China and Taiwan nationals arrested in Bali online gambling bust

News on 22 Aug 2015

Indonesian immigration authorities in Bali have broken up an online gambling ring in their pursuit of illegal immigrants, raiding a villa in Jimbaran and arresting 48 Chinese and Taiwanese nationals believed to be involved in the illegal enterprise.

A spokesman for the local immigration office told the Jakarta Post:

“We need to investigate further regarding how they operate. So far, I am quite sure that they don’t only operate in Indonesia but also in other countries.”

The spokesman added that some of the suspects were in possession of incorrect immigration documents, with several on tourist visas while not keeping within the requirements relevant to these permissions.

The raiding party also seized 35 laptops, a printer, 85 Wi-Fi routers, 27 mobile phones, three land phones, one CCTV system, 59 internet modems, four USBs and two memory sticks as evidence.