Retiring Missouri Governor urges regulation and taxing of daily fantasy sports

News on 21 Jan 2016

In his eighth and last gubernatorial State of the State address Wednesday, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon called for the regulation and taxing of online fantasy sports leagues.

The governor claimed that lobbyists wanted to keep fantasy sports unregulated, but opined that the vertical constitutes gambling and could be used to raise millions of dollars for state education coffers.

“Let’s get real,” Nixon said. “This is gambling; kids are playing, and it’s completely unregulated.”

Several Republican Party politicians were however critical of the governor’s report, saying that it was more like an attempted victory lap and lacked substance.

There was too much talk and not enough action, some opined, claiming that the speech contained unrealistic spending proposals and failed to produce strategies to improve the state economy, whilst others expressed the view that the state was overspending on welfare.

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