Real Dealer’s new Volcano Roulette Erupts with Innovation

News on 22 Apr 2024

Real Dealer’s new Volcano Roulette Erupts with Innovation

Cinematic games producer Real Dealer Studios is taking roulette into new territory with a volcano- and steampunk-themed title that brings a fresh mechanic to the casino table.

Launched today, Volcano Roulette is most notable for introducing a one-of-a-kind, multiball mechanic that’s connected to the smoking volcano at the centre of the wheel. During gameplay, the volcano can randomly shoot out one or two extra balls into the round, thereby doubling or tripling the player’s chances of landing a straight-up bet.

When any straight-up bet does land, a special sequence is triggered where the numbers on the wheel drop down, flip over and shift to reveal multipliers. Another lava ball then erupts out onto the spinning wheel to determine the multiplier amount for straight-up bet wins. These multipliers can be as much as 333x and apply to all straight-up bets that have landed. As up to three numbers can hit in any given round, the player could score a triple win.

An equally impressive aspect of the game is the unsurpassed audio-visual quality of its volcanic-steampunk environment. The true-to-life look is thanks to Cinematic RNG, a unique approach to games production that mirrors Hollywood filmmaking. The innovative process, created by Real Dealer Studios, involves producing film-industry quality video footage that’s then integrated into the game’s random number generator-based game framework.

In this case, the video in question was produced using the same cutting-edge effects processes Hollywood studios use when creating high-budget blockbusters. The 3D network of brass pipes, dials and lightbulbs that make up the steampunk setting is photorealistic, surpassing anything found in other online table games.

“With Volcano Roulette, Real Dealer Studios is making a bold departure from the traditional, single-number game, bringing an exciting twist to how roulette is played. Coupling that with the amazing experience that Cinematic RNG can deliver is what makes this game a sure winner”, said Shane Cotter, Chief Product Officer at Real Dealer Studios.

Volcano Roulette is available exclusively from Games Global.

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