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Lena on February 18, 2024. Reply

I was shocked to read some of the above comments & the topics at discussion. As I have been playing SkyCrown for sometime now & firstly let me just say my personal experience with this casino has been nothing but outstanding is right up there with my top 5 sites to play. From their customer service representatives, the support given from my VIP Manager. Sam is always available to assist me with any enquires or requests. My personal VIP Manager went above and beyond to assure this customers satisfaction & very accommodating to my needs. My withdrawals have come without any delays, the first withdrawal may take extra time but they explain this reason & I couldn’t be more happier with spending my money there. You won’t be disappointed and my highlight is the weekly chats with my VIP MANGER & the additional surprises given when you log in to your account and you have $$$ waiting for you. The weekly Thursday-Saturday 50 free spins given. Weekly cash backs, Cash-boost bonuses. They have weekly raffles where you have the chance to win a holiday or New Apple I phone, laptops, even a new car !! Sky is my number 1 site to play and I have one other I randomly play on. But my first choice and without any hesitation to make a deposit would and is only with Skycrown Casino….. but you can make your own mind up!

Daniel on January 20, 2024. Reply

I deposited $200 then won $280.. we placed a large $280 bet that should have been a big win. Instead of the bet paying off all of the money disappeared including what I deposited. Support will lead you on and take forever to get back to you.

Jade on November 18, 2023. Reply

Won a large amount ended up getting most of it out then I recalled 6k and it just dissapeared when trying to contact them to find out what happened they told me I already received the money when I know I didn’t .. they also take ages to pay so you end up gambling it and they don’t contact you back for months after your withdrawal they say you can take out daily but they don’t pay it daily it takes months..

Mich on August 28, 2023. Reply

I’ve never had an issue, sometimes the funds take a bit longer to get into your account but I have always received them, communication has always been great.

Shiralee Brett on July 18, 2023. Reply

Trying to withdraw credited funds back into your bank ,I’ve uploaded every single documentation ,three times .I’m am now 10 hours into waiting on them to approve the withdrawal,only took them 3 seconds to approve the casino account,and even less time to withdraw my bank account ..I’m taking it to the top ,worst casino by far.

Dustin Ball on May 26, 2023. Reply

Withdrawals are so inconsistent with this casino. First time was a week next time it was 3 days time after that over a week and still waiting I just don’t understand. I’ve been playing online casinos for nearly 20 years and this has to be the most frustrating experience on any casino.

Rebekah on May 20, 2023. Reply

I had a pleasurable experience at the start until it came to withdrawing funds. Its been 13 days and I’m still waiting for $6k to be released. My identification has been verified. I’ve played out the bonus and I just seem not to be able to get a clear answer from the support team. The only comment I get is “please be patient you will get funds”. Skycrown expect players to abide by the terms and conditions however it seems that they lack to deliver on their terms and conditions. According to point 12: I should receive funds within 72 hours which is clearly not the case. All these websites speak so highly about skycrown claiming that withdrawals are processed fast which is clearly not the case. Ive now decided to play elsewhere and refuse to deposit further until my withdrawal has been actioned. After 13 days im sure you can understand my frustration. If withdraws are going to take so long it makes me reluctant to deposit any more money into the casino and any sister casinos

Hendrik on May 14, 2023. Reply

I use thus casino for more than a year and because I am in South Africa I use the eft option. After deposit they took the money and I played. After winning I wanted to withdraw using eft wich I use in the past and have proof of it .
I spoke to online support the guy Ronny told me I need to make an extra deposit to have the minimum withdrawal ammout of 1000 zar. I did that and still weren’t able to withdraw. I contacted them again. They said I need to open an account with Skrill but its not available in South Africa. Then they told me that it had been sent to the responsible department and that’s been more than a week and I haven’t recieved progress reports or nothing. When I speak to online support they tell me to wait and thats been going on for weeks.

Tried again to withdraw it said pending but i still had money in my casino account. Now ehen i try to login it says my account is disabled.

Muhammad mahmood on May 6, 2023. Reply

Customer support agents not able to understand problem and lack English language proficiency. I am a so called vip member but have not receieved any good response. I am trying to withdraw funds by mifinity and its not showing in my withdrawal methods while i deposited via this same method. This casino and customer services sucks.

Wei He on April 19, 2023. Reply

The withdrawal time is very inconsistent. I still have $10,000 sitting in my account and I have been waiting for a few days after my subunit of withdrawal request, but the casino still not approve it. If you ask their agents to help, they are sooooo helpless and robotic to tell you just wait. I’m really worrying about my money in here now.

Clint on April 6, 2023. Reply

They have my passport, my drivers licence, my bank account and they simply won’t pay out.

