Caribbean Stud – Introduction

Caribbean Stud is the new rage in online gaming. It came into vogue only a few years ago but is showing no signs of diminishing in popularity.

The basis of Caribbean Stud is a 5 card stud poker game which uses poker hands. However there are striking similarities between Caribbean Stud and blackjack including the size of the table it's played on and the focus of the game; Caribbean Stud is played between each player and the dealer only, player does not play against player, even though there may be a number of players sitting at the table. The play itself follows the coming steps:

Step 1: Each player pays an ante which remains in front of him.
Step 2: If a player so wishes he may make an additional bet into a side pot for the bonus jackpot.
Step 3: Each player receives 5 cards face down; the dealer receives 4 face down and 1 face up.
Step 4: A betting round occurs. This betting round is not a usual poker betting round but rather an immediate call of double the ante; because the player is facing the dealer only, he must simply decide if he wishes to call the dealer, therefore there is no raising, there is also no checking. This bet is placed on the ‘bet' marking in front of the player; it does not go into the progressive jackpot.
Step 5: The dealer will collect the antes of all players who folded.
Step 6: The dealer flips his cards. If his hand isn't better than king-ace the call bet is returned and the antes are paid even money. If he qualifies the best hand wins.
Step 7: Each player who qualifies for the progressive jackpot must have paid into it at the beginning of the game and must also have an Ace-King minimum hand. If this is the case the dealer must be asked to flip over the cards.
Step 8: Collect winnings, or lay another ante to play again.

If the dealers hand beats the player the player looses all. If the players hand beats the dealer he is paid even on the ante, and the call bet is paid thus:

Ace-King or Pair
2 Pair
Three of a kind
Full House
Four of a Kind
Straight Flush
Royal Flush

The progressive jackpot is paid out according to the following:

Full House
Four of a Kind
Straight Flush
10% of the pot
Royal straight flush
100% of the pot

Many people like the pace of Caribbean Stud; it has much of the ambiance of blackjack but at a slower tempo with a more drawn out game, more sociable, more relaxed, plus the added element of the progressive jackpot really turns it into a fun and exciting game.

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