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Cherry on April 10, 2023. Reply

I been playing at Lucky Dreams for about a year now on and off, at any casino I never take a bonus because you only work for the casino. So I like how they have a check mark that I don’t ever want a bonus.The staff are very friendly, answer all my questions fast and friendly. If you don’t have ID A bank account and proof of address it’s no sense playing at any casino, you always verify your account before playing, not when you win and expect your winning ASAP. They need to know if you are who opens the account. It takes anywhere to 2 to 5 days so you people need to relax and get your paper work together before you go and win. Love your casino keep up the good work. 😘

Connie Gauthier on January 23, 2023. Reply

On January 16 I deposited $200 plus with a bonus of 150% up to $750 on January 17, I won $7100 only allowing to withdraw $6000 I played out the $1100 today is 23rd of January and all I am being told is, my account is under review, and after asking how long my account will be under review, the representative told me it could take a few hours up to 24 hours….. well, that is not true, for I have not yet received my winnings. I am unable to reach anybody for they don’t have a live agent which is more frustrating. I would love to continue playing, but I was told do not deposit any more money. This is so weird. I am very sceptical of this site now!!! They had no problem taking my deposit. They have not asked me for an automatic banking deposit form so they can put my winnings into my account. I’m starting to get very pissed off and annoyed. Not sure why it takes this long perhaps they have no intentions of paying me out.
Another unsatisfied customer!!

Eunice bawtree on December 17, 2022. Reply

Me too I have tried repeatedly to withdrawal winnings but rejected now 11 times. Each time coming up with different excuses even though I have sent all the documents and banking info. They just keep rejecting . And keep coming up keep coming up with more excuses. All my banking information is correct but oh no it is never right.

Jaydin Lopez-Wingert on September 26, 2022. Reply

When I first found this site I was loving it told my friends that played on other sites with me to switch. My first withdrawal I had to verify my account totally understand that verified no problem got my first winnings of 800 within a few days. My next winnings were 1200 and 200 both on September 14th. The 200 was accepted easy peasy in my bank by the 19th. Well now the 1200 is a complete mess and in customer service Chat pretty much everyday. Every time it’s either its a problem on my banks end or something similar. I called my bank they can’t see and incoming payment being held. So I am going to go with the other people complaining here that I won’t ever see my winnings. So becareful if you choose to pick this site to gamble on

Dave on September 15, 2022. Reply

Have had no issues with the site. All withdrawals have come out in a timely manner. Now only if I could win a lot more, instead of breaking even, but I’ll take that.

Julie bennett on August 25, 2022. Reply

Hi was very happy with lucky dreams I won 2500 it only took 2 days and it was my bank account thank lucky dreams from Julie

Dustin Pelletier on August 8, 2022. Reply

hi i just started playing on lucky dreams, and so far so good .i made my deposit of $30. got a match up bonus of 150% (1st deposit ),i won just under a thousand.wagered it out, had fun doing it ! as they have wide range of games. by the time wagering was done had 500 left as a balance.not to shabby.after providing documents for verification 2 were accepted right away one wasnt as after talkin with support couple of times they verrified my account .my withdraw has been approved and should be in my account today ,via etransfer. so today was just on this site looking at other players exprierences. figered i would share mine(so far)(so good)

Cheryl Styche on July 21, 2022. Reply

This site requires a deposit, mine was $30 AUD, which I deposited and was accepted by them, but it won’t open for me. I then contacted their support and spoke to Ricki, he apologised and told me my $30 will be refunded in 10 days, this was about 1 month ago and all I got was they now show up as my homepage for Chrome app

Anika Lacante on July 5, 2022. Reply

People please don’t underrate or review casino’s badly due to them following necessary rules or precaution. They have a license with strict regulations they can’t approve every documentation they many fraud and corruption is out there they have to act and be vigilant and be suspect of everyone. They don’t know you personally. It has to be a challenge for them to verify exactly who the players are based on a few documents. I fully understand the KYC and AMLaws. It’s easily to fall into corruption and fraud.

As a business owner myself, having a few online gambling accounts. LUCKY DREAMS are strict and don’t tolerate BS. If you have bad intentions or busy with suspicious activity they will catch you and you will have difficulty verifying your account. You can only verify what is true. I don’t think they are unreasonable. I have been struggling to get my account verified as well. But had success after 2days. And can make my withdrawals. A tip…make sure your paperwork and documents are in order and clear. Thanks Lucky Dreams very few or little casinos that still operate so duly.

Solandra on June 23, 2022. Reply

Very quickly to accept deposits but i have been struggling for more than a month after my account was verified to withdraw my money. Having excuses every time and do not really give a specific reason, only that they are having issues.

Hagashini Subramomey on June 9, 2022. Reply

I have been playing on the lucky dreams casino from the 26th May till date. The reason why I am using this platform is to make people aware that I made a winning and to date I have had numerous excuses of why my funds are getting rejected namely the following: technical issues, payment system error and so forth. What I can’t understand is why is it so easy to deposit but so hard to cash out. I don’t want excuses I want to know how am I going to get my winnings!

