. I am disabled and they call me constantly telling me of my promotion if I haven’t played in a few days.It’s ridiculous!! I can read the promotions when I log in.They want me to play responsibly, and when I do they hound me consistently to get back in there and play saying “You only need to deposit $5 if your tight for cash”. Needless to say I will now be looking for a new site that is not in any way connected to JPC.

Wyatt on October 9, 2021. Reply

I have made 4 deposits in the last 3-4 months that did not actually go to may casino bank, they were put through on Gigidat and sent to jackpot city but never deposited on the site , after several online chats and emails the amount of the deposits ( 340.00 ) was never returned. It seems as though they just don’t care and keep your money , you would think a player who has spent more than 20,000 in the last 8 months they would care.

Patricia on October 4, 2021. Reply

Have been with jackpotcity, and it was great up until recently, they have locked me out of my account, and have not contacted me regarding my query. Payment was also an issue because of banks so-called not accepting there deposit.

userjackpotcity on September 18, 2021. Reply

When wanted to withdraw my money, waited like a 2 weeks, after that they return back in the jackpotcity account, saying my account need more requirements in order to proceed, I upload the all info they requested… they never approve..

Timothy Sharp on September 17, 2021. Reply

I’ve only been playing online at Jackpot City for maybe a few weeks, I have deposited a few k, I won 6k and played it back in, I won another 6k earlier this week, withdrew the funds, to be honest after reading these comments I was thinking oh well… maybe I’ll never see that money, but to my delight, 6k was in my bank yesterday afternoon, thank you Jackpot City : )

Howard on September 11, 2021. Reply

For about two months now I’ve been playing on jackpot city, spent around $500 in total deposits. My feedback about JCC.
-Games seem glitchy at times(page/game reloads) during bonus spins
-Daily bonus wheel is cheap! (I’ve only won twice in two months!)
-Bonus/Match deposits are basically scams, they look good being 90% matched until your funds are stuck because you need to wager that bonus 70x over.
– Free spins are so hard to get, I just finished playing Blazing Mammoth. Spent $200 on over 750+ spins and I only got 15 free spins once!…those free spins paid out $3.50, my bet was 0.60 and the winnings were x3

My advice would be to stay clear, it’s not really worth the time or money in my opinion. There’s definitely better online casino options it there.

Denis d’ambroise on September 5, 2021. Reply

They offer you bonus dollars but then force you to play it before withdrawing amounts you have won using bonus play through as a reason. I played $6,000. Won $20,000, they refuse to let me withdraw the $17,000
I supposedly won because of $2,600 in bonus play that I need to play through but you can’t select to play with bonus money, they don’t allow to select that so basically they control your play and clawback the winnings the few times you get some if you use their bonus dollar offer.

Cindy Gimnes on September 4, 2021. Reply

Their loyalty points expire. So you are forced to keep putting money into the site. The machines are boring and you rarely win. Horrible customer service. Many of the games scam you. Ex yiu getv12 free spins at x2. They only pay out x2 on small wins. If you get a big win on a spin you get x1 payout on that spin. Just horrible. You can’t have 2 accounts. But until you use chat features they say nothing then block your accounts.

Producers on September 2, 2021. Reply

Me and my wife only play this casino, I play one game in particular. Over covid I have spent over 70k gambling on this site and have won over 160k. Maybe I have horse shoes up my a.. but this is the only casino I have actually won on playing and they pay no problems yet.

Lindsey on August 11, 2021. Reply

I used to like this casino. But after recently putting a sizeable amount into this site, I won nothing. Over $400 in one machine and no bonus, tiny line wins etc. Their bonus wheel never ever gives any kind of reward. I will say when they did payout, it was quick, but again, that was months ago. Their machines are awful. Site needs upgrading as well. Been kicked out of glitchy games and a few games haven’t been working for several months too.

Martin on August 11, 2021. Reply

So i never cashed out before but i did spend a good amount of money here.. but when i did win 5k oh boy they asked for documents which i provided, (why is there a minimum 7 days to review them anyways?) weeks later no response i have no hope of ever seeing the money

Keyvan Radbin on August 7, 2021. Reply

Good and fair online casino..anytime I win within 3 business day I receive my winning money by interact . I recommend jackpotsity .

