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aj on April 13, 2013. Reply

I've never had any problems winning or losing, (other than by my hand!) I don't understand all the bashing bc the customer support is outstanding and worth any $ lost compared to other sites. the games are over the top and though the bets are high so are the wins ;p

laura roper anthony on April 13, 2013. Reply

i have been reading all of the reviews and most of them are good. my father who was recently discharged from the hospital (mike roper) wants me to hook him up with an online casino as he is not able to go to vegas any longer due to health issues. I am concerned that if he deposits he will not recieve winnings and will be stalled for withdrawals. So far your casino seems to have the best reviews and i am going to go ahead and sign him up to make a small deposit and see how it goes. i am a retired executive casino host and will be keeping close tabs on this activity. i hope i won't be disapointed. but as i am eager for him to happily play his video poker games for real i hope this casino turns out to be on the up and up.

Laura roper-Anthony

Susan on April 13, 2013. Reply

I just joined Slotland. I was charged extra fees when I deposited money and lost the money quickly. This site gives you a very short play time for your money.

David G on April 19, 2012. Reply

Slotland is the only place I currently play online… Deposits and withdrawals are easy, and customer service is outstanding – not only are questions and concerns promptly addressed, they do so with care and professionalism. Bonuses are generous, and the games can be accessed with virtually any device. Ultimately, quality service, honesty and integrity keep me coming back.

Frank Mills on December 14, 2011. Reply

I have played slotland for 13 years. I have lost a ton of money on this site. I only play Jacks or better, video poker. I have had 4 to the royal at least 50,000 times and never hit the royal once. I have played real life casinos probably 500,000 less hands and have hit at least 150 royal flushes betting maximun bet. I think slotland is fixed and you get the same hand repeatedly. Don't play slotland

Thomas on March 10, 2011. Reply

Slotland is the very first and only casino that actually gave me totally free bonus money to play with when I had to make a complaint (nothing serious though). If that´s not customer care then what is?

Mel on February 19, 2011. Reply

Slotland is my top favorite casino because it´s 100% reliable (browse the internet and you´ll see it´s true). I never played at a casino before where I felt so well treated. Support is nothing but kind and cooperative. Why would I play at other casinos with (do have to admit) way more fancy games when at the end I end up with a bad feeling about it. You can tell what you want, I stick to this one. Thanks Slotland

donna on November 28, 2010. Reply

I will tell you why slotland sucks…………There is one jackpot for all of the games and you have to be betting max to possibly hit it….Thats a lot of people spending a lot of money to try for one jackpot……..As stated before you dont hit anything until your last ten dollars and you go to 50 cents and boom four of a kind straight flush etc…..If you do happen to hit anything you then proceed to go straight downhill…..I would be happy with half the money my husband and I have spent there……..Just had a hundred and ten dollars last about 20 minutes on small bets…..So if you want to continue there and build their pockets as the jackpot slowly rises be my guest

justin on July 10, 2010. Reply

Slotland, is one of the best casinos that I've seen. I'm a loyal player there and have been playing for more than three years now. I've won quite a few times on their unique slot machines. And I've received my cash back too. I'll stay there for a few more years as they'll be offering new promos now and then.


riccardo on February 19, 2010. Reply

Slotland realy a scam I spent more then $ 1400 on Booster Slot and I did not get any real winning…

Barb Hayes on December 28, 2009. Reply

I simply cant believe so many posts of slotland being dishonest or having bad customer service. I can tell you first
hand but will not get into details because
others might decide to try to benefit from
my situations. Slotland has always from
when they began treated me with the utmost
respect and have never given me reason to
doubt their credibility. They have sent to
me flowers not just any old flowers an arrangement in a vase that even a corporate
company would not send to their clients. I have been sent other items as well not cheap
items promoting themselves either. I have
had my account frozen by them to protect myself from way to much spending either on
my part or others and I appreciated that
they were concerned more for me than making
a profit for themselves. Their games are not
your typical and they take some thought to
actually win and this is good. They also can
be frustrating but they do all hit and its possible to win good money at this site but
the main difference between them and others is that their jackpot grows and it is given to someone from whichever game hits it and its hard to determine which game is going to
pay that jackpot but each and every jackpot win is described both by game it was won on and who the winner is and many of these winners come from reputable other sites and are known. As with other casinos sure they say people won but who are these people and
does anyone know them. I have found that most casinos on the internet are not honest
I cant tell you how much Ive lost and latter found the names of the sites among those blacklisted. Slotland has never done anything but prove over and over again they are the most honest respected site out their
They know their players personally and they
are more than fair about what goes on and have like I said proven to me 100% they are
in no way dishonest. Even if I never win one of the major jackpots Ive enjoyed playing their games and dealing with slotland
above any and all other sites that have ever been. The only site that I would say is out
their and cares about the gamblers rather than prey on them for their money is gone gambling they are a portal but they are full of fun things to do and if a casino deals with them you know they are reputable and visa versa.

