Bitcoin operator claims launch of first virtual currency sports betting

News on 29 Aug 2015

BetCoin Bitcoin Entertainment Network (BBEN) claims it has debuted the first virtual sports offering for its players, rolling out its entry into the sportsbook sector with virtual sports and virtual displays for live events, all available for desktop and mobile Bitcoin gamblers.

The virtual displays for live events is punted as especially appealing to mobile sports gamblers, in football enabling them to track field position, which team is in control and individual events in the game.

A BBEN spokesman said that this sort of capability is as important on virtual currency sites as it is on traditional sports betting websites…and when there are no real-time sports events to follow, the new virtual sports products fill in, keeping the punters engaged and interested.

These are on-demand, and the operator has initially released Tennis, Horse Racing, Dog Racing, and Soccer.

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