Why Texas Hold´em is my favorite casino game

With all the bright lights and excitement in a casino, it´s hard to get a chance to play everything. It´s even harder to choose a favorite. A lot of people like craps, because they feel that they can control the dice. Lots of people enjoy blackjack, because you can play with a good strategy, and if you count cards, you can really pull in some dough. As for me, I like Texas Hold´em best of all the games at the casino.

Texas Hold’em isn’t a standard casino game, because it’s a poker game. That means that it’s often played in a separate poker room, and not on the main casino floor. Still, it’s about betting and winning. I like Texas Hold’em, because it’s not like a lot of other casino games. In most casino games, you’re playing against the house. In Texas Hold’em, you’re playing against other players, and you just pay a little rake to the house.

Another thing I like about Texas Hold’em is that there really is a lot of strategy to it. For example if you hold a pair of sixes, but there’s a king and a queen out on the board, then you know that someone’s gotta have a better pair than you. It’s pretty easy to guess at what other players might have. Now in Seven Card Stud, you have to be aware of so many more cards, and the potential for your opponent having an awesome hand in Omaha is too high for my tastes.

The only downside to Texas Hold’em is that you have to be wide awake and thinking the whole time. That means you can’t just be taking comped cocktails all day. You gotta keep sharp. You have to stick to soft drinks and maybe even a dose of caffeine here and there. If you wanna play slots, you don’t have to think at all. You used to have to pull a handle on the one-armed bandit, but these days, you just push a button. In fact, in some casinos, it’s so sophisticated that you don’t even have to push a button. You can just sit there and watch.

That’s not for me though. I like to be active. I like my mind working overtime. I love playing against tough opponents, watching them fold to my bluffs. I love watching their responses to my bets. It’s a real thrill, and it’s different from the other games in the casino. Sure, I love watching the dice I roll hit my boxcars. That’s awesome. And I love rolling the dice. I like watching my numbers come up for roulette too. None of it compares to the joys of outwitting an opponent at the Texas Hold’em table.

When I’m not in Vegas or Atlantic City, I play Texas Hold’em online, but it’s just not the same. I love being at the table, feeling the energy in the room, and just experiencing the wonder that is Texas Hold’em.

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