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No question about it, the ranking system on our homepage is a very good indicator for good casinos. However, from time to time Reviewed Casinos expresses its satisfaction with some sites by handing them an award. Casinos with this award button or an explicit comment from us have continuously proven to be a cut above the rest in the expectations that a player or webmaster has come to expect from online casinos.

The good ones

We only list good casinos on our site and delete or tag the bad ones. However, some of the good ones have been our good and reliable companions for more than a decade. Some of these casinos   deserve to be mentioned here:

The bad ones

Unfortunately, as in many aspects of life, there are bad eggs around. On the other hand, there are those that make every effort to cater to all your needs. Below you will find a list of casinos which excell in their service and quality and a list of casinos which should be avoided for various reasons.

We often get complaints from users regarding casinos that cheat them or simply do not respond to their questions. We will follow up on each complaint and try and sort out any problems that might exist. We accept the fact that some users also take chances and therefore will never jump to any conclusions before we do our own research. We do not want to start a hate campaign against online casinos, because there are a lot of honest hardworking entities out there and we believe that most issues can be resolved without starting a full scale war. Our ambition is to have no casinos listed in the bad boys list.
A casino listed in the Bad boys list will have the opportunity to redeem themselves by explaining what led to the circumstances that led them to be listed here. If you feel that you have been hard done by at a casino, please send us an email .
In this email, please clearly explain the situation including your user name.
NOTE: Please do not waste our time with untrue statements and be completely truthful. We do this with both parties’ interests at heart and will not tolerate vengeance seekers

Some casinos are just not pulling their weight. Casinos listed here are not recommended by us.

Grand Privé

This has to be one of the worst cases of scumbag theft that I have come across!
This group has decided that they will simply not pay their business partners anymore. Yep.. as simple as that – their affiliates have been thrown away so that they can have all the money.
They recently announced that they were closing their affiliate program as from the 1st December 2008, but did not find it necessary to uphold their contracts with the people that were the biggest reason for their success. The casinos will carry on accepting bets from players as per usual – but the marketing force that ensured that these players were brought to the casino in the first place will no longer earn anything for their hard work.

If this is how they will treat a business partner, an affiliate, basically a colleague – imagine how easily they will be able to throw YOU the PLAYER aside when it comes down to sending you money. THEY ARE THIEVES AND SHOULD BE TREATED ACCORDINGLY!!

The casinos belonging to this group are include:
Belle Vegas Online
Casino Grand Bay
Grand Bay Poker
Kasino Grand Bay
Lake Palace Casino
Jupiter Club Casino
Road House Reels Casino
Fortune Junction Casino
Jackpot Wheel Casino
Villa Fortuna Casino
Villa Fortuna Affiliates

STAY FAR AWAY FROM THEM – If you are already a player, I would STRONGLY recommend that you get your money out of there while you still can. There are more than enough DECENT Microgaming casinos where you can enjoy yourself.

I am not the only one writing on this.. have a look at what others are saying! Casino Affiliate Programs, GamTrak, Microgaming Bonus Streak, Casinomeister, Affiliate Guard Dog, Games and Casino, Bonus Paradise Gambling Forum, All Bonus Bets

Please note that I am not owed any money from this group and have not dealt with them very much – I simply hate seeing people getting screwed – be it a player or a fellow affiliates.

Silverstar Casino

Silverstar Casino seems to have a problem with paying out their affiliates. Affiliates are webmasters who promote a casino for a percentage of the turnover. Now, when a casino expects webmasters to send players to their site, the webmaster can expect to be paid for his efforts. When a webmaster cannot rely on a casino to pay him his earnings, how can a player trust the casino?
If a webmaster cannot promote a casino due to lack of trust, then the casino should not be supported at all!

Gamblers Palace, Simple Net Bet, Skytower

this group has stooped to a new low in Online Gambling fraud! This is a letter from Jake Caldwater from the Internet Gaming Commission!

” We have an urgent message for you and your friends and we also need your help. Gamblers Palace, Simple Net Bet and Skytower are all owned by same person. We reclassified these sites as Extreme Caution Urged about 6 months ago. Because of this action by us and the damage it has done to their business they have replicated our site under the URL of They added the hyphens to get around our URLs with the same name. When you go to their sites you will see a replication of our Accredited Logo. When you click on the logo it takes you to this fraudulent site, which is also a partial replication of our site. This is not only a violation of the copyright laws (our lawyers are working on it); it is also a flat out trick to lure you to their sites. And if that were not enough they have an extensive list of Extreme Caution Urged sites that are either false sites or competitors that they want to discredit. You can see this by clicking on the Directories page to see their list of alleged Extreme Caution Urged sites. This is a desperate and illegal move prior to the start of the heavy betting season that has additional real Extreme Caution Urged sites joining in. Please always check out a site with us, the real Internet Gaming Commission, before vesting any money. And tell your friends, post to newsgroups and forums the contents of this email. We appreciate your continued support and vigilance. Together we can insure that your gaming experience will be honest, exciting and pleasurable. Best regards, Jake Caldwater
Internet Gaming Commission also .net and .org also .net and .org

I would not trust them with my money!

Kiss Casino

These guys decided to enforce some or other obscure rule regarding legal age after a 19 year old had deposited twice and won $8000 and not pay him out. The problem is that where this all goes sour is that they accepted his money TWICE and have kept his deposits on this basis.
After a bit of pressure from the internet community, they decided to give him his initial deposits back, but are still sending him advertising emails for bonuses etc.

SERIOUSLY?!? After backing out of their commitment not to pay him on the basis that he is not allowed to play there, they offer him extra bonuses if he comes back and deposits money… Unethical does not even begin to describe this…

This is a place you definitely cannot trust – stay FAR away!!

UPDATE: an email received from Kiss Casino
Dear Player, It is with great regret and a heavy heart that we announce that Kiss Casino will be closing permanently on December 22, 2004.If you currently have a balance with the casino, please either play out your balance or withdraw your balance before our closing date. Please note, if you have received a bonus, the wagering requirements are still in place for all bonuses as well as redeemed/comp points. Your current account status:As a matter of good will, all players that are not able to playthrough their credits or cash out their withdrawable balance by December 22, 2004 will still be able to contact our customer service center until December 31st, 2004 to request credits to be cashed out, should they have met wager requirements. All funds remaining in casino accounts after December 31st, 2004 will be retained by the casino.We hope that you have enjoyed your time with us as much as we have enjoyed having you at our casino.


Kiss Casino
I guess that makes my warning a bit over the top :-)

Bet Royal Casino

As most of you know, websites like ours work closely with the casinos that we advertise. We need to ensure that the casinos we present to you are honest and will look after their players, because if we send our members to casinos that cheat them, then we will lose our good name and eventually our income. This is a long term bussiness, where it is important to establish trust.

Now, when a casino does not bother to answer the emails of their advertising partners, especially when it comes to payment, then there is no possible way that I can justify sending our members to that casino. If they treat us like that – there is absolutely no reason for them not to treat their customers like that.

So, I advise each and every one of you not to play at this casino. There are more than enough honest casinos around than to take a chance at a place like this one.

Update: We did eventually receive payment after about 6 weeks of trying to contact them. I still would not recommend them to anybody.