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Visa Europe experiencing delays due to ‘technical issues’

30 Mar 2017

If you’re wondering why your online casino pay-out in Europe is taking longer to arrive than usual, here’s the reason; Visa Europe has advised merchants that it is experiencing a ‘technical issue” in an advisory sent out this week which explains: “Due to a technical issue on Visa Europe’s side, settlement of funds for Visa …

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UK financial institutions to back UK gambling restrictions

6 Mar 2014

Our readers will recall the very firm refusal by British ISP companies to cooperate in any attempt by the government to impose blocks on unlicensed internet gambling sites when its new point-of-consumption laws come into force at the end of the year. It appears from reports this week that the country’s financial institutions have no …

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Visa preparing for legal online gambling transactions in the U.S.

20 May 2013

In what seems to be an acknowledgement of the writing on the wall that legal online gambling is gathering momentum in the United States, the credit card giant Visa appears to be making moves to prepare for the revolution. With Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware already legalised, around ten other states thinking about various forms …

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Visa-Mastercard hack not as bad as first thought

2 Apr 2012

Estimates in news reports Friday that the card numbers of over 10 million Visa and Mastercard credit card holders may have been compromised in a security hack at processor Global Payments ( see previous report) may have been exaggerated, the processor claimed late Sunday. “Less than 1,500,000 card numbers may have been exported,” by hackers …

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Visa-Mastercard report massive ID theft

31 Mar 2012

Keep a close watch on your credit card statements if you hold Visa or Mastercard plastic – MSNBC is reporting that law enforcement officials are investigating what appears to be a massive theft of U.S. consumers’ credit card data. MasterCard and Visa confirmed the theft Friday while the computer security expert who first reported the …

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Visa joins Mastercard in US clampdown

6 Feb 2010

The giant Visa card processing conglomerate has joined Mastercard in clamping down on Internet gambling transactions, according to growing reportage in the US media.

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