New online rummy game launched

News on 10 Jun 2010

RM Royal Media has added a new rummy game to its internet portfolio: Burraco, a card game second only to poker in popularity in Italy and popular in South America as Canasta.
Burraco is a rummy card game played by 2-4 people (sometimes with partners). It uses two decks, two jokers and all the 2’s are wildcards. The objective of the game is to make a “Canasta” – a run of 7 or a set of 7, then meld all the cards to achieve a predefined score.
The new game joins an RM Royal Media inventory that includes Gin rummy, Oklahoma, Rummy 500, Kalooki 40/51 (Scala 40), Turk Rummy (Okey) and Traditional Rummy.
A spokesman for RM Royal Media said that the company has proved over the past 3 years that “Rummy” is a market of its own. The company has a “Rummy Network” consisting of 32RedRummy, RummyExpress, Offsidebet and soon more, and the Italian online poker giant Microgame has partnered with RM Royal Media.
The rummy software is available in the regular download version, a no download version and a social network version.

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