New record set for Bitcoin domain

News on 27 Feb 2017

A new record for Bitcoin-related domain sales has been claimed by Sedo, which has reported that the domain Bitcoin.Casino has been bought by Florida-based Casino Holdings Inc., for $28,000.

That’s a record for the new domain extensions sector, although way behind more traditional .com domain sales like, which back in 2011 went for $2.5 million and the even more expensive deal ($5.5 million) which achieved in 2003 (see previous report).

The domain presently relates to an information site focused on matters Bitcoin, which last week reached new exchange heights against the US dollar of almost $2,000 to a Bitcoin.

The .casino domain extension is becoming increasingly popular following reports that higher rankings are being achieved on search engines, and news develops on a more accommodating approach to the cyber currency from official regulatory bodies like the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority and the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

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