New deal could increase online casino provider’s player base ten-fold

Online gambling solutions and entertainment provider Evolution Technology Resources Inc. has signed an agreement with Highweb Trade Ltd, a Malta based B2B online casino service provider t/a 1ClickGames that will deliver game development, infrastructure management, white-labeling, support and maintenance services in the area of information technologies, EvoTech's online gambling site VIPSpel Casino and future platforms.

The agreement between Evolution Technology and 1ClickGames develops new online casino sites and adds innovative incentives to make these sites operational and revenue producing, and has provided Evolution Technology with the exclusive first right to acquire each of the new online operational casino sites that 1ClickGames develops.

The agreement also covers the acquisition of existing sites which the company claims will increase the current user base to 275,000 from 27,000. When Evolution Technology first acquired VipSpel, the user base was 6,000 and grew to 27,000 users under the fourth quarter plan 2017.

The fourth quarter plan announced in October last year was successful, EvoTech claims. It focused on building a core management team for the gambling and gaming sector portfolio, driving user growth, acquiring a sportsbook and expanding core competencies.

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