More details on Betstopper

News on 28 Jun 2009

More details have emerged on Betstopper – the anti-underage gaming software developed by for the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation.
The new software apparently empowers parents to set specific days and times that their children can use the Internet via the SafeEyes element’s newly developed software. As an additional precaution, the software checks websites that are sought by a user against blacklisted sites that are updated constantly in the same way as anti-virus programs work.
“In ten years of specializing in helping parents shield their children from the unsavory side of the Internet, this is the first time we have been asked to create a project specifically to address underage gambling,” says Forrest Collier, CEO of
The Betstopper software is being issued free of charge to families with young children in Nova Scotia in a pilot project to curtail underage gambling initiated by the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation.

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