Ginger on August 11, 2009. Reply

I just wanted to send out my praises to Slotland for the wonderful customer service, and what I consider to be a great online casino. I have been playing at Slotland for years and am very satisfied and will continue to play at Slotland. I have tried others but stopped. I have lost alot and won alot it's all part of gambling. My favorite game is Treasure Box and at this time my treasure box bonus will be over $1000.00 if and win I hit. I feel the customer service is very quick to respond to all correspondence and cashing out is so fast and simple. One month I cashed out in 2 weeks for $1000.00 each week. They process withdrawals on Tuesdays and my money was in my bank on Wednesday each time. Again Slotland is the best and cares about the customer care they give.
Thanks Ginger

Jordan on July 18, 2009. Reply

Reading the complaints here, I get the feeling that most of these people do not gamble at a land based casino very often – or they have different expectations from them. I have played online and offline and have spent 1000's along the way.
If you cannot lose as well as you can win, then quit playing.

I have won a number of times at Slotland and have been paid every single time without an issue. (I obviously have lost a lot as well) That is simply gambling.

I agree with Will completely!!

will on October 6, 2008. Reply

I honestly can't recall how long I've been playing at slotland but I Love It! Now i can say i had days where i vowed never to play there again but it was only frustration,lol. I had days where i wanted to kiss the monitor,lol. This is my opinion: For those of you who bad mouth slotland, its not slotland, its you! When you go to a live casino, do you win every single time? NO! When you go to a live casino and the machine is cold (not giving you anything) what do you do, get up and move to another machine. So, if the game you are playing is not giving you anything, change games! Log out, leave your balance and play another day. Don't keep feeding it and then get mad, you knew it was a cold day, but you thought you could stand the cold without getting frost bite,lol! Thats real, know when to quit and know when to cash out, small or big. Don't blame slotland! Also, i agree on some comments, there should be more games like keno, or 9 wheel progressive slots etc, and whats up with the sound, can we at least get that for the time being. I also think slotland should honor the loyal customer on new years day with a bonus percentage of what the player vested the whole year. Lol, would be nice huh? Anyway, for those of you who bad mouth slotland, think about what i said, it makes since if you're honest with yourself. Oh Yeah, another reason people get mad is they play with money they really don't have to spare, trying to flip it but when they lose it, thats when you can fry an egg on there head and they are not gonna blame themselves so who's left, Slotland! LOL, that was fun, but the truth!

JUDY on May 21, 2008. Reply

HI I have been with slotland for 8 years, and i am ready to cancel again. In the beginning i was winning alot. But not in the pass 5 years there has been nothing. The only time you hit something more then a 3 of a kind is when you place the lowest bet.Would tou beleive they have the nerve to let me play out 300.00 dollars on silvekiss playing 2.00 bets and then when money got low switched to 50 cent bets and got 3 hearts for jackpot. Now i think something is fishy there..And the same with jacks or better . you play 3.00 bets and lose , but change to 50cent bets and you get a 4 of a kind. wow a big 12.50 after you blow 100.00 bucks. I will not be back no more. OTB IS LEGAL IN MY STATE NOW. I have been winning more there with 6.00 bets then ever at slotland. DO me favor give up at slotland they our not worth it.

Susie on August 8, 2007. Reply

Ricardo your comment is not fair, if you lost $750 it just was not your lucky day. I have been playing at Slotland for about 9 years and they are by far the most professional and fair site on the Web. True, they don't have all the glitz and glam but that just bogs down your computer anyway. When you win a jackpot they send it Federal Express (on Tuesdays I think) and you get it the next day. I have cashed enough of their checks to know that they are a very trustworthy site. Try again, I think you will like them. Just take it slow on the betting until your luck gets rolling!!!

riccardo07 on August 5, 2007. Reply

I thinks Slotland is a quite nice boring scam I spent $ 750 within 2 days and was so boring and frustracting.

MALIA92 on October 18, 2006. Reply

I always choose Slotland first before I deposit anywhere else, because they are so fair and for real.

ronan on July 15, 2006. Reply

I have played there on and off, they would be much better if they added more games but hopefully this is being planned for the future

BOB on July 15, 2006. Reply


Gian on March 13, 2006. Reply

Hi, Slotand was the first casino I´ve played at and I´m still playing there every now and then. Unlike at other casinos I never felt being screwed over at Slotland and the people there have always been polite and extremely helpful. It´s a very old casino and I think this proves something. best regards. Gian

Steve on March 13, 2006. Reply

A friend and myself have given this casino numerous chances to prove themselves. But we have both come to the conclusion that they are not using a random number generator. With the cards dealt and the cards held the outcome is always the same. I have had 4 cards for a royal flush dealt to me probably about 20 times if not more between the 3 different games I played at their casino and each and every time the draw card is always a card from a different suit, I don’t even end up with a flush out of it. There is no way possible that one person can have 4 cards of a royal flush dealt to them as many times as I have had dealt to me if there was a random number generator being used. My friend has had this same experience. After my first comment about slotland on this website they contacted me and buffaloed their way back into my online gambling life. I have decided to take this one step farther this time.

