Trade bodies urge EC to clamp down on illegal internet gambling

News on 29 Jan 2013

Three gambling trade bodies, the European Lotteries Association (ELA), European Pari Mutuel Association (EPMA) and European Casino Association (ECA) have joined together in urging the European Commission to fulfill its enforcement mandate and clamp down on illegal online gambling in Europe.

In a letter to the Commission last week the bodies criticised the European Union action plan on internet gambling, which was published last October, opining that without effective and committed enforcement many of its provisions were irrelevant.

The communication makes specific reference to the lack of action against illegal operators, and a failure to hamper their efforts by imposing advertising restrictions on them.

It suggests that a Europe-wide black list of illegal operators, established and maintained by the Commission, could be effective along with ISP blocking and perhaps even restrictions on financial transactions.

The three bodies appear to be especially frustrated by the lack of action as the EU continues to ponder EU regulatory possibilities and apparently procrastinates as it awaits a report from yet another specialised committee, this one comprised of regulators in the region.

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