New cash in roulette game for William Hill online

News on 7 Dec 2016

The relatively new online gambling games developer Be The House, has announced that it is to launch its unique Cash In Roulette product with William Hill Online.

Cash In Roulette offers bets over consecutive spins of a roulette wheel, in addition to the traditional single spin roulette. This means players can place bets on outcomes like 1 number 8 in the next 10 spins, 14 black numbers in the next 20 spins, and 65 reds in the next 100 spins, with a wide array of odds, from odds-on all the way out to 1 million to 1.

A company statement Tuesday revealed that William Hill is planning to offer liabilities of up to GBP 1 million per line…a huge increase on traditional roulette.

Be The House claims that Cash In Roulette attracts players with its potential for higher pay-outs, greater control over volatility, and, crucially, the ability to cash out during a multi-spin bet. The company holds a pending patent for accumulative casino on all table games and will be rolling several out over the next few months, the statement reveals.

Seth Freedman, CEO and co-founder of Be The House, said: “The online casino vertical has been lacking a truly innovative product for some time now, and we firmly believe that Cash In Roulette is a game-changer for operators and players alike.

“We are thrilled to be launching with William Hill, whose confidence in our product is proof of just how exciting and fresh it is.”

William Mathieson, head of gaming development at William Hill, said:

“This is the first truly innovative and engaging roulette product I’ve seen in the last 10 years. It has such a wide variety of bets on offer, making it an exciting proposition for roulette and non-roulette players alike.

“Combined with a better margin for the operator this was a great opportunity for William Hill to work with ‘Be the house’ and we look forward to its upcoming launch.”

William Hill becomes the second tier one operator to launch Cash In Roulette after Betfair was the first to introduce the game in October this year.

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