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Lateisha on November 30, 2023. Reply

I have been trying to withdraw $600 from captain cooks casino but it keeps bouncing back into my account as skrill and netpay wont work. It has done this twice now and I have just tried another method but no doubt that wont work either. All of my details are correct and when I try to talk to your live help they arent helping what so ever and keep repeating the same things to me and it still wont work. I am trying to withdraw with my debit card but it wont let me, it keeps saying ‘you need to make a deposit with this card first’ but i already have and i only ever deposit with my debit card. Please let me withdraw from my card if this ‘payz’ doesn’t work as I’m very frustrated ive been waiting weeks for my winnings and your staff is not helpful and not giving me solutions and the ‘chat bots’ are useless and it seems like a scam. Please let me know what i can do to get my winnings into my account because this has been taking weeks and its just back and forth now. I need to speak to a real person at least. Ive had no problems with any other casino. I have sent emails and nothing as been resolved.

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on December 29, 2023.

Hi Lateisha

I can see there was a withdrawal processed to payz on 4th December.
If you still have not received this withdrawal can you please contact me at so I can get it sorted.

Amber on November 22, 2023. Reply

My redeption points have been suspended and I have $114 waiting to redeem. It’s been 2 weeks and I have been playing and making frequent deposits and it’s still suspended.

Mae on October 18, 2023. Reply

Casino is OK and you will get your winnings. But you will never get to talk to anyone in head office.
So it not a scam but customer service is bad. They don’t care.

CB on September 1, 2023. Reply

I don’t mind Captain Cooks but the time it takes for your deposit to get to your account is very slow. I play on a few other sites and from my experiences, Captain Cook is one of the slowest sites. It seems to be having a lot of glitches lately. I haven’t had any major issues except for the ones I mentioned. I will just be playing less on this site going forward.

JP on August 23, 2023. Reply

I won a total of 3570$ and did the 48 hour hold waiting period and once my funds were released they told me to contact my bank and when I did so, my bank could not find the transfer what so ever. My method was through my email which is directly auto deposit to my account. I dont understand why they say one thing but it is incorrect information… I’m discouraged and dont think I’ll play again to be honest.

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on August 24, 2023.

You were told by live chat that it could take 1-3 business days for interac to send you the email. It has been 1 business day. They told you the third business day will be 28th August.

If you have not received an email from interac by then, please contact casino live chat support again.
As mentioned by live chat, each payment method has different processing time. Ewallets are fastest. I would suggest choosing an ewallet for your favourite payment method for next time.

Asa on March 21, 2023. Reply

I put around 100-150 into this site and won 35000. I can’t get ahold of customer support. Followed all the rules and sent the ID and address info they needed. Still no word back on if I will actually receive my money other then the chat bots telling me they will pay me 4000 every Friday until my balance is 0. I’m not spending another dime until I see them release my whole 35000 in withdrawals.

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on March 21, 2023.

Hi Asa

Congrats on your spectacular win!

As per our T&Cs that you agreed to on sign up here:
14. Payment and Winnings
ii. Payment of Winnings and Withdrawals
i. Players who win a sum substantially greater than their total purchases across all Casino Rewards partner casinos will only be able to withdraw their winnings at a sum of maximal $4000 per week. However, due to various business considerations Captain Cooks Casino may in its sole discretion increase or decrease the weekly payout.

The 4,000 per week is paid out each Friday and your first payment is due to be sent this week.

Congratulations again!

Brent on January 13, 2023. Reply

I saw the promotion deal for 100 free spins and $475 bonus dollars all you have to do is deposit $5

I gave them $50 dollars. I’ve never seen my $50 again and they never gave me my free spins and I’ve emailed and emailed. They say oh click the link below your money is waiting for you. Looks like you guys are doing a lot of scamming people by the reviews I’m reading.

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on January 15, 2023.

Hi Brent

The sign up bonus for Captain Cooks Casino is 100 spins on first deposit of $5 plus up to $475 bonus on next 4 deposits.

I can see the free spins were credited to your account twice – once on your deposit and once when you contacted support to tell them you did not receive them. On that occasion, support told you that you have 2 accounts at Captain Cooks and are logging into the wrong account, which is why you can’t see the spins or your deposit. I can see that you are still logging into the wrong account which is why you do not see your $50 deposit – it is still sitting in the balance of the account you deposited it into.