Nicola on August 5, 2021. Reply

On ruby fortune I.made a despot through neosurf the credit was taken from voucher and not applied on the casino then again the next and one on jackpot city I have not recieved any money back and send through documents. I have contacted online chat and no real answers

Melissa on July 14, 2021. Reply

Love playing jackpot City I’ve won lots and always get my withdraw within 2 days biggest win was $13,500 and then have also won another $5000. It I ever have questions the chat option is amazing and they always answer right away.

Ryan on July 14, 2021. Reply

I played and won a little so kept playing and won a little more, then I lost it so deposited a bigger amount, then went into a game. Then seconds later I got an email saying my account had been self excluded and kicked out and my account closed because of other accounts that I do not have and that they claim have already been closed and they could not provide any details but saying the account is linked to others and I’m not allowed more than one. I asked what accounts…and they kept saying to just email to verify my details. So I asked if my so called original account could be opened but they said to contact the verify me email.

6 months later nothing. Tried to play again with a new account as no contact or help was made to get into my old one that has my money in it and the exact same thing has just happened again!

Jess on September 13, 2021.

They literally did this to me 3 weeks ago I kept on their ass and they’ve just refunded all my deposits I made while been self excluded 🤦 mission and a half but glad I got my money back

Gary Tooke on July 12, 2021. Reply

I love jackpot city casino, never an issue. Although my bank charges me a conversion fee when I use my visa.

Shauna Ward on June 25, 2021. Reply

After reading so many bad reviews I was a bit worried about a withdrawal I made for $1800.00 It did take about a week to finalize the process but I was payed the full amount with no complications.

Jeffrey martin on June 25, 2021. Reply

Gave them thousands of dollars, then tried to withdraw a little bit of winnings, days and days go by without getting paid, they send an email from a no return address asking me to submit documents over and over , which I did repeatedly. Contacted online support multiple times to get some help, they would not help at all.
Asked for contact Information to call or email them numerous times. They would not provide it. The online support staff would just disconnect you after pleading with them for a few minutes. Never get the same person twice. Waste of time and waste of money. Eventually they returned the money to my account to gamble away since withdrawing it was impossible.

Nathan on June 22, 2021. Reply

Deposited 100$. Was told it couldn’t be accepted, but then they took it anyway with no credit to my account that I can no longer access. Told me to send copy of deposit receipt and they would refund me. I did. They didnt.

Ash morse on June 19, 2021. Reply

I like Jackpot City. Ive won $600 before and cashed out with a etransfer within 2 business days I received my transfer by email and they text or email your password seperately to accept it. These guys are legit and I often recomend to people. My brother in law won $17,000 and got his money after only trying the casino for 2 weeks. He had a little bit of a job for about a week getting the money, but only because of the sum and his bank was kinda like whats that. So he had to go to the bank and give approval for it to be deposited into his account. My point is, ive played their casinos for à good year now, maybe longer and they are legit and à great spot to go. Big thing is, try to bet between $1 -$2 per spin. It makes a difference with your winning streak! And try the ones listed under HOT.

Daisy on June 15, 2021. Reply

Won $300, decided to withdraw to see if it was legit. That was May 20. Then confirm documents, issue with my name on account and real name, resolved May 31.

June 2 I receive an etransfer but alas, no password. Etransfer expires on July 2. Live chat and they assure me a password will be sent shortly. June 3, receive a withdrawal statement.

Never received an email so on June 10th live chat and they sent an urgent request for a password. Was some issue because my documents were “held up” but “check your emails.”

June 15, another live chat and another urgent request. How long I ask? 24-48hrs… blame Interact (which they claim is the fastest way)

So, here’s my theory, I’ll get a password on July 3 when the link expires and go through the whole thing again.

John on June 10, 2021. Reply

I deposited $3700 from three different cards and won over $6000, but all my accounts have been compromised! They closed my Jackpotcity account and never explained why! Even their online chat reps are so rude and fishy!

I never received my money back and basically lost $3700 period!