Slotland logo Slotland on March 13, 2006.

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your comment, however it’s unfair in my opinion. Let me describe to the readers that we decided to grant a refund to you (‘grandforx’ issue) to solve your inquiry regarding the ‘bad cards’ however we didn’t find any problems on our software and no further players claimed similar problem. For this reason I warn you that any further play would be on your full responsibility because the problem was most likely caused by your AOL browser.

Few days later you started to compain again and threat us with the chargebacks of yours and your friend\’s transactions, giving the evidence that also your friend encountered the same problem. Because you both had the same address in your accounts, I presumed that you both played on the same computer.

In any case – we made highly amicable step upon receiving your first claim. Your next threatening with the chargebacks is not acceptable for us and we decided to cease our correspondation and cooperate with your bank directly in case of your dispute.

grandforx on March 5, 2006. Reply

I recently opened an account at Slotland and no matter what every outcome was the same, always in favor for Slotland. Also on many occasions their system would deal me the exact same 5 cards to choose from for discarding and drawing, when brought to their attention they would say that it must be a browser error on my part. I would then ask them if it was a browser error then was it an error when the credits were deducted from my balance on all occasions? They refused to answer that question. I guess getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar didn’t sit well with them.

Slotland logo Slotland on March 5, 2006.

Dear ‘grandforx’,

Please send me a letter directly to: so I can lfind your previous correspondence with our support and solve your inquiry to your satisfaction.
The truth is that we have thousands players playing the games and we haven’t received similar claim recently which we certainly would, if our RNG (Random Number Generator) encountered any error and start to work like you described. So, generaly I can say that the problem could be really in your cache of your browser which displays the old graphic and of course, because the system works fine, you are charge for each spin.
In any case – please send me your letter. I will review your case immediately and compensate you.

Thank you,

Debra on February 16, 2006. Reply

Why don’t you have a toll free telephone number to call. When I click on Withdrawal on your site nothing happens. I accidently deposited money with you thinking you had more games and a downloadable format and I want to cancel my deposit. How do I do this?

Slotland logo Slotland on February 16, 2006.

Dear Debra,

please be advised that we have a 24/7 support at that responds all letters within few minutes. If you made your initial deposit by accident and do not wish to play our games, please contact us on this email address and we will solve your inquiry immediately to your full satisfaction! :)

Thank you,

vincent805 on October 19, 2005. Reply

I am a new register real player at slotland, my daughter who is a big fan of slotland referred me and I just wanted too say I never would purchase at a casino online because it souds fishy to me, but my daughter malia92 insisted to show me and make me register and evan offered to pay for my first deposit so how can I reject such an offer? So now I will change my mind about purchasing ever, cause i think I will purchase soon and thanks too malia92 my loving daughter for that special boost as I love too play BOOSTER!!!:)

your father vincent805
Get A man to ubsess and leave slotland alone or give them a brake.
just some advice

your dad


malia m arkangel on October 19, 2005. Reply

I know and their free slotgaming are a real blast. the free slot from isnt like all the other free slots and gamings casino sights, this one you can really win $100.00 and its a contest and fun and also the word too use is FUNNY!!!
thanks malia92

malia m arkangel on August 31, 2005. Reply

again i want to say the only trusting online casino for sure is $ $ $ SLOTLAND.COM


malia m arkangel "malia92" on August 12, 2005. Reply

Im a real depositing player at slotland, and they are the most honest and best payouts possible on the internet now as of, 08/2005. they have a definet real winning gamble and no download to mess up or take room on your computer, evan better-no jave or flash, so you cant get a virus or computer freeze to make you wonder

“Whats really going on with the casino did it purposely freeze me or what?”

p.s. BEST SLOT ONLINE GAMBLING #1 site “slotland”


dragonwin on May 30, 2005. Reply

Slotland has unique games and the best bonuses on the net. By combining a $50.00 deposit with the promotions at and, it’s pretty easy to get double that amount in free credits. The bonuses all have low play through requirements (5 times). Payouts are quick and always there on Tuesday morning. If you ever happened to experience a problem (not likely) or if you ever have a question, their customer support is top notch. Oh yeah, no stupid fax back forms either.
dragonwin Taipei Taiwan

L. on April 26, 2005. Reply

Terrible a big yawn, no sound to the slots, very boring. Very tight slots, I regret giving my money to them. Live and Learn!

