Unikorn taps Tabcorp exec as COO

Esports brand Unikrn has appointed Andrew Vouris as chief operating officer as the company prepares for expansion across Europe.

Vouris joins Unikrn from Tabcorp where he spent 10 years in various positions, the most recent as deputy chief operating officer – wagering & media.  Having led Tabcorp’s investment in Unikrn, Vouris had an inside view of the company prior to his appointment.

As chief operating officer, Vouris will lead wagering and gaming growth strategies, as well as connecting and synergizing the company’s global team and four primary offices in Seattle, Las Vegas, Sydney and Berlin. He will report directly to chief executive officer, Rahul Sood.

“We hope none of our competitors will hold a grudge that Andrew picked Unikrn. It was never a fair fight given our recent success and his long-established love of both esports and our company,” Sood said.

“With UnikoinGold and our European expansion, we have a busy year ahead of us. Andrew is going to bring the experience and discipline that we need to accelerate Unikrn’s path toward unprecedented success.”

Unikrn anticipates a busy 2018 with plans for the implementation of crypto betting, 24-hour and real-time betting in applicable regions, re-entry to Australia, real-money betting, improved website gamification and expanded uses for the UnikoinGold token.

“I first met the Unikrn crew back in 2014. That’s when I made the decision that Tabcorp would invest in them to help them build their business,” Vouris said. “Obviously, I fell in love with the team, the brand, the vision and the product — this company is the future, and I’m going to make sure we expose them to the world.”

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