You need to log into the account ending in 9816. I have asked an agent to re-add the free spins to the account again as they expire after 7 days. On login, if the free spins do not pop up automatically you can find them inside the mega money wheel game.

If you do not have the login to this account, please contact support via live chat and request a password reset.


bob wolfe on January 9, 2023. Reply

They took my deposit from the bank and i got no credit rip me of for 50.00 dollars , Got no reply form help, just a bot? Set emails no reply , dont trust this site!

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on January 10, 2023.

Hi there

I see 2 deposits of $50 on your account on 6th January plus a few for $60 in January too. Perhaps you can be specific about which deposit did not reach your account?

Kerry Simpkin on October 31, 2022. Reply

I saw the promotion on Instagram! 100 free spins and $475 for a $5 deposit. I deposited $10 twice. I couldn’t find the free spins. I clicked on “help” they didn’t know anything about the promo. I’m Canadian

Anza on October 30, 2022. Reply

The game thunderstruck was offering double points,i would play on it then once i got free games,then i was locked out,now that could be my fault on my end but trying to get live help was frustrating,kept getting fobbed off with no one answering my query,instead asking if i want to know more about any upcoming rewards. This was the same on quatro casino,seriously thinking about cancelling playing on here

Carlo on October 15, 2022. Reply

I deposited money it never went to my account I never received a confirmation email either. I went to the chat line they told me they did everything they could . I still haven’t received my money or my spins and now I can’t log in.

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on October 16, 2022.

Hi Carlo

Unfortunately as the chat operator explained, the transaction failed and the only thing we can do is wait for the refund from the processor.

Regarding the free spins i see they were played.

Regarding not being able to login, unfortunately we are currently experiencing some server issues preventing players from logging in. We are working on the issue and should be fixed soon. Please try again later. Thanks.

Debbie Switzer on October 7, 2022. Reply

While I was playing l told support I have a addiction to cancel my account 5 or 6 times. Every time they give me free stuff ignoring my request to cancel my account. It went on all night. They responded back with giving me 10.00 back. I deposited 560.00 For all I went through that night they should’ve refunded the whole thing back but they chose not to.

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on October 10, 2022.

Hi Debbie

I can see that your request to close your accounts was done as soon as you were transferred from the chatbot to a real person. The chat bot attempted to transfer you to a real person no less than 4 or 5 times when you mentioned your addiction, however your chat ended.

I will take this issue and forward it to the relevant department so they can catch this in the future.

Thank you for your feedback.

Dana popoff on September 30, 2022. Reply

I Signed up For the promotion of depositing five dollars and receiving 100 spins and percentage matched but I didn’t receive anything and when contacting live chat it disconnected and said they left

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on October 5, 2022.

Hi Dana

I see you signed up for an offer of deposit $5 to get 25 spins on Seven 7s. These spins are still waiting in your account and as per the terms of the offer, expire on the 6th October.
Please log in and go directly to the game to find them. If they are not there you can hit up chat.

Drew on September 4, 2022. Reply

It said in your email offer, spin now and receive free bonus money and spins… I was awarded $475 bonus cash & 100 free spins all I had to do was deposit $5 to claim… so I did… and was never awarded either the spins or bonus money… I went on live chat a bunch of different times and was never once helped to resolve this just says they leave the chat. This is really irritating and horrible service. I don’t have a any other accounts than my first on. I’ve deposited a couple time now and never got nothing bonus or spins.

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on September 6, 2022.

Hey Drew

This looks like something weird may have happened regarding your location. Please login and the spins should now be there for you. Thanks for your patience.

Hector on August 28, 2022. Reply

I signed up for the casino and was offered 100 free spins and $475 cash with a deposit of $5. I got nothing. When I went into chat I got someone w a fake name then they said let me look into that for you and they send you to a queue and leave you there.

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on August 29, 2022.

Hi Hector

I checked your account and see that there are 100 spins waiting for you on mega money wheel. You may need to manually open the game to see the spins. If you cannot see them when you login, please come back here and update your comment and I will have support check it out.