Trevor Groves on June 1, 2022. Reply

On 2 occasions have had over 15000 euros but they don’t process the withdrawal. Sent everything in the first time with pic and passport. Then ask again, then gets rejected. Customer service is terrible. They clearly don’t wanna pay out what you have won. Every time there’s an issue.

Francois Slabber on May 24, 2022. Reply

I have tried 5 times withdraw my funds. Everytime my withdrawl is rejected. Ive mailed them and they dont respond. Firstly, they told me I cant withdraw via BTC, but only the way I deposit my funds, via credit card. They dont have credit card option, so i must use bank transfer. There after they rejected the withdrawal, since my name does not corrrespond as on my ID (I used my initials) There after they have “technical” issues with their payment system. Allways problems, and now they dont react on my mails.

Madeline on May 2, 2022. Reply

Was told by vip manager I would receive my weekly money club bonus yet still waiting so went to online agent and first agent said I had cancelled the bonus when in fact I didn’t and the second agent said I hadn’t deposited that is why I hadn’t got the bonus. How the heck do they expect to run a casino like this. Pathetic if you ask me

Rachel on April 23, 2022. Reply

Wasted my whole day talking to them for 5 hours not wanting to pay me the money I won. I gave them all the documents and proof they asked for still they are refusing to pay me

Hayden on April 21, 2022. Reply

I love the games they are so fun but my withdrawals keep being rejected even though I’ve provided everything necessary for them to use! And I’ve won over 300 which is the minimum is it not?!

Liz on March 23, 2022. Reply

Money was taken from my bank account which was rejected which should have been put back straight away or not touch at all. Now they are requesting for my account statement for last month. I’ve sent 3 times already. Was told 3-5 working days, now back to statements. just send my money back and delete me.

Lucky Dreams Casino logo Lucky Dreams Casino on March 25, 2022.

Dear Liz,

Thanks for your post.

We are sorry to hear your disappointment.

We hereby confirm one more time that we did not receive such transactions.

We double checked with the payment provider which informed that both deposits made on 17th March were unsuccessful.

In order for us to investigate further we kindly ask you to provide a full bank statement. All we need to be visible is your full name/address/bank account number and transactions to the casino.

You can upload it on your account or if you prefer can email it to

Liz, thanks for your collaboration and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards
LuckyDreams Casino Team

Derek on March 15, 2022. Reply

I Had requested my account to be closed many times, , but it was still open, i deposited but the casino agreed to refund my deposits in an email, which was decent of them i thought, but i still haven’t received the refunds and is over 4 days now, so why say you are refunding me and now not answer any emails from me?

Lucky Dreams Casino logo Lucky Dreams Casino on March 25, 2022.

Dear Derek,

Thanks for your post.

The withdrawal was successfully processed on 16th of March.

Should you have any further questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

Kind Regards
LuckyDreams Casino Team

Trung on March 15, 2022. Reply

Very disappointed. After winning $2,600 this morning, all the money suddenly disappeared and the balance go back to $0. Nothing is fixed after chat with support team.

Courtney on March 2, 2022. Reply

I am very disappointed, I have been playing on this casino for a while now and after making 2 withdrawals perfectly fine I now find that every promotion or “gift” they give u is a pure joke. They send you promotions saying you get cash back but when the time comes they do not follow through… They continue to tell you that u deposited on the next day according to the time zone even though you deposit 2 days prior to the end of the event. I am tired of the lies this company says. At the beginning they were a pretty good casino. Now not so good at all and it’s always the same people you talk to on the chat and they are so ignorant and don’t know how to explain the situation it’s always “oh too bad”. Basically deal with what u get. I also have a friend they are doing the exact same thing to with the cash back.. 10 percent cash back on all losses well since he used the code real money losses were over 1000$ do you think they want to pay out? No. They keep giving a run around story “oh it will be there at the end of day” 2 days later still hasn’t recieved it.

Lucky Dreams Casino logo Lucky Dreams Casino on March 10, 2022.

Dear Courtney,

Thanks for taking time to review our casino.

We are glad to hear that you had a good withdrawal experience with us.

At Luckydreams we always play by the book, honouring our word, respecting rules and T&C. This means that, as it was in your case, we will always pay legitimate winning customers (as long as they provide with documents to verify their identity) and reward eligible customers according to our promo T&C.

We are sorry to hear your disappointment about our promotions.

I would like to remind you that all our promotions are set in UTC time, as indicated in the T&C of every promotion. Although this is a standard condition in our casino and in many other online casino operating worldwide we can appreciate it might be confusing for some customers.

Should you have any further questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.

Kind Regards
LuckyDreams Casino Team

Panagiotis on March 2, 2022. Reply

Today I deposit 50 dollars and I’m winning 500$ and left because I had to go work. After I finish work, I come home and go online to keep playing my favourite pokies machine and the 500$ I win before are gone and I was back to the 50 dollars. I went to check my history of my recent gaming and it was deleted. I couldn’t chat them because they busy all day. After ages waiting I spoke with one of the customers service and they go “I can’t see anything suspicious on your account”

Lucky Dreams Casino logo Lucky Dreams Casino on March 10, 2022.

