Danish regulator restructures its offices

News on 14 Oct 2017

Starting this (October) month the Danish Gambling Authority will operate on a restructured basis with four offices distinguished by gambling category titled respectively “Lottery and Monopoly”, “Remote Gambling”, “Slot Machines and Responsible Gambling” and “Finance, Policy and Market Analysis.”

Each of these units has responsibility for all the processes relevant to a specific gambling category; from dialogue and guidance to issuing permits and ongoing supervision. At the same time, a number of cross-disciplinary working groups are maintained. In these groups, the units coordinate and deepen in areas such as money laundering and marketing.

The restructuring means that the individual licensee will have only one point of entry to the Danish Gambling Authority.

“The idea behind the new organisation is intended to create a better overview and a clearer connection for our partners,” said DGA Director Birgitte Sand. “I expect that with the new organisation we will be better at ensuring a well-functioning gaming market through clear contact areas and continued cooperation with the licensees and our other important stakeholders.”

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