Mindy on June 6, 2022. Reply

It said in your email offer, spin now and receive free bonus money and spins… I was awarded $475 bonus cash & 100 free spins all I had to do was deposit $5 to claim… so I did… and was never awarded either the spins or bonus money… I went on live chat 6 different times and was never once helped to resolve this issue.Tried to email also just redirected to live chat… No one is fixing this

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on August 17, 2022.

Hi Mindy

It looks like you have multiple accounts under the email address used to submit this complaint, which would explain why the bonus was not received.

This bonus is only available once per person/household.

Carter on May 20, 2022. Reply

My experience with this casino is the best I’ve played so far
The only down side is the payout could be a little more

Liz on May 11, 2022. Reply

They promise you free bonus here after you get to a certain level like diamond ( the highest level you can get ). You are promised a weekly bonus! U never get it and then you chat with them and they don’t even know what you talking about and they don’t give you the bonus that you have worked so hard to get and the thousands of dollars you have spent.

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on May 19, 2022.

Hi Liz

I can see that you are claiming most of the promos. There are weekly and monthly bonuses sent in newsletters and other promos, and the higher your status level, the higher the bonuses are. However, there are no guaranteed bonuses of any kind. Can you please tell me where you’re seeing that? Thanks.

Char on April 21, 2022. Reply

I was playing and was winning I had 166 in my account yet it asked for a deposit, I went and looked and I had 30 bonus and 136 in cash but still asked for a deposit. I tried the online chat but they don’t answer specific questions and then my money disappeared.

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on May 3, 2022.

I don’t see anything on your account regarding this issue. The only thing I can think of would be the pop up letting you know that you still had 2 deposit bonuses left to claim from the sign up bonus, which I see you did claim in April. There has not been any funds removed from your account that I can see – all the funds in April were played.

Larry Jay on April 18, 2022. Reply

As a disclaimer I don’t condone gambling at all. However if you must do it, trust is essential. I found that here. I have had numerous wins and withdrawals in the thousands and ocassionaly tens of thousands with no major issues. Naturally it takes a few days to get it ,Id needs to be verified and you must retain self control not to reverse it all. I have had bad experiences with other casinos, but not this one. I feel like I get a fair shot at winning and it is totally random.

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on May 3, 2022.

Thanks for the great review Larry!

Rickrohrke on March 14, 2022. Reply

I had converted my vip points and recieved $30 for them. I then was unable to access any games and I was told to contact risk management,2 weeks later still no response from risk management. Finally live support allowed me to access the games, only to find my $30 gone from my account. Again was told to contact risk management and to this day that department has never once ever contacted me. They only send email after email trying to get deposits. To bad that they cannot and choose not to act like professional. Any issues players have should be dealt with in a timely and professional manner.

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on March 16, 2022.

I’ve spoken to risk management who said the account is closed due to returned/unpaid deposits and the account will not be reinstated.

Kevin C Lawrence on December 24, 2021. Reply

They can email you a million ads but can’t figure out how to send you an interactive etransfer.
The customer service took over a month to get $4000 out of the $10,000 I won. I have never seen the rest of it

Marty Steinhouse on December 19, 2021. Reply

Can’t get my winnings out. Satisfied the requests of Identification but now now word from them at all. What is going on.

Gary Polley on October 7, 2021. Reply

It has been great for years however they requested personal information right on the website recently which I provided. The request stated withdrawals could be affected if I didn’t comply. I have emailed CR twice asking why the hold up and no reply yet. They have frozen a withdrawal I made well over a week ago. So what gives CR?

Brett on October 1, 2021. Reply

All I have to say is I wanna $47,000 on one spin plane crazy time and made it up to 54,000 when I tried to cash out I was told my photograph was blurry and couldn’t be approved so I argued with them for weeks until I reversed my deposit So many times until it was all gone and afterwards I was considered a diamond status player finally and now I can’t get any free spins or VIP to redeem so watch how much money you’re actually spending at these reward casinos Because the picture I showed them was far from blurry and had all the information they needed to know

PATRICIA COOKE on July 10, 2021. Reply

I have been playing Captain Cooks for years now. Lately I have been having a problem getting my cash outs. You go to chat and don’t get real people it’s a frigging robot. I playing end of June early July and cashed out at $600. I only received $50 in my account. I’ve tried that chat thing many times get the same questions and answers all the time takes 3 to 5 business days. It’s been 10 days or a little longer now and I still haven’t seen any more money in my account….. I have also recommended my family and friends about this site and now I am thinking that was a mistake. You can not talk to a human on the phone about your issues you are having. Not impressed with this site right now.