Geraldo M. on April 12, 2005. Reply

Yes, the games are quite old and should be dumped once and for all. Still, Slotland remains the best casino when it comes to taking care of their players. I know many casinos that are only keen on getting you to purchase. I have the feeling Slotland goes beyond that

Jan on March 20, 2005. Reply

This is absolutely the worse casino I have ever played. HTML no download, but no sound either. I have Broadband so I do not think the issue was processing power. The games are stupid, with holiday mixes of Christmas and Halloween as two of the twelve or so boring options. Still waiting on the second bonus, but it does not matter, this place is a total waste of time. You would have more fun playing a pin-ball game and bettin with your buddy.


lona on March 13, 2005. Reply

they do not treat the customers good,i use to play there,but i did not like the way i was treated,they stink

Slotland logo Slotland on March 13, 2005.

Lona, why do you write these things about us everywhere?

You continue playing with us (last deposit made on 2/14/2005) and send us several letters daily requesting extra bonuses! When our support declines your unqualified request for the special bonus you go and write in the gambling forums that we “stinks”. If your opinion about our casino is so negative, why do you come back everyday?

I tried to communicate with you two days ago in order to find out how to make you satisfied in our casino. Please feel free to write me directly on my email and continue in our communication.

cathy light on February 4, 2005. Reply

i have played here and loved it , treasure box is my favorite, but i have no luck there right now never hit a lock. i have won in the past was always paid with no was my first online casino to play

Larry Butkus on January 12, 2005. Reply

Slotlands is certainly unique, however I can’t say that I enjoyed the experience. Their slots left me very confused. Why would you have symbols that pay nothing. Just have blanks. None of the three reel slots allow for $.25 cent wagering. I loved the software and the graphics, however, I won’t be returning. I guess in the long run, it’s just not for everyone.

Lori on December 14, 2004. Reply

I absolutely love Slotland! I have been a player for amost 5 years and don’t go to any other online casinos. Why go to the rest when Slotland is the BEST!!! The Customer Service staff has the nicest folks I have ever come in contact with. I feel like they have become my family. They have been with me through good times and bad times. I have had some very nice wins since I became a player at Slotand. Since I am a VIP player, I always receive my winnings via FedEx within 2 days. :-) I know that someday I am going to hit the BIG Jackpot! Ya gotta think positive! :-)

lori on December 5, 2004. Reply

I was not impressed with this site. I have used many on line gambling sites (intercasino & sands of the caribean etc) and had much better luck. I also was not impressed with the selection of games available. Im sorry but the competion for on line casinos is so large, your really going to have to improve on the win/loss ratio and the games you offer to be able to compete.

LARRY on November 30, 2004. Reply


Janet on November 9, 2004. Reply

I have been playing at Slotland for several months and I really enjoy their games. I have won several hundred dollars there, but of course played it back trying to win the jackpot, lol. Seems like their winnings are more consistent than many other online casinos. I have found most of the staff to be very nice and efficient in solving my problems when I have had one. I have tried several casinos, but always end up coming back to Slotland.

Susie on November 9, 2004. Reply

Slotland is by far the very best. IF you are considering online gambling (which is risky), do it at Slotland and Slotland ONLY! They really do pay you FAST! They are kind and curteous and their games are unique. They could use a few new ones though!

Moira on October 18, 2004. Reply

They made unauthorized charges on my credit card and do not respond to emails. This is a SCAM stay away!

Slotland logo Slotland on September 18, 2004.

Dear Moira,

I checked our huge mailbox where we store all our player correspondence and also our player database. I haven’t found any letter or player account with your e-mail: The only player with the name Moira is a very good player who doesn’t have any problems with us and actually – she has quite nice winnings in her withdrawal fund that we will send her today.

If you have any inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: or use my direct email: and I can assure you that ALL our letters are always responded in a positive manner to the player’s satisfaction! Our Customer Supervisors make sure everyday that all correspondence is replied and none of the emails stay unresponded.

I hope that I will receive your letter soon to be able to identify your transactions and return them in case that you feel dissatisfied.

Hannah Morante

Marlin Gillespie on October 14, 2004. Reply

Slotland has unique games and the best bonuses on the net. By combining a $50.00 deposit with the promotions at and, it’s pretty easy to get double that amount in free credits. The bonuses all have low play through requirements (5 times). Payouts are quick and always there on Tuesday morning. If you ever happened to experience a problem (not likely) or if you ever have a question, their customer support is top notch. Oh yeah, no stupid fax back forms either.

MAYRAP8 on August 26, 2004. Reply


AJames on July 19, 2004. Reply

I have been playing at Slotland for quite a few years. I have always enjoyed their great customer service. They are so prompt with their replys. I know they are listening. Also, I have had some really good big hits, but I love playing and usually just keep playing. When I have chosen to cash in any of my winnings I have never had a problem. Always received my winnings via us mail. I love their games and their great customer service.


jjjamms on July 3, 2004. Reply

Have played at this casino a little. Enjoy the games that are webtv friendly, but would like to see more games there.

csmith901 on June 15, 2004. Reply

I’ve been playing at Slotland for several years and have found it the easiest and most friendly gambling site on the net.
I’ve become a VIP member and get surprised with bonuses that I truly appreciate.
Although I’ve lost more than I’ve won, it’s been a pleasure playing!
Thanks Slotland!


