Top US analyst opines states will legalise online gambling in 2013

News on 5 Dec 2012

Respected Deutsche Bank gaming analyst Andrew Zarnett has opined in a research report that in the absence of a federal legalisation of online poker it is likely that individual US states will provide their own legislative solutions for the pastime in the coming year.

Zarnett’s perspective comes against a background of increasing desperation as the Reid-Kyl bill struggles to garner support; this week the American Gaming Association issued a statement urging Congressmen and women to get behind the bill, which seeks to legalise online poker at the expense of other forms of online gambling .

The analyst suggested that investors should “shift their thinking” to the implications of possiblle legalisation on a state-by-state basis. He referred to current intrastate moves in Nevada, saying that once operations commence in the state, which has already approved a number of internet poker licenses, a practical assessment of economics, tax, tribal issues and the general pros and cons would become more reliable.

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