Michele pilon on June 9, 2021. Reply

Being with jackpot City probably 10 years or more. Made a comment in the chat when I lost my phone and my information I couldn’t get my password. All I said was if I couldn’t play I was going to go crazy in a joking manner. They banned my account and closed it. Then later I emailed them to reinstate it. I got my account back but they took away all my loyalty points and I was almost Platinum. I feel this is not fair I feel that somebody had a bad day and took my comment out of content. So just beware one little wrong thing said you can lose everything even after 10 years.

Allan Ponce on June 7, 2021. Reply

Very trusted Online Casino, the pay out is fast ,I won $29,000 playing Crazy time, and had no issue with the payout . I can recommend it.

Sylvia on June 4, 2021. Reply

I had won 12,000.. immediately withdrew. Then won 4500.. withdrew. Then 2000.. leaving a total of 18500 in process. This was Wednesday. I messaged support today and they were super friendly letting me know the money was released today for payout and I’ll have it Wednesday the latest. Smooth transaction and no issues. Make sure your account is verified before you decide to play it will make payouts faster and stress free! I do have a e transfer limit of 9999 so they’ll deposit over 2 days in 2 payments . Very much loving this casino. Polit and stress free

Rosa on June 3, 2021. Reply

Hubby love playing it and won big on the black jack, first time he cashed out 8000 and then another 6000, its been weeks now and no money. They first needed id (no problem), then proof of address, then why is the username not matching his legal name, then a photo of the back of his id, now they want a utility bill. Very suspicious. Not holding my breath on him seeing the money

Jamie Swain on May 26, 2021. Reply

I deposited $1000 to play a game on max bet at $10 per spin. After losing around $600 I get an error saying that the coin size I’m betting is no longer available and limited me to betting 80 cents maximum. So not giving any chance to recoup any losses, I’d rather lose it all than bet 80 cents a spin.

Mari on May 21, 2021. Reply

First time playing online casino was skeptical about playing an if I won if I’d get money. Played an won. Withdrew $1500 first time second time hit the mega jackpot of $5000 after 24hrs 2 days later money was in my account . Since playing I’ve had no issues so far so good. NZ

Renee on May 20, 2021. Reply

I won $5000 and when I asked to withdraw the funds it didn’t come threw so I resorted to chat for an explanation they simply said that they were experiencing technical issues an to check my emails for further actions. Today I go to log onto to Jackpotcity NZ and the site is no longer available

Simon on May 13, 2021. Reply

Withdrew 3k. Thru etransfer. They refuse to send you the password to accept the transfer. Been asking for 3 days . Get the same answer: check emails in a few hours.

Lisa Gibbons on May 12, 2021. Reply

For two weeks i have tried to withdraw my money. They tell me it´s because my bank will not accept their deposit. It was only $1200. I played it down because it got transferred back to my account. Then I did a withdraw of $1000 to get told that I need to contact my bank.

Tyler on May 2, 2021. Reply

Won $300 so I made a withdrawal, next day go to check the status of it and I can’t get on my account. The chat people tell me my accounts been closed by management but my withdrawal was still going through. Never got the withdrawal so I kept asking the chat people and finally one tells me the withdrawal went to an outstanding balance on an account that was in my name. I never made any other account or any withdrawal that was outstanding. But they won’t even let me talk to management or anyone who can help me or let me explain my situation. It’s been over a month and I keep trying but I cannot get in any contact with anyone who can help me, just the useless people on the live chat.

VP at terminal on April 25, 2021. Reply

I like this site I like the games I’ve won really big a few times once 8000 once 3500 other smaller wins 500, 300, 600.
I have to use etransfer its my only option
What a let down it is at least once a week it will disappear then they want a CA code. Well the bank only gives you half the code so you have to call the bank get the full code. I’ve yet to receive one missing transfer back because then they claimed they had the wrong email yet they sent the message to my email
So I’ve been taking it because I love the site so much but now it’s been 3 days and every transfer has disappeared

O on April 17, 2021. Reply

I won 2500 and I cashed out. They sent me a message 3 days later said I owed them a cashback money of 1450. With no proof or explanation. They sent me a deposit of 1050 a few days later but they closed my account. I messaged and asked them why they closed my account. Plus I asked for proof why I had 1450 of chargebacks when I used was email transfers. They said they would send me proof and escalated my request but didn’t send nothing. Fricken scammers. So I lost out on 1450, plus all the money I put in all year. All the donations, I put in towards this casino to pass time during this pendemic. Why are casinos like this still allowed to be in business in canada.

