Skeleton staff prevent Metro Play from responding to customers

News on 13 May 2015

A statement posted on behalf of Metro Play Ltd and 666BET by the UK Gambling Commission informs customers that they may now request withdrawals following a partnership with payment processor Skrill (see previous report).

The statement said all withdrawal requests made since the company’s websites were reinstated are being processed but require manual approval so may take longer than the usual three to five day period.

Customers are urged to effect withdrawal requests by a final deadline of 24 May 2015.  Refunds, however, will continue to be effected after this date.

Customers must activate a Skrill account to have their funds returned but are not required to make the usual deposit to activate the account.

The full statement can be read at:

The UK Gambling Commission emphasised that it could not guarantee the accuracy of the statement while Metro Play said it was unable to respond to customer queries as its skeleton staff were focusing on processing requested withdrawals.

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