Waiata K Gage on June 3, 2021. Reply

I made a withdrawal request from my captain cooks account of 1400 cash dollars via wire transfer to my bank and after uploading my IDs and verifirication of my address which had been successfully approved i was sent an email of a withdrawal request reciept stating that my withdrawal was being processed and within 2 working days if I haven’t reversed my withdrawal back into my acc funds would be released to my bank acc the following Business day.
But as I logged into my account to see how it was going I was locked out and then recieved an email from risk management that funds had been voided due to multiple accounts. What the hell! I have only one acc with captain cooks and now they wont email me back. I’ve uploaded all my personal details photos of my ID photos of my address not to mention the poor customer service I have all of a sudden received. We need to find a way to take these people to court. Theyve scammed us all.

Derek on May 6, 2021. Reply

I deposited $100 and got $100 bonus. I won $4000 and wanted to take some out so they told me half of my winnings was going to be kept because of the $100 bonus money I received. I figured whatever at least half of it is better than nothing, so then they sent me an email saying I had “multiple accounts” and they had to “confiscate” my winnings but as a sign of good faith they would return my $100 deposit. I never made “multiple accounts” I’ve been playing on this site for years now and not once have they ever mentioned anything like this when making a deposit but as soon as you try to withdraw your winnings they need to “verify your account”

Edgar on February 21, 2021. Reply

I have been playing captain cook casino long time and also spent thousand .On February 15@8:25 pm I cashed out $1300 from my $5 deposited to win 100 chances promo. I thought I got lucky but my winnings disappear.Annabelle s claiming that I have multiple account. But only under one name, phone number, address and birth day.
I worked hard for that money and it’s ashame to just take it away like nothing… Where’s your values?

Adam Salah on February 16, 2021. Reply

Interac deposits disappear in thin air. Try helpdesk, they blame a partner whom they want you to chase.. really?!
Games.. horrible. I averaged 0 to 50% on 600+ plays nonstop
You would get the promise of a bonus every 50-60 games. Maybe one in a 1000 and net result is negative.

Deborah on January 31, 2021. Reply

I have been playing here for a few years now but no longer. I feel that the payouts are very far and few between and actually feels like a complete rip-off. Also I have transferred through etransfer and at least 3 times the money never went into my casino account or back into my account. To try and get help is a complete runaround.on purpose

Silsi on December 11, 2020. Reply

I made deposit but money was not reflect on my account, I files complain but they told me it will take 10 days to refund. But its almost 15 days I don’t receive my refund.

Kathryn Emerson on September 8, 2020. Reply

I played on this site a few times deposited and won on a couple of occasions more than I deposited. I got my money took about a week. I went online recently and had $75.00 in loyalty when I went to claim it they told me my account was on hold? Said keep depositing and they will unlock in the future. They said it was on hold because I was using their offers too much!
After unsubscribing from their offers 4 times I am still receiving them!
Great site if you lose but not so great if you win!

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on October 20, 2020.

Hi Kathryn

I checked your account and you have been unsubscribed from all promotional emails.
If you’re still receiving them, please forward the emails to me at and I will look into it.

Casino Rep

Allen Martell on August 11, 2020. Reply

Play Captain Cook’s Casino about 3 weeks ago. 12,500 on a third spin then $5 on V spin I was supposed to have 30 free Spin they didn’t give it to me then when I put the money in the play I played and then I sent them my picture my ID everything and they refuse to pay me my money.

TJ Shepherd on July 29, 2020. Reply

I spent almost $2000 at this casino, which I barely got any free spins or win anything worth mentioning. When i went to speak to someone in live chat, it was computer responses, and refused to even offer free spins after spending $2000. Instead I got a bonus too up if i deposited which means I would have to win substantially alot more to even be able to pull out

richard rymdenok on July 22, 2020. Reply

i have win 3000 and put it back into my account saying they cant deposit to bank and put back the money into my game and played it all

Captain Cooks Casino logo Captain Cooks Casino on October 21, 2020.

Hi Richard

I took a look at your account and it was mentioned that the reason they couldn’t send the money was because you failed to add a space between your names and so the payment was returned to us. Unfortunately since you played with your funds I’m unable to help further, however if you have issues with your account in the future, please contact me at and I will look into it.

