U.S. study shows that millennials believe online gambling should be legal

News on 18 May 2018

A study by YouGovUS has shown that  US consumers aged 18-34 are more likely to agree (50 percent) that online gambling should be legal than disagree (28 percent), and that Americans aged 35-49 favour online gambling, while consumers aged 50-64 are divided on the issue and the majority of those aged 65+ oppose it.

The study also revealed that millennials would rather gamble via a digital space than a physical one: 47 percent of US adults aged 18-34 think land casinos are depressing, compared to one-third who disagree with that assessment. Generally speaking, older Americans have more mixed feelings about whether casinos are depressing.

3 percent of millennials admit to placing a bet with a bookmaker online in the past year, whilst only 1 percent of adults aged 35 or older say the same.

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