Playtech BGT Sports agrees strategic SportsTraders partnership

News on 5 Feb 2020

Playtech BGT Sportsa (PBS) and SportsTraders (ST) have announced a strategic partnership to distribute SportsTraders’ groundbreaking new betting product, TeamBets.

SportTraders is an Israeli B2B technology company developing new sports betting technologies and products. The cornerstone product which has been developed together by ST and PBS is branded ‘TeamBets’, and has been launched via PBS’ proprietary platform.

TeamBets is a new betting offering involving betting and trading on market trends rather than on single events.

The unique features of this new product are:

  • TeamBets allow you to bet on a team’s sports performance vs. market expectations throughout the season.
  • TeamBets are presented in the form of a real-time seasonal graph for each team, much like an index or a stock, that helps users track trends and make calculated decisions for buying and selling TeamBets.
  • A fixed return table is published at the beginning of each season for every team, with the end of season return prices calculated for each of the Team’s potential finishing places in the league at the end of the season – versus the prevailing market expectation.
  • The real-time price of a TeamBet is set by a proprietary pricing engine, based on high quality market data and a unique ST algorithm, calculating the team’s performance vs. market expectations, and updates the price accordingly.
  • If a team outperforms, the value of the TeamBet increases and if they underperform it decreases, similar to a financial share on the stock market.
  • The price of a TeamBet is fully transparent and automated.
  • TeamBets are fully tradeable throughout the season.
  • Unlike traditional betting and very much like an investment portfolio, users’ portfolio total value will go up or down based on their TeamBets’ performance.

PBS and SportsTraders have launched TeamBet on its HPY operation in Austria & Germany under the name HPY Trade. In the near future, the SportsTraders platform and its key products will be offered to all PBS clients worldwide.

TeamBets currently offers 5 major soccer leagues (English, German, Spanish, Italian and Austrian) and will offer TeamBets for UEFA Euro 2020 teams. More soccer leagues are currently being developed for the 2020-2021 season.

Future developments will include additional sports as well as additional exciting features including betting against team performance, setting personalised risk / reward levels, and many more. In addition, users can place Pre-Match and In-Play bets using the SportsTraders platform.

Armin Sageder, CEO of PBS added: “We are very excited about the launch of TeamBets with SportsTraders. This is an incredible innovative product that will add a significant USP to the PBS digital offering.

“New client acquisition tools especially for the FAN community are increasingly important going forward – and TeamBets is a major step into this new future. A great partnership and cooperation between both companies has made this new product a reality; that I am sure will add a new dimension to the way sports betting is being conducted from now on.”

Hemi Algranaty, CEO of SportsTraders: “The strong partnership we have with a global leader such as PBS gives us a huge boost and allows us to focus on developing our sports trading product suite. More soccer leagues, competitions and tournaments, other sports types and sports assets to trade on, as well as new, unique sports trading features are all part of our exciting pipeline.

“With the support of PBS, the SportsTraders product suite can become a major new product vertical for the global sportsbetting world, and we’re delighted to be working with them.”

PBS and SportsTraders will also offer a trading on UEFA Euro 2020 product that will enable betting on the 24 national teams taking part in this competition using its platform.

Source: Press Release

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