Oddsshark banned from operating in New Jersey

New Jersey casinos and internet gaming operators have been ordered to cease doing business with affiliate marketer by the New Jersey Deputy Attorney General (NJDAG) after an investigation discovered the site promoting offshore betting websites alongside licensed New Jersey operators.

In a letter addressed to OddsShark exec, Kostakis Konstantinou, the NJDAG said:

“The Division has accessed your website located at and found that, alongside promotional links to authorized New Jersey online gaming and sports betting websites, your website also promotes, and, among others, which offer unauthorized internet gaming and sports betting to New Jersey residents.”

“By copy of this letter, the Division is instructing all New Jersey casinos and internet gaming providers that they must cease doing all business with, regardless of whether the platforms are promoting their New Jersey activity or activity in other jurisdictions.

“In addition, you may be violating the criminal laws of the state of New Jersey [regarding racketeering and promoting illegal gambling].

“We request that you immediately remove any online gaming links that are not authorized under federal law or under the law of any state. The State of New Jersey reserves the right to pursue appropriate civil or criminal sanctions against you if you fail to take the requested actions.”

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