The Status of the Card Counter

To be a true professional Blackjack player one must master a certain degree of card counting. As is evident by the players that have become famous for their skilled gaming, a good head for math makes a good card player.
A good counter shares his skill

It has become quite popular among the true professionals to add the title of author to their resume. If a good sense of math also means an inherent will to share, it might be hard to say; but it is a fact that the great players have made their way to success available through books or websites. They also seem to be good natured as they will many times recommend not only their own works but also those of other gamblers that turned into writers. The story is usually that a book inspired them to look for a full time career as a gambler and naturally everyone wants to know just what book it was that could have inspired such a success.
It stands clear that luck isn’t enough to make it in the world of gambling. A talent for math and logic is the start and when the casinos are starting to shut their doors, an ability to write seem to be the next thing needed to stay in the business.

No Card Counters Please!

It isn’t difficult to understand that a casino isn’t too happy to have a skilled card counter visiting too frequently. Casinos aren’t out there to hand out money but rather to make money on a big crowd of less successful players. While that is perfectly understandable it is not OK that as a result of it card counters have gotten the status as illegal players.

Card counting is not illegal!

Still, casinos will make sure to ban a player from their Blackjack table if they realize that he is counting with success. If the player is really an amazing talent, rumor will travel fast and he might find himself not welcome at the door of a casino that he never visited before. Some professional gambles had to wear disguises to get into new casinos before they finally gave in and started to write instead.

There are casinos that don’t have the right to deny players entrance and they will usually employ strategies to make the game more difficult to master as a counter. They will assign harder rules, have more decks in one game and keep the deck penetration as low as possible.

The Future of the Card Counter

For the math whiz that writes like a chicken on one leg the career as a professional Blackjack player might become a difficult one. Unless he makes it in some of the tournaments available he should try to accept the fact that professional gaming is part of his interesting past and try to find a day time job. If he does know how to express himself he could most likely stay around the gaming world as the crowd that would like to have an in on his wisdom is big and hungry.

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