Casino Rep

Lori on July 17, 2020. Reply

I played on this casino and the casino claims I used an echeck a year ago to not pay out . Never ever did !! They take willingly and do not process…this is unfair .

Melissa Rose Proulx on June 3, 2020. Reply

Won 4k… Must admit after reading some of these reviews… I was nervous… But… I had my winnings deposited in my account this morning… It took Thursday- Wednesday… I’m a happy player!!!

Pamela Pea has m on June 2, 2020. Reply

I withdrew for the first time from captain cooks and it was a flawless interaction. It didn’t take long and there was no stalling of any kind. Very happy with Captain cooks they do what they say and to read other reviews it was a scary 2 days but totally satisfied.

Moira on April 14, 2020. Reply

Hello I would like to say I enjoy your casino ran into a free proplems they where quickly resolved I have tried one other casino and did not like graphics or games and very expensive so please keep up good work and thank you for your support please be safe and be careful in the terrible virus

Kenneth Myttenar on February 1, 2020. Reply

I withdrew my winnings of 300. After week had not got email transfer so went on chat. Was told it was sent to a old email. So I changed my email on my account well was told by guy on chat he did and had to wait 30 days for it to get kicked back into my casino account where I could withdraw again with updated email. 30 days it went back into my casino account where I withdrew again. It now been over week and no etransfer. So go on chat and was told my email address was not changed said she did it rite then. After she did some digging alls could tell me was there was there must have been a error in system why I got the code to accept the etransfer but not the email for etransfer and that I will have to wait another 30 days for it to go back to my casino account and cat withdraw it again. I play at luxury casino also. Did same withdraw and money was in my account in under 7 days.

Cindy on November 1, 2019. Reply

When you hit a big amount be prepared to send emails back and forth for a few days to prove who you are and then make sure you have never opened a email in the past with offers because the next thing you know you have 2 accounts then they close your account with money in it and you lose it all I just got locked out after trying to withdrawal 2700

Michael valin on August 27, 2018. Reply

Won money went to withdrawal it . Everything looks good then i get a email stating that i had another account so my winnings are void . I thought i deleted the account and its no where to be found . Worst part they tell and take th winnings and dont produce evidence or explain to you how to delete this account . Worst thing is they look you out of your account.

Manon on January 11, 2019.

same things happened to me, went to withdrawal my 900$ winning and they served me the same story…

Tracy Mero on April 28, 2018. Reply

I won 320k, they said $9500 withdrawal max a day? Is Their another withdrawal method to get your money quicker, never withdrew before.
Thanks for the advise

Cindy on May 8, 2018.

Hi Tracy, what slot did you play and what bet size did you play with to win 320k?

Tracy on May 10, 2018.

Hit 275k, staff was great no issues with getting paid once u go thru the process. Little slow but money in my account.

Margo on February 4, 2018. Reply

I deposited 5$cad today, still waiting for my account to setup so I can get my 100 free spins . They are experiencing a 4 hr delay

Dan on January 5, 2018. Reply

Terrible customer service asked to delete my account several times and they won’t they just keep calling me and wont listen no matter how manu times I ask

Belinda on December 29, 2017. Reply

I have won small money and had money sent to my bank

Philip Yates on December 9, 2017. Reply

i deposited thousands no questions asked once i won they wanted to know me and demanded my I.D then i was informed i would get £4000 a week released on a Monday so it will tame me 17 weeks to get my winnings then the shocking casino then informed me that they will not do it Christmas day or New years day being a Monday and will have to wait 4 3 week to get a payment as they will not do it any other day. The customer service are rude unhelp and do not deal with complaints. There is never a manager to speak to and the phone number as gone so can’t ring in and the team leaders are just a so horrible and do nothing to help.

Joe on October 19, 2017. Reply

I waited 4 days for my withdrawl to move from the pending, only to have it moved back into my account! When I asked why they said there had been a problem with my card! No problem taking the money tho! I was told to change my withdrawl method, I asked would I have to wait another 2 days pending period, and was told no, you’ve already waited. So change the withdrawl just to have it go in the pending again! I then questioned this after what I had been told before. They said they was no way of not waiting the 2 days! It then was pending for 4 days again! It’s been over a week and the funds are still not in my account! I would avoid this casino if you want to withdraw winnings! As it takes all the fun out of it having to chase and watch every withdrawal request.

