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Slotland Player Reviews and comments

Tammy wrote on 09/11/2014

" Do not play on this site!! I was playing piggy bank yesterday, and during the bonus spins I hit the plums 3 times, the strawberries once. However, I was awarded only 12.00 altogether. I obviously filed a complaint to customer service, to which they replied I had only won twice, once for 7.50 and another for 3.00 however I was clearly awarded 12.00 because it says your total bonus winnings when it ends. They obviously have no intention of giving me the money I rightfully won. The plums are 50x, so the 12.00 is a serious under payment. Do not trust this site, they will not payout fairly and they will lie about your correct winnings in order to not have large pay outs. "

Saphira Derrico wrote on 08/03/2014

" I feel that It should be a gift for registrying and if you like it you pay ..I don't agree to the min being 25.0 really. Im deactivating this "

mickiegal wrote on 05/24/2014

" An absolute ripoff. I've foolishly played on this site for at least 10 years and have bet more than 6 figures. The most I ever won was $300. I like their games and their customer service is wonderful. Don't wast you time or money. "

Friv on wrote on 02/21/2014

" If there just would be flash version of that game, I'd happily upload it to my project. "

Ben wrote on 07/30/2013

" This "casino" is the worst casino as far as getting play for your money. I made like 4 small deposits there and with the match bonus I would normally play with 50 dollars. Now that being said I know that's not a lot of money to play with but you do expect to be fairly entertained. On every occasion I played there it was a total rip off often not even winning my bet back. This is clearly not a legitimate casino when you can't even play for 15 minutes on 50 bucks only betting .50 cent to a dollar a hand. It's a shame to because I had high hopes for Slotland as the whole concept seemed pretty cool. Take my word for it this has to be the worst online casino for your money out there. "

aj wrote on 04/13/2013

" I've never had any problems winning or losing, (other than by my hand!) I don't understand all the bashing bc the customer support is outstanding and worth any $ lost compared to other sites. the games are over the top and though the bets are high so are the wins ;p "

laura roper anthony wrote on 04/13/2013

" hello, i have been reading all of the reviews and most of them are good. my father who was recently discharged from the hospital (mike roper) wants me to hook him up with an online casino as he is not able to go to vegas any longer due to health issues. I am concerned that if he deposits he will not recieve winnings and will be stalled for withdrawals. So far your casino seems to have the best reviews and i am going to go ahead and sign him up to make a small deposit and see how it goes. i am a retired executive casino host and will be keeping close tabs on this activity. i hope i won't be disapointed. but as i am eager for him to happily play his video poker games for real i hope this casino turns out to be on the up and up. sincerely, Laura roper-Anthony "

Susan wrote on 04/13/2013

" I just joined Slotland. I was charged extra fees when I deposited money and lost the money quickly. This site gives you a very short play time for your money. "

Colleen wrote on 05/15/2012

" Slotland and Winaday, by Proprietary are by far the best online casino's available. I have tried a lot of online casino's over the years and NONE compare to Slotland and Winaday. The games are all no download flash games with bonus features and free spins. There casinos are known for their generosity when it comes to bonuses and promotions. The best part about these sites is the customer service. The staff are all so friendly and welcoming and they tended to any question that I had immediately. Colleyn09 "

David G wrote on 04/19/2012

" Slotland is the only place I currently play online... Deposits and withdrawals are easy, and customer service is outstanding - not only are questions and concerns promptly addressed, they do so with care and professionalism. Bonuses are generous, and the games can be accessed with virtually any device. Ultimately, quality service, honesty and integrity keep me coming back. "

Frank Mills wrote on 12/14/2011

" I have played slotland for 13 years. I have lost a ton of money on this site. I only play Jacks or better, video poker. I have had 4 to the royal at least 50,000 times and never hit the royal once. I have played real life casinos probably 500,000 less hands and have hit at least 150 royal flushes betting maximun bet. I think slotland is fixed and you get the same hand repeatedly. Don't play slotland "

Thomas wrote on 03/10/2011

" Slotland is the very first and only casino that actually gave me totally free bonus money to play with when I had to make a complaint (nothing serious though). If that´s not customer care then what is? "

Mel wrote on 02/19/2011

" Slotland is my top favorite casino because it´s 100% reliable (browse the internet and you´ll see it´s true). I never played at a casino before where I felt so well treated. Support is nothing but kind and cooperative. Why would I play at other casinos with (do have to admit) way more fancy games when at the end I end up with a bad feeling about it. You can tell what you want, I stick to this one. Thanks Slotland "

donna wrote on 11/28/2010

" I will tell you why slotland sucks............There is one jackpot for all of the games and you have to be betting max to possibly hit it....Thats a lot of people spending a lot of money to try for one jackpot........As stated before you dont hit anything until your last ten dollars and you go to 50 cents and boom four of a kind straight flush etc.....If you do happen to hit anything you then proceed to go straight downhill.....I would be happy with half the money my husband and I have spent there........Just had a hundred and ten dollars last about 20 minutes on small bets.....So if you want to continue there and build their pockets as the jackpot slowly rises be my guest "

justin wrote on 07/10/2010

" Slotland, is one of the best casinos that I've seen. I'm a loyal player there and have been playing for more than three years now. I've won quite a few times on their unique slot machines. And I've received my cash back too. I'll stay there for a few more years as they'll be offering new promos now and then. Cheers! Justin "

riccardo wrote on 02/19/2010

" Slotland realy a scam I spent more then $ 1400 on Booster Slot and I did not get any real winning... "