Elizabeth Anne Rous on April 8, 2021. Reply

Very disappointing. Games jerk, speeds up, slows down, jumps in & out of games in the middle of playing them, this is a regular occurrence the moment you sign up & through out playing the games.
Customer support have no answers wants me to take a picture when it happens. Told them not willing to deposit more money just to take a picture. If they don’t know why it is happening why would seeing a picture help. ( “error occurred, hit ok button) hit ok button then it goes back to game, then it happens again, this can pop up 4 to 5 times in one game. I finally gave up and cancelled my account with them when I got absolutely nowhere with these problems.

Robert Ivey on April 4, 2021. Reply

After taking several thousand dollars from me, I finally won some, and the tried to withdrawal my funds (over 1600$). And I have hit a brick wall, I cannot get my money back, have given them documents to verify my account, and still nothing. Very disappointed in this online casino. Do not waste your money, as if you do happen to win, good luck claiming your prize

Lachae Brass on April 4, 2021. Reply

I’ve had Jackpot City for 2 years now I’ve put in just over 26000.00 since then and have only cashed out just over 6000.00 need I say more? They have loyalty points you can earn but reset you to the last level you were at every month which is unfair because it says every 60 days. They give you the option to reverse withdrawal for so long you just end up reversing it and then I have never won doing this ever, so don’t fall for it. All in all I’m pretty fed up with this site and will likely switch to something else.

Damelza Burnard on March 30, 2021. Reply

I’ve been playing a few months now. Had a few wins.. Allways recieve money I withdraw.. Never had an issue.. Also chat team veey friendly and helpful.. I rate 5 stars

Shannyn on March 25, 2021. Reply

Every time I have tried to deposit via Interac e-transfer it does not go thru. Then I have to Trace my deposit, upload proof that they took my money!?! I always get my $$ back…
3-5 days later! so, the option is load MORE $$ via another method, or wait to get $ credited back to bank, and re-deposit it. It’s a huge piss off because otherwise it’s a decent casino. I have won a decent amount (deposit $10.. withdraw $300) I have never won big … but I have also never wagered big. All in all, I do like Jackpotcity, however be warned… unless you want to “save some $for a few days” while its tied up in confirmation and reimbursement.. do not at all ever use the etransfer deposit option!

Erin on March 26, 2021.

I’m having the same issue and it’s so frustrating! Had no problems for weeks then all of a sudden every deposit is a problem. Can’t get any real answers from support as to why either. I have had a few bigger wins and no issues with payouts so no idea why all the issues now. Ugh!

Jennifer on March 17, 2021. Reply

My first time playing any online casino was with Jackpot city last week. I deposited $1,000 and after playing, I ended up winning $11,168. I was very excited but a bit apprehensive, as I wasn’t sure if this was legit. I decided to read reviews and my stomach was in knots as I then came to the realization that I may never get my winnings and I have possible just lost $1,000 of my own money because all of the reviews I have read are sooo bad! Well, I won on a Thursday evening and 3 business days later (the following Wednesday morning) there was $9999 deposited into my bank account via etransfer. They said I have an etransfer limit so I will see if I get the remainder of my winnings but I am very pleased! The support chat was very kind and helpful. Due to this smooth transaction I will continue to play with them.

Robert Ledgerwood on March 14, 2021. Reply

Have been using site for a long time. Deposited monies via Interact on Mar 12/21. Still not credited to account. Live chatted several times and keep getting different excuses and time delays. Finally told Banking Dept does not work weekends so can not resolve until at least 15th. Took my money yet I can not play. They confirmed money was received. Will I ever get the money? Will I be compensated? There is a chance I would have won the last 2 days but now I will never know. Recommend not to deposit money on weekends if they do not work.


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