Online Gambling 101: Using a credit card

If you plan on placing real money bets while playing the Slots, Card Tables or other games for entertainment and the chance to win a jackpot at online casinos, you need to fund your account. With most online casinos you really only have one method to get money to the casino so that you can start placing real wagers, and that´s using a credit card.While it is possible to use an alternative payment method, like a 3rd party transfer service, anyone who wants to wager needs to be at least 18 years of age and have a valid credit card in their name in order to get started.

At many casinos, it’s also possible to transfer funds directly to your casino account using a credit card. Although in order to do so you will first have to check and see if you have a sufficient balance available and if your credit card provider will allow you to make a deposit to an online casino. Many credit card companies don’t allow you to use their services to transfer funds for gambling purposes, because sometimes if unscrupulous people lose their money playing Blackjack or at the slots they will go back to the credit card company and try to say that it was an unauthorized charge in order to recoup their loss and the credit card company is forced to either return the funds or prove that the cardholder did in fact authorize the payment. However, if you check the policy with your credit card company, you may find that they do allow a certain amount, up to a maximum to be deposited for use at an online casino. If you can’t find the terms and conditions with your credit card statement or initial contract, contact your credit card company directly by phone or email to determine if they allow transactions with online casinos, and if so, what the maximum balance available is.

Once you’ve determined if it’s possible to make a transaction directly from your credit card to an online casino, the process to make a money transfer is simple. To start, register the card with the casino by inputting the card number, cardholder name, and billing details associated with the card. You will also be requested to enter the CW number, which is an added security feature that appears on the back of your card in a 3-digit number sequence. With any reputable online casino, all credit card transactions remain safe and secure, but if you do have concerns, read the security policy available on the website to see what safeguards are in place to ensure your financial data remains private. Then you need to decide how much to transfer to the casino for wagering purposes, keeping in mind that you may only be able to deposit the maximum dictated by your credit card company. Otherwise, stick to your daily or weekly gambling budget, and deposit only that amount so you’re not tempted to keep playing even after you’ve reached your maximum. Transactions by credit card at online casinos are free, so you don’t have to worry about incurring additional costs if you make multiple deposits in a week to keep you on track with your gambling budget.

After you have confirmed the deposit amount, you need to wait for confirmation from the casino that the transaction has been processed in order to hit the Poker tables or Slots and begin placing your wagers. At most casinos, this process only takes a couple of minutes, and you might be notified through email once your account is funded and you’re able to play. From there, you can verify that the correct deposit amount appears in your casino account by visiting the cashier, and start placing your bets!

Remember, that while you do need to have a credit card in order to wager real money at most online casinos, some do accept wire transfers, and most offer alternative payment methods that allow you to use a 3rd party to transfer money from your account to the casino. Always ensure that when completing any transaction with a credit card online, that you protect your credit card information, and only divulge financial data to a casino that offers all the security features a reputable casino should have!

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