Rory on August 24, 2017. Reply

So I never played online gambling at all. I tried captain cooks and won 1000 on slots. Of course because of bonus monies I couldn’t withdraw this that was at zero balance. So that brought me down to 680. I withdrew. Waited 2 days in case I wanted to gamble again. But I did not hoping for my winnings. 7 days later, for the last say expecting my money I was told it got sent back after filling out my echeck info, and that it was incorrect. So tried using that money and won 1000 on BlackJack. Tried a second time to withdraw. This time was on the phone with my bank filling out all the proper info. No chance it could have been wrong this time around. GIESS WHAT? Returned again.

Tina on July 21, 2017. Reply

I ve been playing since April and only won about 180 and have spent over 1000 dollars when I play my wheel keeps spinning and then it say web page is reloading even after I deleted cookies and history still did it I’m so dis appointed has this happened to anyone else?????

B on July 25, 2017.

it happened to me too, and still happening.Mine freezes during free spins had occasion where I win very little or haven’t win at all.Captain Cook has a fair pay for their games usually.

kester joseph on July 17, 2017. Reply

I have been playing at Captain Cooks casino for a few months now. So far it has been a great experience. No problem with payouts. it is processed quickly and deposited to your bank account. like depositing a check the ban hold it for 3-5 business days. if you are desperate for your money immediately don’t play otherwise you have to be patient. Only play what you can afford to lose.

Malini on July 11, 2017. Reply

I won $200 today soo happy and I used the free spins

Crislyn Dolz on July 2, 2017. Reply

I was play captain cooks casino i won $1600 it was amazing coz I received my withdrawal within 4 days I’m so happy coz captain cooks casino is real and legit.i always play here i will recommend this site it’s so real and good customer service.0

Jayne on May 12, 2017. Reply

Iv played alot of online casino’s and i have to say captain cooks has the most wins and pay outs are put into my bank in about four days id recommend this one for sure

Michaela on April 5, 2017. Reply

I put $50 in and won $500 got it the week later :-) recommend captain cooks

Darlene on March 12, 2017. Reply

This was my favorite casino. Please figure out how to get back in the United States. Went to your site today, still not available.

Tanya jordan on March 9, 2017. Reply

I won 46 200 on cash splash..on Saturday..just waiting for the transfer to post to my account but I have found customer service is wonderful..Quick to respond and has sent me several emails with updates..I hope the first agent has recovered from seeing my winnings..because I haven’t…plus I live where the exchange rate is high..can hardly wait much longer..clearly I was horid on xmas morning?

Jess Williams on February 18, 2017. Reply

Just won 8200 cdn dollars last night and withdrew it all as I spent 300 to get it. Online customer service was really quick to respond. This e-check method, how well does it work in regards to depositing into your account. on January 9, 2017. Reply

I did play, and $380, try to withdraw but was told that I couldn’t withdraw the money because I didn’t reach the maximum amounts of playing time to withdraw, so I try calling them but no answer, I went on play and lost everything, I don’t know if this site is real but will give it another tried.

Nuke 3 on December 2, 2016. Reply

I wanted to try the casino it gave me an offer 5 dollers and get 80 free spins so I deposited 7 dollers and played mega molla and won 180 but didn’t cash out so I tryed break the bank with its 5 doller minimum bet and I hit it I really broke the bank I got 3 break the bank in a row and 3 golden 7 or what ever they are in a row at the same time and won 1300 and I still had to beat the bonus money you start with 60 times the bonus I beated the bonus kept playing and won 2000 all together and cashes out i had to email them ids then about a week later I had 2000 in my visa pre paid credit card no one believed I was going to get the money they told me it was a scam it was a couple of month ago but I just want to post this to tell you peeps this sight is legit and I’m cashing out 200 right now

Roula on May 8, 2017.

Did you give your ID to them by mail ?

Melissa Tremblay on December 1, 2016. Reply

Won 66,000 dollars on mega moolah and was paid in full about 2 weeks later but my withdrawl method was echeck and they have a 9500 transfer limit a day that is why it took two weeks !!! Customer service is fast and very helpful!! Been playing on the site for about 3 years off and on! Good place to play!!! ?