Dear Panagiotis,

Thanks for your comment.

We have run an in-depth review and we can confirm that there’s no suspicious activity nor anomalies in your account.

You have reached a max balance of $490.90 on 1st March 2022 at 07:50:14. The staking activity continued with no breaks, except a 30 minute pause when the balance was already down to $4, until the full balance was played down to $0.1.

We have sent you an email to your registered email address should you wish to review your game session.

We would like to take the opportunity to suggest to log out from any device you might be playing from once you’re done with your gaming sessions.

Should you have any further questions or doubts please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards
LuckyDreams Casino Team

Hannes Van Niekerk on February 17, 2022. Reply

Hi. I just started playing at Lucky Dreams Casino and after winning a amount off money they refuse to pay out my winnings because they said my green South African ID expired and therefore i cant withdraw my winnings.
South African green ID books never got a expiring date on. I mention to the consultant easy to find out just google but the still dont believe me. Very disappointed.

Lucky Dreams Casino logo Lucky Dreams Casino on March 10, 2022.

Dear Hannes,

Thanks for your review.

We are sorry to hear that our verification process was an inconvenience for you.

Your withdrawals have been successfully processed as soon as you provided all documents required to verify your identity.

Whilst we can appreciate that our KYC verification on the first withdrawal might be a hassle for some customers, we would like to stress out that it is in place to make sure that both our customers and ourselves are protected against possible online fraud.

At LuckyDreams we are proud to abide with strict rules to guarantee a secure gaming environment.

Thanks for choosing LuckyDreams and we hope you will enjoy bigger wins soon.

Kind Regards
LuckyDreams Casino Team

Blake on February 4, 2022. Reply

The other day, immediately following making a crypto deposit to my Lucky dreams account wallet I was much surprised when I was unable to log into my account. At first, for two days I was given no explanation for why my account had been closed, quoted instead only that it was closed by administration order and could not be reopened. I was however reassured that the bitcoin I deposited before knowing my account was irreversibly closed would still be refunded to me.
Its been three days now and while being told numerous times I would be refunded my last deposit and having provided them with my
wallet address on three occasions I am still have not seen my money back.
“Our team will investigate the case as soon as possible. It may take time, but don’t worry, we’ll deal with it. Please, kindly wait”
I was told however that my acount has been terminated due to a ‘self-exclusion’ I had at one of their affliated casinos, again reassured I would receive my deposit refund very soon by support after they consulted a manager. Another day has gone by and now I’ve been waiting 4 days for the refund of my money seen as they will not let me access my account.
I see nothing to investigate, it’s very clear they owe me my money back, they even agree as much themselves, so after four days why am I still waiting to be refunded? They obviously hope to draw it out long enough that I stop asking

Lucky Dreams Casino logo Lucky Dreams Casino on February 7, 2022.

Dear Blake,

Thanks for your comment.

We wish to inform you that your refund has been processed and you should have received your money.

We apologise if the transaction took a bit longer than our standard timeframe, however, due to the circumstances we had to run some additional checks which slowed down the process.

Your account, as you correctly mentioned, has been closed due to your self-exclusion request.

Should you have any further questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

We wish you all the best.

Kind Regards
LuckyDreams Team

Ken on January 12, 2022. Reply

They will not close my account I’ve emailed them 15 times to do it

chris on January 4, 2022. Reply

i have been a player at Lucky dreams casino and i punt big…any time i had a issue my VIP manger has sorted out very fast… there helpful and i would not recommend any other casino platform… yes winning and loss is gambling …but Lucky are all way there to help your odds…i am extremely happy with the service.

Lucky Dreams Casino logo Lucky Dreams Casino on January 11, 2022.

Dear Chris,

Many thanks for your kind words and feedback.

We strive every day to provide our members a top-notch and seamless experience.

Providing an excellence and tailored service, in particular to Vip customers, is key for us and we will always aim to keep improving.

Thank you for choosing to play at LuckyDreams and we wish you the very best!

Kind Regards
LuckyDreams Team

Maverick on November 24, 2021. Reply

I won $35k and have to provide an ID to get my money. They are fast to take but to pay out is another thing. I spent $1000 of my own money at the beginning.

Lucky Dreams Casino logo Lucky Dreams Casino on November 25, 2021.

Dear Blair,

Thanks for taking time to review LuckyDreams Casino.

We are sorry to hear that our verification process was an inconvenience for you.
Whilst we can appreciate that our KYC verification on the first withdrawal might be a hassle for some customers, we would like to stress out that it is in place to make sure that both our customers and ourselves are protected against possible online fraud.

At LuckyDreams we are proud to abide with strict rules to guarantee a secure gaming environment.

Once ID documents get verified by our security department (it usually takes 1 business day), withdrawals get released with no further delays.

Blair, thank you for choosing Luckydreams and we wish you all the best.

Kind Regards
LuckyDreams Team


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