I have contacted them many times only to be completely let down. They will continue to accept my deposits, but will never pay out.

Sally Candy on March 2, 2023. Reply

Sky crown casino is not paying me my winnings. All docs required were accepted. When first trying to withdraw I am told twice there was a technical error and to try again. Then I am told withdrawals are only made to skrill or mifinity which I do not have. I am trying ro withdraw to visa/debit card which I deposited with. I am told this service is temporary down. I last contacted sky crown on 1 march requesting another withdrawal. I was told to please follow the rules. I would need to open a skrill or mifinity account, deposit the required amount, then verify account by sending in proof of deposit. To activate it. I have sent in all docs. Original amount was for $600 now it is $400 I’m trying to withdraw.

Riley on September 22, 2022. Reply

Hi sky crown casino I’m having abit of trouble withdrawing my money I won I didn’t realise until I signed up with you guys that it’s mostly withdraws through cryptocurrency and I don’t own a crypto account and I was hoping to use my Visa card that I used to deposit to withdraw the money with the same card I’m not sure what to do I’ve tried to make a withdraw request and tried to do it through bank transfer hopefully something will work but would love to here back from you guys cheers

Haley on October 3, 2022.

Use the bank transfer option, you have provide the bsb and account number but it’s easy down after verification. You can always msg them on the site I found them really helpful . And I’ve received multiple withdrawals

Michael Hume on June 28, 2022. Reply

Made my first and second deposits tonight I never got my SKY1 bonus then I’ve had 3 wins of $400,$200 and $100 none of which were added to my account balance and ain’t showing in my game history.

SkyCrown Casino logo SkyCrown Casino on July 11, 2022.

Dear Mr Hume,

Have you contacted our support department ? Please use Live chat or email – our support managers will help you with this issue.

Catherine Kennett on June 20, 2022. Reply

Even though Australia was listed as an eligible country to go use this site, it even has AUD as the currency, I was unable to pay most of the games as it was restricted. Also I was incredibly disappointed with the bonus free spins, they give them out 25 at a time and I was advised that I could get my next package 24 he after the first, that have me the impression that they were all going to be listed separately, so when is lost the first 20 or 25, i cancelled or so the 2c didn’t effect a withdrawal. Now they tell me that it was for all the free spins ( which wasn’t specified) so I’ve lost all the remaining spins 75-80, and they tell me to bad, nothing they can do.
The whole experience was frustrating and customer service was not good. Wouldn’t spend another cent there anyway. ,

Alexander on May 29, 2022. Reply

I’ve used my Visa credit card as a payment option, and wanted to use same card for withdrawal.
I have already completed my ID and payment method verification

This payment method should be available for withdrawal – according to both casino review page and casino’s T&C page

The Website supports payouts via Original Credit Transfer (OCT) from Visa and via Payment Transfer from Mastercard. Additional requirements are that the respective credit card is not a corporate credit card and the card is issued in a supported country.

I have connected with chat agent and have been told that credit card withdrawals are not available without any ETA information to fix it.
I was suggested to use MiFinity / Neteller / Skrill, that are not available in my country, or Webmoney / Piastrix, that i don’t see in casino’s wallet page.
I’ve asked if i could use crypto for receiving payment – and the answer was again no (again crypto is available in wallet)

I don’t know how to solve it and i haven’t received any clear answer – my money are stuck.

Jaymin Pilgrim on May 1, 2022. Reply

I was unable to increase my bet or play half of the games with a bonus, and once i had played down to my deposit amount i tired to cancel the bonus and it deleted all of my funds which were apparently the winnings from the bonus.. very misleading and ultimately disappointing.

Roxanne Cote on April 27, 2022. Reply

I deposited and my account wasn’t credited. I was told my deposit was pending if it wasn’t there in 24h to come back to customer support. When I asked why my Neosurf deposit is pending I got no answer. Still my account remains at 0. Sad really

SkyCrown Casino logo SkyCrown Casino on May 2, 2022.

Hello Roxanne,
Thank you for your message. I’ve transferred your case to the support department, they will contact you as soon as possible.

SkyCrown Casino logo SkyCrown Casino on May 3, 2022.

Dear Roxanne,

Our managers couldn’t find your deposit. Could you please contact our support team ? Live chat or email ( are at your disposal.

Allan Riggelsen on April 12, 2022. Reply

Have been waiting for 12 days for my payout and it’s still not coming. They even refuse to send proof that they made the transfer.

SkyCrown Casino logo SkyCrown Casino on April 13, 2022.

Hello Allan,

Thanks for your message. Our managers will get it touch with you shortly to assist.

Best regards!


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