Stephen Cormier on December 14, 2016.

How long did it take mine says it’s pending Did I do something wrong

Ken on January 27, 2017.

What were u betting when u hit 66,000

SJ on November 15, 2016. Reply

Paid 5$ to play and receive the welcome bonus won 953.00 on slots was paid by recheck direct deposit within 2 banking days. Safe secure fun and got my winnings fast would definitely recommend this site!
S.J Canada

Tim on September 9, 2016. Reply

Decent games. Don’t know about payout.

Don’t be fooled by the bonus you receive. After receiving a bonus, Captain Cook’s casino requires you to wager at least 60 times the amount you received in bonus in order to be able to pay out any of your winnings.

For example: I received €25 in bonus credits. Meaning I had to wager at least €1500 in order to check out.

Side note: only the slots count for 100% of your wager. Roulettes, for example, only count for 2%. Meaning if I bet €200 euros on a roulette round, only €4 would count towards that €1500 mark to unlock payout.

S.S on August 26, 2016. Reply

Legit!! 100%! Biggest cashout from this casino was last month, amounting to $57,000! Then I have another $3,000, $5,000, $15,000 and now I have $15,000 pending for withdrawal. To answer most common questions:

Did they asked for ID’s at first for verification? – YES
What’s the best payout out option to get your money faster? – ecopayz
How long does the withdrawal take? – 2 days or 48 hours from the casino + 1 day to ecopayz + 3-5 days from the date you requested for the withdrawal from ecopayz to your bank account

Tip? – Ones you set aside your winnings for withdrawal, DO NOT REVERSE IT, NOT EVEN A PORTION OF IT, the withdrawal date will move, so meaning your 48 hours hold period will reset. (Probably the hardest part especially if you’re feeling lucky!)

Bet big if you want to win big. Simple. That’s why its called GAMBLING. *peace*

N Moss on August 25, 2016. Reply

I made a deposit of £50 which they matched and then played it through and cashed out £200.
They awarded me points and even more when I signed up to their loyalty programme.
They also sent me a further 100% match offer on joining the loyalty programme.
They have refused to honour this match bonus and also refused to allow me to cash in the points, the reason being as follows and i quote:
“Whilst you may see VIP points available for redemption in your Casino Rewards account, these points will not be released until you further demonstrate the intention to deposit & wager at the casino. This will then in time restore your ability to redeem your casino rewards bonus points
Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with the specific criteria by which the suspension will be lifted.”

Sharna sullivan on June 15, 2016. Reply

waited a week for a pay out then there was a problem now I’m waiting for longer they have no problem taking it out right away but takes forever to deposit

Melinda on April 20, 2016. Reply

I enjoy playing Captain Cooks Casino. It did take a bit to get my first pay out but it was paid in full. Customer service was very nice and helped me with any problems I had. I will be playing more often.

BC on January 14, 2017.

It’s my first time playing on line on this casino and I just wanted some
Feedback if the site is legitimate and safe to play on?

Can I play safely?

Thankyou for your time and patience with my questions.


Bernard McDaniel on April 19, 2016. Reply

I have been with Captain cooks for over ten years and I always found them to be honest with good customer service and and there was never any difficulty with withdrawal. I would not play with any other Casino .

Two other casinos frustrated so much that I did not bother withdrawing

Denise Johnston. on April 17, 2016. Reply

So does this site actually pay out? I’ve had some difficulties with my payout. I won three hundred and pressed deposit instead of withdrawl. It took a week to fix that mistake. and risk management said its resolved. So I now withdrew the money. Two days ago Thursday night. and Friday morning 6 am they said amount was pending for two bussenes days. Before released. Again. They said echeck was the best way as they couldn’t deposit to my account. But withdrawal no problem. So does casino rewards actually pay out or am I waiting for money that won’t arrive. I’m new to online gambling. Usually fairly patient. But when I’m told waiting periods and they pass I get discouraged. I can’t help but wonder. Maybe waiting periods arnt clear for me. I know I’ll contact them Tuesday if its not in yet. After receiving payment I’m going to delete my account. As I was unaware how difficult it is to withdrawal winnings. Im not blaming them though. Because there could be unforseen reasons why. Just not for me.