10pins on May 26, 2004. Reply

well i played at slotland for a couple of years. then they cut me off because i thought they were taking a lot of my money and being very friendly. i don’t think i was connecting gambling in my brain as also being a business. for me it was a way to avoid thinking about what i had to think about(death of a spouse) it was costing me a lot of money and i was getting upset. the staff was very friendly, so i kept playing. the head of slotland stopped me from playing. i think because he knew i was not thinking about how much i was putting into the game. anyway on the anniversary of my husbands death(i don’t think they knew that) i received a beautiful bouquet of flowers. they appoligized because for some reason i was mixing their friendship up with wanting to win. they have always been very kind. i think i used them as a sounding board when i was home thinking. they have since let me come back and play. i don’t write tear stained letters to them any more. i just play once in a while. they are the best casino i have found. thank you Slotland.

Slotland logo Slotland on May 26, 2004.

Dear 10pins,

I was contacted by webmaster from regarding your recent post on the Slotland forum. I read your letter and was deeply touched by your warm words.

I remember you very well since 2001 when I was working in our Support team… I reviewed our correspondence made in the past to refresh all your Slotland’s ‘history’. Now I see how much unhappy you probably were in your private life in the past…and I finally understand your several disappointments in your letters. As you know, we’ve always appreciated you – being our customer that is fair and honest all the time.

Marge, I wish you all the best in your private life and please enjoy playing your favorite games at Slotland with a little bonus that I credited to your account balance.

Thank you for your great loyalty! Please stay with us – we love you!

Warmest regards,
Slotland Marketing Department

Fran on May 2, 2004. Reply

I have been playing at Slotland for quite awile and love it. The staff have always been very nice and helpful. I don’t win alot, but I love playing. The only thing I don’t like, is……. when I deposit my money, it gets gone so fast. I wish the games would let me play longer, let me win enough to keep playing. I don’t expect to hit the Jackpot, I just want to be able to play. I want to thank the management and all the support people for being so nice and helpful to me.
Thank You!

giorgio on April 29, 2004. Reply

very good

robert on April 25, 2004. Reply

they are very different slot machines and you must read the instructions. they are fun and some are abit confusing, but i just started to play there. i like them.

george Lemieux on December 5, 2003. Reply

After reading the mixed reviews above I had to try for myself. I am disappointed. For one thing I thought I was registering a c.c. and it charged me. Very sneaky way to do that. Too few games. Not impressed at all but that is just my opinion.

Slotland logo Slotland on December 5, 2003.

Thank you all for your posts – nice and also the negatives that helps me to understand what we should improve at Slotland.

Hannah from Slotland

debrah on November 13, 2003. Reply

i have played at this casino for over 6 years and have never had any problems until was always my favorite love the staff but some where i have lost affection for a few …..just cannot get straight answers …like where are you located ..europe big continent..___Anjouan . people look into your casino site and make sure you can contact them and not by just email..they have no phone number and only a p.o. box..please check

pat damuck on November 9, 2003. Reply

i have enjoyed slotland easy to deposit , great customer service. Never win big, never knew unbetted and betted lines have a different way of spinning random verses matha]matical {kept seeing those big payouts ,till i betted}, all and all its fun

Zeaneh on October 31, 2003. Reply

I happened up on Slotland way before I started playing at gg, I think Slotland is great I always hit not big pots but enough small ones. If I would quit when I’m hitting I would have a lot of cash but I love to play and I just happen to like to play at Slotland. 10 thumbs up for Slotland. I’ve never had to wait or have I ever found the reels to turn slow I think that has a lot to do with your pc get DSL and then it won’t be slow lol keep up the good work Slotland I love you.

Susan on October 11, 2003. Reply

Slotland was among the 1st casinos I ever played at, and as I read opinions of other players who give negative reviews, I smile at myself and remember how confused I myself was when I first played at Slotland and lost continually, after hearing so many players and experts rate it as such an excellent casino. I did very poorly at Slotland at first also, although I enjoyed their games; but then to my own embarrassment/amusement, I realized that I had never bothered to actually READ and UNDERSTAND the instructions and hints Slotland provides for each game, and once I DID read them, I discovered I had been playing the games with the worst possible strategy and without even understanding what I was doing, which is why I always lost, rofl. I read the instructions finally, and realized the games are incredibly unique and were never meant to be brainless button-pushing, but actually involve and require the higher level of thinking and strategy and gamesmanship that so many of us want in the games we play – and I laughed at myself for being silly and essentially burning money because I was too lazy to read the instructions. Since then, I learned that Slotland’s games DO involve streaks of luck, but they also can provide a dramatic increase in odds of winning to players who read and understand the games, and at Slotland, skill can play as big a role as luck in whether or not you win or lose. That is much better than casinos where I lose because the odds are set against me and nothing I do matters in limiting losses. Now I love Slotland’s games, and my profits FAR outweigh my losses, including the early losses from before I read the instructions. In addition, Slotland is the only online casino left at this stage that still provides good bonuses, fair wagering requirements that aren’t set to make cashing out impossible, and provide real customer service and solves problems promptly and politely – most casinos, including the “best” have lost their legitimacy and only provide customer service in the area of taking your money, while CS reps are outright rude when you ask for help getting paid; Slotland pays promptly when it promises and doesn’t continue to add longer and longer delays to avoid paying you, and doesn’t require you to wager your deposit 100 times before you can cash out. It’s fun, challenging, fair, and honest. Few online casinos offer one of those factors, and Slotland still provides them all, and as long as you read the rules for each game, most should find it profitable and fun, and should find the top service and no-nonsense financial behavior refreshing. Lets just hold the others to the standards of Slotland.

