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KennyNP on February 22, 2022. Reply

Slotland was my number one for a very long time. Always correct, always reliable, American players allowed, and you could play games that no one else had. Somehow, though, they missed expanding the game selection when all the other casinos did. However, if you are looking for a safe place to play, you can safely start here.

VB on December 18, 2020. Reply

They offer coinfy deposit option and if you deposit you will lose approximately 30% of the net amount you are depositing fees aside.
When i showed the clear discrepancy to slotland, they just said too bad and accepted the fact that i lost 30% on each deposit as fees.

Jeff on July 8, 2020. Reply

I signed up as a casino player over a decade ago with a no deposit bonus code and later made real money in the online slots. Although I play less there now, I am quite happy because I have always had my payouts smooth and fast. There are other casinos that are much more attractive when it comes to games they too give you free chip bonuses, and I find that the customer support has decreased a bit in the last few years. But of the few casinos that still accept U.S. players, this one is by far the most reliable.

Win2000 on September 5, 2019. Reply

I have been here since 2000. The payout is really bad now. First it was checks on US bank then wire, which was great and recommended by slotland. Now withdrawals are a nightmare and all the fees, are you kidding me. I had to pay to get my money. You put hundreds in and then you have to pay to get it and now wait up to 2 months to get your winnings! They don’t seem to care. No,us checks anymore, no wiring anymore and don’t have any concern.

Joe Carlin on December 27, 2017. Reply

I have played at Slotland for almost 18 years. They used to be good with games you couldn’t find anywhere else. They honored their bonuses. I was quickly VIP status. As the years have gone on, they eliminated the old games and now have games which every casino has, the names and symbols are different but it’s the same as everywhere else. So I received a Christmas no deposit bonus of $25. I played it up and down, as high as $400 and I cashed out at about $100. Then I get an email saying they wouldn’t honor the withdrawal of the “No Deposit VIP Bonus ” because I haven’t deposited in the last 90 days. It’s the last straw. They always come up with some obscure reason not to pay out. I have deposited thousands of dollars with this casino in the past. Dont waste you time and money on Slotland. It’s no longer an honorable casino in my opinon and I have almost 18 years experience with them. They are a joke. I have played there for the last time. They do not care about their customers, their only priority is to get you to deposit and find ways not to pay out. If you haven’t deposited in the last 90 days, you no longer mean anything to them. VIP status is meaningless as well. Slotland will never get another penny from me.

Lisa Meyer on April 17, 2017. Reply

I have been playing at Slotland and Win A Day casinos since they very first began. I’ve also played at numerous other online venues and I can honestly say that Slotland and Win A Day have both proven to be completely legit, professional, fair and most generous with their given bonuses. Although I am by no means ahead of the game, I have cashed out with no problems, many, many times. Their customer service reps are hands down some of the nicest people I have had the pleasure of dealing with. I’d just like to thank-you all for putting up with my many repeated requests for bonuses and for always taking care of me so promptly. You are number one in my book! And for the record… I have hit quite a few Royal Flushes on both sites to my dismay. Always fun and always a pleasure! Thanks Slotland and Winaday!

Member since 1997

Shel on October 21, 2015. Reply

Slotland gave me 20.00 to play with. I finally hit a royal flush but they would not pay me…

HeiloM on October 21, 2015.

Did these 20 bucks come with strings attached? Probably something like a maximum cashout limit? Usually casinos don´t give you a bonus without any fineprint covering their butts.

Jimmy-O on March 25, 2015. Reply

Slotand´s way of treating their customers sets an example for how good customer care should be. Helpful, polite and faaast. So many years putting up with sub-par online casinos..wished I joined Slotland sooner.
By the way, the $50 free bonus on this website is available to everybody since Facebook got rid of the “just for fans” option.

jason kilby on June 29, 2015.

hi am trying to use a code but is not leting me do it can l have a code plz

Corinna on June 29, 2015.

Hi Jason. The code you´re probably looking for is RC50FREE . I couldn´t use it either because I wasn´t a brand new player at Slotland. So you won´t be able to use it with an older account

Levi Frania on March 23, 2015. Reply

This is my very first online casino ever and I’ve had a great experience. I have put out absolutely zero dollars and have already been winning like crazy! My last withdrawal was 120.0 off of the welcome bonus free play! Thank you slotland!

Lily Granger (@wwdd88) on March 2, 2015. Reply

greatest customer support i’ve ever received from a casino. just wish i didn’t have to get to know them so well. i end up calling them pretty often on account of lost money.

Tammy on September 11, 2014. Reply

Do not play on this site!! I was playing piggy bank yesterday, and during the bonus spins I hit the plums 3 times, the strawberries once. However, I was awarded only 12.00 altogether. I obviously filed a complaint to customer service, to which they replied I had only won twice, once for 7.50 and another for 3.00 however I was clearly awarded 12.00 because it says your total bonus winnings when it ends. They obviously have no intention of giving me the money I rightfully won. The plums are 50x, so the 12.00 is a serious under payment. Do not trust this site, they will not payout fairly and they will lie about your correct winnings in order to not have large pay outs.

Saphira Derrico on August 3, 2014. Reply

I feel that It should be a gift for registrying and if you like it you pay ..I don't agree to the min being 25.0 really. Im deactivating this

mickiegal on May 24, 2014. Reply

An absolute ripoff. I've foolishly played on this site for at least 10 years and have bet more than 6 figures. The most I ever won was $300. I like their games and their customer service is wonderful. Don't wast you time or money.

Friv on on February 21, 2014. Reply

If there just would be flash version of that game, I'd happily upload it to my project.

Ben on July 30, 2013. Reply

This "casino" is the worst casino as far as getting play for your money. I made like 4 small deposits there and with the match bonus I would normally play with 50 dollars. Now that being said I know that's not a lot of money to play with but you do expect to be fairly entertained. On every occasion I played there it was a total rip off often not even winning my bet back. This is clearly not a legitimate casino when you can't even play for 15 minutes on 50 bucks only betting .50 cent to a dollar a hand. It's a shame to because I had high hopes for Slotland as the whole concept seemed pretty cool. Take my word for it this has to be the worst online casino for your money out there.


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