1x2gaming debut Roulette Diamond

News on 15 May 2018

1X2gaming has launched its newest mobile-first game innovation, ‘Roulette Diamond’, offering a unique 40-number betting board.

Players can still place popular red/black and odd/even bet types from the classic game, as well as new wagers including diagonal and quarter bets.

In addition, faster players no longer need to wait for the dealer to tell them when to spin as the multiball feature allows them to play several games at the same time allowing more bets per minute.

Kevin Reid, chief commercial officer at 1X2Network, commented:

“The innovative 40-number betting board we have developed is an industry first and will appeal to traditional players as well as those looking for a slots/table games hybrid.

“We have already had significant interest from a number of tier one operators and look forward to launching Roulette Diamond to players shortly.”

Check out the demo here.

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