shargc1 on October 1, 2003. Reply

I accidently got on this site and i read the review about slotand the good and the bad but when you play at any casino it a game of luck ,my luck not been that great but the support team is far most the best i have ever dealt with and i think the games are so different from orther casino that is why people like me that is not so lucky always comes back to play .

Christie on July 25, 2003. Reply


Derek on July 18, 2003. Reply

I have to say after hearing a lot of good things about them i tried them out. I was extremely dissapointed, the games were extremely slow and boring. everytime i spun the reel, the game always loaded after the reels had finished, also, major delay while spinning. Overall, i give them a 2/10 rating.!!!

captjack on July 15, 2003. Reply

Enjoy Jacks or better. Do not seemed to win. Never gambled before, Enjoy the brain stimulation.

Patti W on May 6, 2003. Reply

I love the Slotland games. They are unique, and the no download is a real plus to me. The customer service is excellant also. I haven’t had a big win, but can play a long time for little money, but great entertainment.

cr stevenson on March 26, 2003. Reply

I have a good time playing at slotland.but catch some heat about playing so much,because I havent won big.But thats the way gambling goes.besides I never have problems with my credit cards at slotland,and the customer service is great.

wilma on March 26, 2003. Reply

my husband got me an account with slotlad a few weeks ago,I havent won anything but it was ok I dont think I will play agian and if he dont win soon I wonders why he still plays.No offense just new to all this giving away money.

clarence on March 26, 2003. Reply

ive been playing at slotland for a few years never won any thing big but it helps me to unwind.i look foward to the big one thanks!

Cathy on February 25, 2003. Reply

I had waited to play at Slotland for a long time and I have to say that when I did, I was so very disappointed. I lost $100.00 in no time flat! The most I won at one time was about $10.00. I was looking for something else to do within an hour. How sad to have waited so long and lost so quickly! I play the casinos on line often, and have to say that i will be in no hurry to play there again.

Bob N. on February 5, 2003. Reply

I would recommend Slotland to everyone , I have played at other casinos but always return to slotland ,twice I have cashed out with very nice winnings ,$700 and$1100 and recieved my money in the mail one week later.slotland is the best.

Iva on January 25, 2003. Reply

I have played at Slotland for a long time and I am very happy to say that the staff at Slotland have been the best I have ever known. No I do not win every time but I play for I do not get sound but who needs it I have eyes. The team at Slotland have been gracious and supportive of me and my complaints and I do thank them with all my heart. It would be a long week without them sometimes. Always glad to come back when I have the funds!

lamaxine on January 16, 2003. Reply

I love Slotland and would recommend them to anyone. they have the best customer support and casino on the internet. They always are prompt at crediting your account with very generous bonus $ and are always prompt with your cashouts. I trust them fully and it is the only casino that I feel secure depositing my money into. If you like to win and be treated very well then Slotland is the place to play!!

Kenny D on December 15, 2002. Reply

Slotland has the simplist bonus requirement play through one time !!!
Exellent customer service.
Slotland RULES !!!!!!!!

Kenny D on December 15, 2002. Reply

The reason I love Slotland is their exellent customer service, great holiday and daily bonus”s and prompt payment of winnings.
Payments every Tues. my check arrives Thursday!!!!!!

Sue on December 12, 2002. Reply

i have been dying to play at slotland but the credit card i registered has no available funds and you can only register one at a time. i cannot get neteller to accept any of my credit cards so that isn’t helping me either. although slotland is my all time favorite, i cannot play there as much as i’d like to. i end up playing at some second rate casino just because i can register another credit card with them even though i know the money will be gone too quick and i won’t enjoy it as much as i would at slotland. they are THE best all the way around as far as i’m concerned. please play there and if you like you can use my login id, which is sushi, as a referral. enjoy!!

