Danish gambling regulator releases internet gambling numbers

News on 15 May 2012

The Danish Gambling Authority, which oversees online and land gambling activity in the Nordic country, has released its first quarterly report on the internet market, noting that online gambling delivered gross gaming revenues of Danish kronor 470 million made up of:

* Sports betting DKK 285 million and

* Online casino wagering DKK 185 million.

“The figures were based on tax paid by firms,” the regulator explained, noting that no actual revenue figures came from the operator companies themselves and the numbers may therefore not be completely accurate and could be subject to revision.

Nevertheless, the DGA said that its Q1 figures were used to reach estimates for the entire year of DKK 1.135 billion for online sports betting and DKK 735 million for online casino activity, indicating the potential of the whole online market for this year at DKK 1.87 billion.

The full report, including land gambling numbers, can be viewed here: http://www.skat.dk/SKAT.aspx?oId=2046806&lang=US

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