El Gordo prize draw sparks celebrations across Spain

News on 22 Dec 2016

Spain’s Euro 2,3 billion El Gordo (The Fat One) lottery draw was televised today, sparking celebrations across Spain, but more especially in the Acacia suburb of Madrid where all 1,650 top prize tickets were bought from a single vendor.

The winning number 665513, appearing on these 1,650 tickets, awarded Euro 400,000 to each ticket holder.

According to media reports many of the top prize, winning tickets were bought by workers and residents at the suburb’s Penuelas retirees’ home, where staff members have reportedly been buying the same ticket number for 14 years.

“As I have had so much bad luck in my life, I have always said the number 13 will bring me fortune. And this year it has!” one of the prize winners said.

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