Barb Hayes wrote on 12/28/2009

" I simply cant believe so many posts of slotland being dishonest or having bad customer service. I can tell you first hand but will not get into details because others might decide to try to benefit from my situations. Slotland has always from when they began treated me with the utmost respect and have never given me reason to doubt their credibility. They have sent to me flowers not just any old flowers an arrangement in a vase that even a corporate company would not send to their clients. I have been sent other items as well not cheap items promoting themselves either. I have had my account frozen by them to protect myself from way to much spending either on my part or others and I appreciated that they were concerned more for me than making a profit for themselves. Their games are not your typical and they take some thought to actually win and this is good. They also can be frustrating but they do all hit and its possible to win good money at this site but the main difference between them and others is that their jackpot grows and it is given to someone from whichever game hits it and its hard to determine which game is going to pay that jackpot but each and every jackpot win is described both by game it was won on and who the winner is and many of these winners come from reputable other sites and are known. As with other casinos sure they say people won but who are these people and does anyone know them. I have found that most casinos on the internet are not honest I cant tell you how much Ive lost and latter found the names of the sites among those blacklisted. Slotland has never done anything but prove over and over again they are the most honest respected site out their They know their players personally and they are more than fair about what goes on and have like I said proven to me 100% they are in no way dishonest. Even if I never win one of the major jackpots Ive enjoyed playing their games and dealing with slotland above any and all other sites that have ever been. The only site that I would say is out their and cares about the gamblers rather than prey on them for their money is gone gambling they are a portal but they are full of fun things to do and if a casino deals with them you know they are reputable and visa versa. "

Ginger wrote on 08/11/2009

" I just wanted to send out my praises to Slotland for the wonderful customer service, and what I consider to be a great online casino. I have been playing at Slotland for years and am very satisfied and will continue to play at Slotland. I have tried others but stopped. I have lost alot and won alot it's all part of gambling. My favorite game is Treasure Box and at this time my treasure box bonus will be over $1000.00 if and win I hit. I feel the customer service is very quick to respond to all correspondence and cashing out is so fast and simple. One month I cashed out in 2 weeks for $1000.00 each week. They process withdrawals on Tuesdays and my money was in my bank on Wednesday each time. Again Slotland is the best and cares about the customer care they give. Thanks Ginger "

Jordan wrote on 07/18/2009

" Reading the complaints here, I get the feeling that most of these people do not gamble at a land based casino very often - or they have different expectations from them. I have played online and offline and have spent 1000's along the way. If you cannot lose as well as you can win, then quit playing. I have won a number of times at Slotland and have been paid every single time without an issue. (I obviously have lost a lot as well) That is simply gambling. I agree with Will completely!! "

will wrote on 10/06/2008

" I honestly can't recall how long I've been playing at slotland but I Love It! Now i can say i had days where i vowed never to play there again but it was only frustration,lol. I had days where i wanted to kiss the monitor,lol. This is my opinion: For those of you who bad mouth slotland, its not slotland, its you! When you go to a live casino, do you win every single time? NO! When you go to a live casino and the machine is cold (not giving you anything) what do you do, get up and move to another machine. So, if the game you are playing is not giving you anything, change games! Log out, leave your balance and play another day. Don't keep feeding it and then get mad, you knew it was a cold day, but you thought you could stand the cold without getting frost bite,lol! Thats real, know when to quit and know when to cash out, small or big. Don't blame slotland! Also, i agree on some comments, there should be more games like keno, or 9 wheel progressive slots etc, and whats up with the sound, can we at least get that for the time being. I also think slotland should honor the loyal customer on new years day with a bonus percentage of what the player vested the whole year. Lol, would be nice huh? Anyway, for those of you who bad mouth slotland, think about what i said, it makes since if you're honest with yourself. Oh Yeah, another reason people get mad is they play with money they really don't have to spare, trying to flip it but when they lose it, thats when you can fry an egg on there head and they are not gonna blame themselves so who's left, Slotland! LOL, that was fun, but the truth! "

JUDY wrote on 05/21/2008

" HI I have been with slotland for 8 years, and i am ready to cancel again. In the beginning i was winning alot. But not in the pass 5 years there has been nothing. The only time you hit something more then a 3 of a kind is when you place the lowest bet.Would tou beleive they have the nerve to let me play out 300.00 dollars on silvekiss playing 2.00 bets and then when money got low switched to 50 cent bets and got 3 hearts for jackpot. Now i think something is fishy there..And the same with jacks or better . you play 3.00 bets and lose , but change to 50cent bets and you get a 4 of a kind. wow a big 12.50 after you blow 100.00 bucks. I will not be back no more. OTB IS LEGAL IN MY STATE NOW. I have been winning more there with 6.00 bets then ever at slotland. DO me favor give up at slotland they our not worth it. "

Susie wrote on 08/08/2007

" Ricardo your comment is not fair, if you lost $750 it just was not your lucky day. I have been playing at Slotland for about 9 years and they are by far the most professional and fair site on the Web. True, they don't have all the glitz and glam but that just bogs down your computer anyway. When you win a jackpot they send it Federal Express (on Tuesdays I think) and you get it the next day. I have cashed enough of their checks to know that they are a very trustworthy site. Try again, I think you will like them. Just take it slow on the betting until your luck gets rolling!!! "

riccardo07 wrote on 08/05/2007

" I thinks Slotland is a quite nice boring scam I spent $ 750 within 2 days and was so boring and frustracting. "

MALIA92 wrote on 10/18/2006

" I always choose Slotland first before I deposit anywhere else, because they are so fair and for real. "

ronan wrote on 07/15/2006

" I have played there on and off, they would be much better if they added more games but hopefully this is being planned for the future "

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