May on April 1, 2017.

Did you get the money at the end?

Cody on July 5, 2017.

U well get ur money through echeck but it just takes longer banks no longer support ant casino to send money o ur bank accounts .least what my bank told mecody

jerri on February 16, 2016. Reply

ive made two deposits and withdrew £400 i was promised the withdrawel would be done by today i made a deposit of £20 today to find my withdrawel hadnt been done and was sent to risk management i dont know what this means but looks like they dont want to pay me the withdrawel foaming is not the word

Nota on October 29, 2015. Reply

not impressed with how long withdrawing your money takes here. i’ve been waiting for two months so far and customer service isn’t much help.

sayd on April 11, 2015. Reply

sorry my English not really good
I won 100 on top of the 500 pound free bonus but day didn’t pay me! they said you have to place 50 first which is I knew that the rule but I didn’t knew that if I want to withdraw 100 I most to wager 150 times amount of bonus! they didn’t mention that in terms and conditions about this! anyway I decided to forgot it and remove my account.

never accept free bonus from online casinos until you know how its work

Marc on March 13, 2012. Reply

I was until this week a regular customer..but now I'm done with them…withdrawal takes forever…up to two weeks on my last withdrawal…don't go there do yourself a favor

Carla Boemi on July 30, 2011. Reply

Sorry then, your comment just reads like you blame them for stalling and for "getting" you to play again.
Though you do have a valid point. Casinos should indeed process the payments in time and stop stalling. But being a player for years I do know that this happens all the time and sometimes it might not even be the casino's fault. I've been waiting for a withdrawal for almost a month at 3 different casinos (not related) and it turns out it was the payment processors fault. Back then it was up to me to sit it out.

Brenda on July 30, 2011. Reply

No Carla…that is not quite what I was saying….Yes of course the casino hopes that players give in and reverse their redrawals which is the players problem…not the casinos…what I was saying is…when withdrawals are to be processed after 48 hrs (2 business days–casino rules) then process them in 48 hrs…not 96 hrs.

Carla Boemi on July 29, 2011. Reply

Brenda….. come on. so… you're saying that because YOU might get weak they have to hurry up? lol…please.

Girl, I think you should stop gambling before it's too late.

John young on March 28, 2016.

I have been playing for a few years they are the worst at paying out I have 800hundren that that’s been sitting for over a week still has not been processed

Brenda on July 29, 2011. Reply

Well I have to disagree about the payouts…I withdrew over $2000 early morning on the 24th….mandatory hold for 48 hrs which means the money should have been released early on the 26th…this did not happen…..what they do is get to know your playing habits and keep the money avaiable for reverse withdrawal for beyond the 48 hrs, knowing darned well I would continue to play….(which I did :o(…..) That in my opinion is not right….they get the money I deposit from my account….and they hang onto your winnings hoping you will lose them…When I checked my account it showed the withdrawal was done on the 27th…not so….I got a deposit from them on the 25th for $800 and my withdrawal for the other amount was done the day before before I received the $800…All I'm saying is watch dates and times of your withdrawals of monies and call them immediately if it is not released when it should be…..

kiriakos sakkas on July 4, 2011. Reply

after playning in all microgaming casinos (about 200?)now i play only in rewards casino(26 casinos)some times i lose,some times win .some times i win in casino rewards free tickets .only once,the first time i play there,they ask me for with bank wire in to my bank account in 3 days.from other casinos better play with some big sportbook who have casino also.they always pay

Frank on March 13, 2008. Reply

Have played Capt Cooks Casino and won a very substantial amount, the paid in full.

Keira on February 8, 2016.

Did you have to give them a picture of your information to receive your money?

jas2587 on February 4, 2005. Reply

won over $1500 there quick payout right to neteller
fast had a blast

fester on July 8, 2004. Reply

Captain cook has always treated me well. I have won there and the winnings are paid fast without delay.

jackie on April 11, 2004. Reply

This is probably one of the greatest sites to play. I am always amazed how fast their customer service is – usually in minutes. They always take real good care of me and I seem to be able to cash in all the time playing muti-hand and slots. Absolutely one the most honest places!

John on March 12, 2004. Reply

Captain Cooks Casino is a good
place to gamble. They have fast payouts,seem to be honest,reailable,dependable and have fast customer service.


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