Loto-Quebec online debuts new Jackpot Keno game

Games developer Pixiu Gaming announced Wednesday that it has launched its Lucky Lily Jackpot Keno game on Loto-Quebec Online.

Developed in collaboration with The Games Company (TGC), Lucky Lily is the second game released by Pixiu for Loto-Québec.

Incorporating Québec’s floral emblem, Lucky Lily has been designed specifically for Québec’s interactive lottery players and includes a progressive jackpot and a 5 Lucky Lilies prize at every draw, offering players multipliers of up to 16 times their bet.

Pixiu founder Tony Plaskow said in a launch statement, “We wanted to give LQ’s players exactly the type of game entertainment and jackpot buzz they desire. Working with the excellent team at TGC we are proud of the second Keno game in this strategic partnership and look forward to more exciting launches in the future.”

Hans Winkelmann, Managing Director of TGC said, “Once again, after the success of Lucky 8 Keno, we are very happy to have worked with Pixiu in developing this exciting game. We look forward to extending the opportunities into other verticals in the future.”

Robert Lalonde, Director of Online Operations at Loto-Québec, commented, “After the success of Lucky 8, we are happy to be able to provide our players with another exciting and innovative Keno game.”

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