barbara hayes on December 6, 2002. Reply

I am no longer allowed to play at this casino due to charge backs made by paypal
due to their error but I want to speak up and say regardless this was the best casino on the internet and I was truly happy with this site from day one I had been playing with them for years and it was my only casino for awhile I actually didnt even mind losing as I had so much fun playing. It broke my heart when they told me I couldnt play any more as they thought it was in my best interest as I spent alot of money. I dont agree with that and I did nothing intentionally to them but understand they had the right
intentions. I am just sorry i cannot enjoy the site anymore but those of you who can I can only say do so you wont be sorry they have terrific bonus’s they treat their customers with personalized A1 service and as proof this is true when they told me i could no longer play to show their thanks for my past patronage they send me a beautiful bouqet of flowers not cheap ones either a lovely arrangement in a gorgeous pot a large thing. Now how many casinos can you say go that far? I still will promote them and speak highly of them they gave me many many hours days and years of enjoyment I never did cash out much but It was money well spent and that was my choice i did win lots numerous times but im greedy. Lol Barb

walter murphy on December 6, 2002. Reply

I heard alot of great things from slotland and although i havent been given any bonus’s or special treatment I love the games and my first experieince dealing with their support team found them to be very concerned with their players. I have been told they have the best bonus
stuff on the holidays and the best support team am still waiting for those bonus’s but i love their games regardless they take skill and they are not your run of the mill put the money in spin the wheel and so on.
My email is currently not usable due to a virus contracted and aol trying to resolve my problem but my casino account is IAMTHEMAN
i cannot send you any email right now. Also i have been thus cheated out of receiving the get luckies for my deposits as i cannot email you to request them but i should have quite a few coming to me. could you possibly check for me thanks

carlos guarinoni on December 4, 2002. Reply

i{love a slotland casino ,my GAME IS GOLDEN 8

Sheri Stortroen on November 30, 2002. Reply

I did not do very well playing the slots here. I lost my money very quickly, without ever winning more than $13 at a time, which meant I lost my $45 too soon. Also, I did not like the time it took to spin and see the results. (too slow). I would not refer someone to this casino who did not have a very big bank roll to play with. I have won up to $240 at other casino’s by just playing with a $10 sign-up bonus. Maybe my luck was just bad the day I played,but I won’t try again, as I have limited funds to play with, and like a better return for my money. It was nice to play some new slot games that I had never seen before.

Linda on November 30, 2002. Reply

Simply SUPREME!!
I have a great deal of experience working in the “customer-service” industry, although currently I’m not working ~ {disabled} :(, I know what an arduous task it is to find conscientious people that can actually comprehend AND provide REAL “Customer Service”. Hiring a person that takes pride in their work and has a grasp is like winning the lottery ~ we all know how rare that is LOL :D
An ABSOLUTELY FIRST-RATE Customer Service Department!! They’re helpful, courteous and friendly.
Slotland is “THE TOP DOG”!

ellen on November 6, 2002. Reply

I have always been credited very fast with my megar deposits especially fast when gone gambling point coversion is reached. I, too, like the games but I have never won here more than likely I dont make the right choices when playing wildheart. no sound for me either…would like to win something but…no $ anyway good casino

zzdebi on November 6, 2002. Reply

this stinks-no real slots

blackjktc on November 4, 2002. Reply

Well I just can’t say enough good about it. Slotland is always fun even if I don’t have much to spend. I have started with as little as $10.00 and ended up with $100.00, $200.00, and even more. I have had end-less hours and days of fun and excitment over the last 4 years, and I am VERY HAPPY I found this Casino as soon as I did ! ! I once cashed out enough to go on a Dream Vacation to Las Vegas ! (((-: Thanks Slotland ! But really, I truthfully have to say that as much as I enjoyed my Dream Vacation really I have had more fun sitting comfortably at home playing at Slotland. I don’t care much for all of the sound, smoke, and crowds of people anyway. Most land based Casinos are just too loud for my taste.*I just don’t need sound to play and win anyway* and too slow with the drinks, too tight with the Comps etc… I we won’t even talk about their being FAIR ?. As far as speed of the game *I can lose my $$ slowly and enjoy it longer* (-: LOL Slotland’s Games are all fun especially if you take the time to read, play, and understand them fully. Great and Original Bonus Plays Features, and Fantastic Customer Service !!!
I can actually WIN and even if I don’t I still end up having a GREAT TIME !! Do yourself a favor. If you like to play SLOTS give Slotland a try ! (-“

Todd C. >aka on November 4, 2002. Reply

I agree with all the positive posts. There is not another casino Landbased or Online I want to play at *PERIOD*. Too
many good things to say about Slotland for me to post them all here. If you have trouble understanding the games or if you have a ? Slotland has The VERY BEST Customer Support in the Bussiness. You can Email me and I will be glad to help you (if I can) with tips for playing and understanding the games. (-:> If you love to play Slots you really should try Slotland. I don’t think the games make sound,(I never heard any) but the lack of it did’t stop me from enjoying all the Fun & Excitment that Slotland has. My Testimonial is on the Site under GNAT. If you want to read what I wrote after playing at Slotland for the first year. I am so Happy that I found Slotland so soon after I first got on-line. I have played at some of the rest since then, but now, I will only play at the BEST !

