Worldlink hoping for a lifeline

News on 18 Oct 2012

Worldlink, the subject of a winding up order last week may not be dead yet. The real-time mobile device data provider claimed Wednesday that it is in talks with a potential investor who may provide the funding necessary to keep the embattled company going.

UK-based Worldlink is the parent firm for Worldlink Sport Limited, which recently signed deals as the official betting and gaming partner for a number of English Premier League clubs including Fulham and Sunderland.

However, it has come under pressure as a result of litigation against it launched by Sports Media Gaming Limited. The company published a notification in the London Gazette last week claiming that Worldlink’s liabilities exceeded its capacity to continue in business, and advising that it would have to voluntarily discontinue operations.

Worldlink challenged the claim, asserting that it intended to fight the winding up petition and has “…prepared a counterclaim based on non-performance and, after detailed investigation, a substantial counter-claim for damages based on breaches of professional confidentiality”.

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