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Lily Granger (@wwdd88) on March 2, 2015. Reply

greatest customer support i’ve ever received from a casino. just wish i didn’t have to get to know them so well. i end up calling them pretty often on account of lost money.

Tammy on September 11, 2014. Reply

Do not play on this site!! I was playing piggy bank yesterday, and during the bonus spins I hit the plums 3 times, the strawberries once. However, I was awarded only 12.00 altogether. I obviously filed a complaint to customer service, to which they replied I had only won twice, once for 7.50 and another for 3.00 however I was clearly awarded 12.00 because it says your total bonus winnings when it ends. They obviously have no intention of giving me the money I rightfully won. The plums are 50x, so the 12.00 is a serious under payment. Do not trust this site, they will not payout fairly and they will lie about your correct winnings in order to not have large pay outs.

Saphira Derrico on August 3, 2014. Reply

I feel that It should be a gift for registrying and if you like it you pay ..I don't agree to the min being 25.0 really. Im deactivating this

mickiegal on May 24, 2014. Reply

An absolute ripoff. I've foolishly played on this site for at least 10 years and have bet more than 6 figures. The most I ever won was $300. I like their games and their customer service is wonderful. Don't wast you time or money.

Friv on on February 21, 2014. Reply

If there just would be flash version of that game, I'd happily upload it to my project.

Ben on July 30, 2013. Reply

This "casino" is the worst casino as far as getting play for your money. I made like 4 small deposits there and with the match bonus I would normally play with 50 dollars. Now that being said I know that's not a lot of money to play with but you do expect to be fairly entertained. On every occasion I played there it was a total rip off often not even winning my bet back. This is clearly not a legitimate casino when you can't even play for 15 minutes on 50 bucks only betting .50 cent to a dollar a hand. It's a shame to because I had high hopes for Slotland as the whole concept seemed pretty cool. Take my word for it this has to be the worst online casino for your money out there.

aj on April 13, 2013. Reply

I've never had any problems winning or losing, (other than by my hand!) I don't understand all the bashing bc the customer support is outstanding and worth any $ lost compared to other sites. the games are over the top and though the bets are high so are the wins ;p

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