Bryan G on October 30, 2002. Reply

I really like slotland. It is one of the fairest casinos I have played at. A lot of casinos just STEAL your money as soon as you start playing but slotland gives you a lot of playtime for your money! I only play slotland whenever I gamble online.

Kate Sharpe on October 28, 2002. Reply

I’ve played at Slotland on and off over the years – haven’t won much, but the few times I have, payouts have been fast. Great customer support and fun games. I somehow always get the newsletter of the month at the very end of the month, so I can’t plan my gambling $$. I’ve played at a lot of casinos online and have narrowed my selections down to just a few that I trust and Slotland is one of them.

Ginger Brown on October 25, 2002. Reply

I play at slotland only. Usually get long play time for my money.Very fast payout. Cashed out $200. and within 4 days there it was in mailbox. Really like heavymetal game the best. Thank you slotland.

greedygirl on October 24, 2002. Reply

My greatest dream for online gaming would be to have Slotland run all casinos support staffs. Slotland truly has the finest support anywhere–it parallels the best land-based casinos. The games are quite unusual and fun…you’ll find nothing quite like these slots elsewhere. This casino is really one of the best. And you won’t want to miss their monhthly newsletter!

Laurie B. on October 23, 2002. Reply

Slotland is the best! I’ve cashed out $750.00 this month! The games with a bonus feature seem to ay the best. They might not have all the “bells and whistles” some of the other casinos have but their service is FAR SUPERIOR and payouts are very fast!

They run great promotions from time to time and the instant bonus deposits that pop up are great!

No other online casino gets my money…

Henry ALLEN on October 21, 2002. Reply

I don’t know about you guys, but Slotland is my all times favorite.
SLOTLAND was the first casino I played on internet. Since then I have played at 100’s of casinos, but I always come back to Slotland… They are the only casino I trust to get paid if I win.

joater on October 16, 2002. Reply

There is sound? :) The slots are really different and fun to play.No download is a plus. The best thing about Slotland is outstanding customer service!! They go out of their way to support their players.[fast-efficent-friendly] And yes you can win there too!

Marbos Ki on October 13, 2002. Reply

people, this casino IS superb. if you look down within the comments here you´ll see that slotland really cares about the players.
From my experience I can asure that there aren´t many online casinos that do that.
The games might be slow sometimes, but this casino is Reliable. I wouldn´t change that for better software ;-)

Al on October 3, 2002. Reply

I didn’t like the site at all! Slow games, No Sound, it froze my computer. I can only say that I’m not happy there!

stanly on September 23, 2002. Reply


Guide2Casino.comn on September 2, 2002. Reply

Simply the best support on the net. But the grafics could be better.

Deb on August 24, 2002. Reply

I went to Slotland because of the comments here. Sorry to say, I agree with Dee’s first statement. It was very slow and I also had no sound. I got the impression that there were quite a few slot Machines to choose from, but I felt there were very few in comparison to other Casinos. I found the site kind of boring.

Dee on July 23, 2002. Reply

Thanks to Hannah at Slotland for being so helpful!!:) I tried again and this time around it was MUCH faster than last time. I still had no sound though. Maybe it’s an AOL thing. So… I am now revising my last statement to say that YES! This is a fun site. Just be forewarned of the Silver Kiss slot…’s more than you expect in a slot machine and that’s all I’m gonna say. (I know I just tweaked everyone’s curiosity!) So Hannah I think I just sent a bunch of curious people to your site! Thanks again!

Margaret Corbiere on July 21, 2002. Reply

I joined last night. Lost everything got only about a $5 bonus not as much compared to some other sites. Enjoyed it just wish I won. Not sure I will return.

Beverly on July 16, 2002. Reply

I like Slotland and their cute support! :)

Slotland logo Slotland on June 16, 2002.

Thanks for nice comments! All of you: please, send me a letter with your account names at: so I can credit your gaming account with some free $$$ as a Big Thanks for your words!

P.S. Dee: I would also like to credit your gaming account with some free cash so you can try our games again and improve your opinion! I believe that your troubles were caused due to some short term error in internet connection! Thanks, Hannah

michael on July 13, 2002. Reply

this is by far the best online casino out there. there customer service reps will assist you with anything. Evenmore, there games are by far the most honest on the net and the most fun to play!!

Big Al on July 10, 2002. Reply

great site

Dee on July 1, 2002. Reply

This casino leaves a lot to be desired. It’s very slowwwww…no sound effects…I had to hit the refresh button a few times before it cooperated. There’s better sites out there!

Marco Bossi on May 29, 2002. Reply

This is the place for a slot machine maniac like me. I can only recommend it. Really cool.

Marsian Rider on April 25, 2002. Reply

Cool casino! They’ll actually payout!!

Jeremy on March 21, 2002. Reply

I like the casino and their slots. The idea of the extra Bonus delights impresses me, but I find it a bit difficult to understand.

Slotland logo Slotland on March 21, 2002.

if you have any questions whatsoever, please do not hesitate to contact support and they will gladly help you.
simply mail to:


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